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Wine and Food or Food and Wine? It all depends on your starting point: There are conventional matches for overseas classics such as caviar ( Champagne ), fresh foie gras ( southernses, Reisling or Rose ), and new season Itatian white truffles ( any medium-bodied red ). Here the food flavor is all important, the wine merely incidental. At the other extremely come 50-year-old classic red wines: Grange, Grand Cru Burgundy, First Growth Bordeaux, or a Maurice OShea Mount Pleasant Shiraz. Here the food is, or should be, should be merely a low-key foil, but at the same time must be of high quality. In the Australian context I believe not enough attention is paid to the time of the year, which particularly in the southern states- is or should be major determinant in the choice of both and wine. And so I shall present my suggestions in this way, always bearing in mind how many ways there are to skin a cat. SPARKLING: SUMMER Oysters, cold crustacean, tapas CHILE FINO Any cold hors deuvres Cold consomme YOUNG RIESLING 2-3-YEAR-OLD SEMILLON Cold salads, sashimi Gazpacho GEWURZTRAMINER 2-3 YEAR-OLD RIESLING Asian Seared tuna YOUNG SEMILION YOUNG BARREL-FERMENTED Antipasto, vegetable terrine SEMILLON SAUVIGNON BLANc Seafood or vegetable tempura PINOT GRIS, COLOMBARD YOUNG OF- DRY REISLING Crab cakes, whitebait Prosciutto and melon/pear VERDELHO, CHENIN BLANC COOL-CLIMATE CHADONAY Cold smoked chicken, gravlax Abolane, lobster, Chinese-style prawns MATURE CHADONAY 10-YEAR-OLD SEMILLION OR RIESLING Grilled chicken, chicken pasta, Braised pork neck Turkey, pheasant ROSE MATURE CHADONAY Caesar salad, trout mousse Smoked eel, smoked roe YOUNG PINOT NIOR OFF-DRY ROSE Seared kangaroo fillet, grilled quail Chilled fresh fruit MERLOT YOUNG LIGHT-BODIED PINOT NIOR Pastrami, warm smoked chicken Grilled salmon YOUNG MEDUIM BODIED AGED PINOT NIOR ( 5+ YEAR ) CABERNET SAUVIGNON Coq au vin, wild duck Rack of baby lamb LIGH TO MEDUIM BODIED YOUNG GRENACHE/ SANGLOVESE COOL CLIMATE SHIRAZ Osso bucco Rare eye fillet of beef YOUNG BOTRYTISED WINES MATURE CHADONAY ( 5+year ) Fresh fruit, cake Braised rabbit SUMMER ( CONT- ) WINTER HUNTER VALLAY SHIRAZ ( 5-10+ YEAR ) DRY OLOROSO SHERY Beef spare ribs full-flavored hors deuves MERLOT SPARKLING BURGUNDY Saltimbocca, roast pheasant Borcht MEDIUM-BODIED CABERNET VIOGNIET SAUVIGNON ( 5 YEAR ) Pea and ham soup Barbequed butterfly leg of lamb ALL WINES AGED ( 10+YEARS ) SEMILLLON Parmigrana vichyssoise ( hot ) AUTUMN SAUVIGNON BLANC AMONTILLADO Coquilles St Jacques, pan-fried scallops Warm consomm BARREL- FERMENTED MATURE WHITES MATURE CHADONAY Smoked roe, bouillabaisse Quiche lorraine COMPLEX MATURE CHADONAY CHADONAY ( 10+ YEARS ) Sweetbreads, brains Cassoult FULL AGED RIESLING MATURE SEMILLON SAUVIGNON BLANC Cha-grilled eggplant, stuffed capsicum Seafood pasta AGED MARSANNE YOUNG TASMANIAN PINOT NIOR Seafood risotto, Lebanese Squab, fuck breast AGED PINOT NIOR MATURE PINOT NIOR- Grilled calfs liver, roast kid, lamb or Mushroom ragout, Ravioli Pigs kidneys MATURE MARGARET MATURE MERLOT CABERNET MERLOT Pot au feu Lamb fillet, roast leg of lamb With garlic and herbs SOUTHERN VICTORIAN PINOT NIOR 10-YEAR-OLD HEATHCOTE SHIRAZ Peking duck Char-grilled rump steak COOL- CLIMATE MERLOT 15-20-YEAR-OLD FULL-BODIED Moroccan lamb BAROSSA SHIRAZ Venison, kangaroo fillet RICH, FULL-BODIED HEATHCOTE SHIRAZ COONAWARRA CABERNET SAUVIGNON Beef casserole Braised lamb shanks/ shoulder YOUNG MUSCAT Muscat ( OLD ) Plum pudding Chocolate-based desserts TOKAY ( OLD ) VINTAGE PORT Crme brulee Dried fruits, salty cheese