wine and drinks list .2016-09-18 · wine and drinks list... cocktails & aperitifs... ... (bottle)

Download wine and drinks list .2016-09-18 · wine and drinks list... Cocktails & aperitifs... ... (bottle)

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  • wine and

    drinks list...

  • Cocktails & aperitifs...

    Bellini 6.50

    Choice of either peach puree, wild berry, or elderflower

    topped with crisp sparkling chilled Prosecco

    French Martini 6.50

    Premium vodka chambord shaken (not stirred)

    with pineapple juice, citrus flavours and ice

    Amori Prosecco Spumante (Italy)

    A delightfully crisp and elegant prosecco with vibrant apple and

    pear notes and a delicate, floral and fruity finish.

    11% vol.

    4.50 (125ml) / 21.00 (bottle)

    Vetriano Pinot Grigio Sparkling Ros (Venezie, Italy)

    Clean, crisp apple and raspberry notes. A classic Italian pink fizz!

    11.5% vol.

    4.50 (125ml) / 21.00 (bottle)

    bottled beers and ciders...

    Budweiser. 5%vol. (330ml) 3.95

    Peroni. 5.1% vol. (330ml) 3.95

    Corona. 4.6% vol. (330ml) 3.95

    Becks Blue. Alcohol Free Beer. (275ml) 2.95

    Magners. 4.5% vol. (568ml) 4.25

    Rekorderlig (Various Flavours). 4% vol. (500ml) 4.25

    craft ales from Brimstage Brewery... Sandpiper Light Ale. 3.6% vol. (500ml) 4.95

    Trappers Hat Bitter. 3.8% vol. (500ml) 4.95

    Rhode Island Red Bitter. 4.0% vol. (500ml) 4.95

    Oystercatcher Stout. 4.4% vol. (500ml) 4.95


    Mainline Spirits (25ml) 3.50

    Premium Spirits (25ml) 4.00

    Whisky (25ml) from 3.50

    Brandy (25ml) from 3.50

    Liqueurs (25ml) 4.50

    Cognac (25ml) 5.00

    soft drinks and mineral water...

    Soft Drinks (200ml) 1.95

    Mixers 1.00

    Cordial Splash 0.50

    Frobishers Natural Fruit Juice (250ml) 2.75

    apple, mango, pineapple, cranberry

    Keld Mineral Water - still or sparkling (330ml) 1.95

    Keld Mineral Water - still or sparkling (750ml) 4.25

  • *All wines served by the glass can

    be served in a 125ml measure

    white wines...

    1. Richelieu Colombard

    (Southern France)

    An easy drinking off dry white with apple and citrus flavours.

    11.5% vol.

    16.95 Bottle / 5.00 (175ml) / 5.75 (250ml)

    2. El Picador - Sauvignon Blanc

    (Central Valley, Chile)

    A delightfully fresh wine full of gooseberry fruits and a fresh cut

    grass tang. Mouth-watering and crisp with a beautiful finish. Great

    partner of fish. 12.5%vol.

    17.50 Bottle / 5.50 (175ml) / 6.25 (250ml)

    3. Ca Tesore - Pinot Grigio

    (Venezie, Italy)

    Refreshing apple and citrus flavours are to the fore with well-

    balanced acidity, and notes of almond on the nose. 12% vol.

    18.95 Bottle / 6.00 (175ml) / 6.75 (250ml)

    4. Marilyn Lasserre Argelires Chardonnay

    (Southern France)

    This wine has buttery notes and grapefruit aromas, which all results

    in a smooth and full taste. 13.5% vol.


    5. Bodegas Muerza Blanco Rioja


    The nose has aromas of conference pear, white flowers and some

    limey notes. Fresh, clean and crisp in the mouth with good length

    and balance. A simple, easy drinking wine. 12.5% vol.


    6. Kuraka - Sauvignon Blanc

    (Marlborough, New Zealand)

    Beautiful aromas of tropical fruits and limes with restrained, crushed

    herb notes. A delicious dry, crisp wine. 13.5% vol.


    7. Domaine Testut - Chablis

    (Burgundy, France)

    This is the essence of great Chablis. A clean mineral style with

    subtle citrus notes that combine beautifully. 12.5% vol.


  • red wines...

    8. Richelieu Grenache

    (Southern France)

    Soft and jammy with a smooth finish. 12% vol.

