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  1. 1. Template designed by C++ Windows Phone Apps Mirco Vanini
  2. 2. Slide con sponsor che arriva a qualche giorno dalla conferenza sponsor
  3. 3. adam | factory analisi, progettazione, consulenza, alm, formazione Microsoft MVP for Windows Embedded XeDotNet @MircoVanini chi sono
  4. 4. How & where C++ is supported When and why to use C++ Introduction to the Windows (Phone) Runtime Sharing C++ code (demo) agenda
  5. 5. how: windows phone C++ support Can be used in any Windows Phone App Visual Studio Express 2012/3 for Windows Phone Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition Same C++ compiler & CRT used in Windows 8 / 10 Subset of C++ 11 standard features
  6. 6. sampling of C++ 11 standard features RValue references Forward declared enums Bidirectional fences static_assert Alignment Data-dependency ordering Auto Standard-layout and trivial types exception_ptr Trailing return types Extended friend declarations Thread-local storage Lambdas Local and unnamed types as template arguments __func__ Decltype Range-based for-loop C99 preprocessor Right angle brackets override and final long long extern templates Minimal GC support Strongly typed enums nullptr Atomics C++11 Features in Visual C++ 11 Announcing the Visual C++ Compiler November 2013
  7. 7. why use C++ Reusability: You have some legacy code around that you really don't want to rewrite but still use in your app Portability: You want to use the code you're about to write on multiple platforms Performance: You really are in need for these last bits of performance benefits and know what you're doing Personal Preference: You are a developer who really favors C++ over e.g. C# or you have significantly better skills in C++
  8. 8. where you can use C++ All Windows Phone 8 / 10 apps can use native code XAML apps (8.1) XAML apps mixed with D3D and WinRT Pure native D3D apps/games C++ libraries: Dynamic Link Libraries, Static Libs WinRT C++ Components ...not all apps need to use native code WP 7.0 Silverlight WP 7.5 Silverlight WP 8.0 Silverlight WP 8.1 Silverlight WP 8.1 WinRT WP 10 UWP
  9. 9. why stay on windows phone silverlight? Existing Code Investment Existing Install Base Not yet converged Camera Lenses VoIP Lock Screen Wallpaper. Clipboard API Simple Sound Effects (XNA) Run Under Lock Screen
  10. 10. why retarget to windows phone silverlight 8.1? Access to SD Cards Geofencing App to App SSO (Single Sign-On) App to App sharing And much more
  11. 11. windows (phone) runtime Why learn about WinRT? WinRT is used in the application model C++ code called from XAML uses WinRT Phone Platform APIs are built using WinRT More Convergence Latest Tooling New Controls Future Investment Same ECMA-335 standard as .NET Type-System Projections CLR Projection Framework Projection
  12. 12. a closer look at what's available Direct3D with XAML" C++ application actually creates a C# main project and a separate Windows Runtime Component in C++. VS2013VS2012
  13. 13. a closer look at what's available VS2015 RC
  14. 14. sharing C++ code
  15. 15. demo sharing C++ code
  16. 16. recap Welcome back to C++!
  17. 17. Grazie a tutti per la partecipazione Riceverete il link per il download a slide e demo via email nei prossimi giorni Per contattarmi Grazie