windowsストアアプリで始める leap motion入門

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Leap Motionの概要とWindowsストアアプリから使う方法を紹介。


  • 1. Windows Leap Motion 2013.09.21 Microsoft MVP for Visual Basic / Oracle ACE

2. Microsoft MVP for VB Oracle ACE NUI 3. Leap Motion Leap Motion ToF NUI CMOS+ LED 79.99 (94.98) 4. Leap Motion 25mm~600mm 5. Leap Motion SDK Leap.dll LeapCSharp.dll LeapCSharp.NET.4.0.dll Leap Deivice Leap Service Leap Settings App Leap 6. Leap Motion SDK C++ Objective C VB.NET / C# Java Python JavaScript 7. .NETLeap Leap.dll LeapCSharp.dll LeapCSharp.NET.4.0.dll GAC 8. C++ Windows OS WinRT .NET Framework JavaScript XAMLHTML / CSS XAML Windows Windows VB.NET / C# VB.NET / C# 9. Hands Pointables Fingers Tools Gestures 10. leapFrame.Hands.Rightmost leapFrame.Hands.Leftmost PalmPosition StabilizedPalmPosition mm/sec PalmVelocity Direction 11. leapFrame.Hands.Rightmost.Fingers leapFrame.Hands.Leftmost.Fingers TipPosition StabilizedTipPosition mm/sec PalmVelocity Direction 12. DEMO LeapSample 13. Leap Leap.Controller Listener OnFrame LeapService 14. Listener-OnFrame Dim leapFrame As Frame = _controller.Frame If Not leapFrame.Hands.Empty Then Dim rightHand As Hand = leapFrame.Hands.Rightmost Dim leftHand As Hand = leapFrame.Hands.Leftmost Dim rightFingers As FingerList = rightHand.Fingers Dim leftFingers As FingerList = leftHand.Fingers Me.Pos.Hand(0) = leftHand.PalmPosition Me.Pos.Hand(1) = rightHand.PalmPosition If (Not leftFingers.Empty AndAlso leftFingers(0).TipPosition.x < 0) Then Dim left = (From fig In leftFingers Order By fig.TipPosition.x Select fig).ToList For index As Integer = 0 To left.Count - 1 Me.Pos.Finger(index) = left(index).TipPosition Next End If 15. MainPage MainViewModel Leap LeapModel 16. XAML 17. LeapConverter PositionYConverter PositionXConverter ValueToVisibilityConverter 18. 19. DEMO LeapGestureSample 20. OnFrame leapController.EnableGesture(Gesture.GestureType.TYPECIRCLE) leapController.EnableGesture(Gesture.GestureType.TYPEKEYTAP) leapController.EnableGesture(Gesture.GestureType.TYPESCREENTAP) leapController.EnableGesture(Gesture.GestureType.TYPESWIPE) For index As Integer = 0 To gestures.Count - 1 Dim leapGesture As Gesture = gestures(index) Select Case leapGesture.Type Case Gesture.GestureType.TYPECIRCLE Case Gesture.GestureType.TYPESWIPE Case Gesture.GestureType.TYPEKEYTAP Case Gesture.GestureType.TYPESCREENTAP Case Else End Select Next 21. Leap MindStorm EV3 Bluetooth WindowsBluetooth 22. MainWindow MainViewModel LeapWPF LeapModel 23. MainWindow MainViewModel WPF(Bluetooth) LeapModel EV3Model BT 24. LeapUI Windows