    16.95 Bottle / 5.00 (175ml) / 5.75 (250ml)

    9. Tonada Merlot

    (Central Valley, Chile)

    A fruit driven style of wine, with dark and red fruit such as plums

    and cherries, with chocolate hints. 12.5% vol.

    17.50 Bottle / 5.50 (175ml) / 6.25 (250ml)

    10. Xavier Monastier - Cabernet Sauvignon

    (Pays dOc, France)

    The nose, complex and intense, shows generous black fruit such as

    blackcurrant and black berry fruit. The mouth is full bodied, with

    velvety tannins giving a tremendous length in the palate. 13% vol.

    19.95 Bottle / 6.00 (175ml) / 6.75 (250ml)

    11. Las Pampas - Malbec

    (Mendoza, Argentina)

    Raspberry and currant aromas with a hint of toasty vanilla. A

    velvety delicious Malbec. 13.5% vol.


    12. Alicante Bouschet Xavier Roger

    (Southern France)

    Crimson red, with up-front sun-ripened fruit, bordering on mulled

    wine and cherry jam. A concentration of sweet red and black fruits,

    lots of spice and a herbal, savoury character that freshens on the

    finish. 12%


    13. Smart Dog Syrah

    (Alentejo, Portugal)

    Bursting with a floral scented, cherry bright fragrance, this wine

    delivers a satisfyingly juicy and smooth palate of cocoa-dusted

    berries. 13.5% vol.


    14. Rioja Crianza - Vega Rioja

    (Rioja, Spain)

    From one of the most forward thinking and award winning wineries

    in Rioja, comes a wine that has magnificent concentration of ripe,

    moreish fruits, sturdy structure and beautifully weaved tannins -

    gorgeous 13.5% vol.


    15. Kura Pinot Noir

    (Wairarapa, New Zealand)

    Aromatic, vibrant and bursting with flavours of raspberry, cherry,

    damson plum and subtle oak. The palate is dry with a long finish,

    soft rounded tannins and youthful exuberance. 13.5% Vol.


    16. Manfredi Barolo Giribaldi

    (Piemonte, Italy)

    Red brick in colour, figs and truffles in evidence on the palate. A

    small producer in La Morra who somehow manages to inject a little

    value into this DOCG-awarded wine. 14% vol.


  • ros wines...

    17. Route 66 Boulevard Blush - Zinfandel Ros

    (California, USA)

    A basket full of fresh summer fruit. Aromas of strawberries on the

    nose with a mouth-watering finish. 10.5% vol.

    17.95 Bottle / 5.50 (175ml) / 6.50 (250ml)

    18. Ca Tesore - Pinot Grigio Ros

    (Venezie, Italy)

    Lovely pale pink ros. Fresh and mouth-watering summer fruits with

    a zingy finish Dangerously moreish!! 11% vol.


    sparkling wines...

    19. Amori Prosecco Spumante


    A delightfully crisp and elegant prosecco with vibrant apple and

    pear notes and a delicate, floral and fruity finish.

    11% vol.

    4.50 (125ml) / 21.00 (bottle)

    20. Vetriano Pinot Grigio Sparkling Ros

    (Venezie, Italy)

    Clean, crisp apple and raspberry notes. A classic Italian pink fizz!

    11.5% vol.


    21. Laurent Perrier N.V. - Champagne


    An elegant champagne full of freshness and finesse. 12% vol.

    49.95 22. Laurent Perrier N.V. - Cuve Ros

    (France) The one and only! Produced to give superb forward fruit flavours

    and a rounded finish - the best pink fizz around! 12%


  • after dinner drinks

    Port (50ml)

    Pocas Port (2009) 4.95

    Pocas Colheita Port (1995 aged in cask) 6.95

    House Brandy (25ml) 3.50

    Whisky (25ml) from 3.50

    Premium Brandy (25ml) 4.50

    Liqueurs (25ml) 4.50

    Cognac (25ml)

    Remy Martin VSOP 5.00

    teas, coffees and infusions filter coffee Traditionally hand roasted Brazilian blend. Served with cold/hot milk or pouring cream 2.50

    liqueur coffee Choose a shot of your favourite liqueur - topped with our hand

    roasted Brazilian filter coffee and freshly whipped cream 5.50

    a pot of tea (choose from our range of speciality teas and infusions) 2.50

    Decaffeinated tea / coffee also available


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