windows powershell basics for it professionals

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Slide 1Professionals
Windows PowerShell™ includes an interactive prompt and a scripting environment
Commands are object-based
All shell commands use the same parser
Windows PowerShell 2.0 is installed by default on Windows Server® 2008 R2 and Windows® 7
PowerShell Syntax
PS> get-mailbox –server “smbex01”
Microsoft Confidential 4
Cmdlet Filter Sort
Demonstration: Piping, Outputting, and Formatting
Microsoft Confidential 6
[adsi] Active Directory® Services object
[wmiclass] WMI class
Demonstration: Variables and Types
PowerShell Scripts
Microsoft Confidential 9
Sample Script # This script will get files and folder stored in # C:\Scripts. $a = Get-ChildItem C:\Scripts $a
Run a Script C:\Scripts\MyScript.ps1 & “C:\My Scripts\Test.ps1”
Demonstration: Working with Scripts
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