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Windows Phone Apps Development overview


  • 1. -ByPruthvi.

2. General ConceptCloud andIntegrationServicesAppModelUIModelSoftwareArchitectureHardwareFoundation 3. DESIGN:END USERCOMES FIRST4PLATFORM:RICHER, DEEPER,EASIER APPSHARDWARE:FASTER TO MARKET,LESS HEAVY LIFTING 4. Devices Microsoft Surface (Pro) Microsoft Surface (RT) Windows Phone 7.5(e.g. Nokia Lumia)Windows Phone8 / vNextOperating System Windows 8 Pro Windows RT Windows Phone 7.1 Windows Phone 8.0CPU Architecture Intel/AMD x32 & x64 ARM ARM ARMApplications you can buy inMetro AppsMetro AppsWindows Phone Appsthe official MicrosoftMetro GamesMetro GamesWindows Phone GamesWindows App StoreWindows Phone AppsWindows Phone GamesApplications you can run Metro Apps, .NET Apps,native apps andanything that runs onWindows 7 todayMetro Apps Windows Phone AppsWindows Phone GamesAnything that runs onWindows Phone 7.5 hasbeen confirmed to runon vNextSide-load Applications Desktop-only forconsumers. Metro appscan be side-loaded inenterpriseNo. Metro apps can beside-loaded in enterpriseNo No. Metro apps can beside-loaded in enterprisevia corporate app hubsRuns Microsoft Office Yes Yes Yes, mobile version Yes, mobile versionPlays Xbox LIVE Games Yes Yes Yes YesDeveloper Platform WinRT, .NET, WPF,Silverlight, XNA, Java,Native, and everythingelse used to build apps forWindows 7 todayWinRT .NET + Silverlight 4 forWindows Phone apps.XNA for Windows PhonegamesWinRT for WindowsPhone apps.Choice of XNA orNative D3D for WindowsPhone gamesDeveloper Languages C#, VB, C/C++, Java, F#,Ruby, Python, JavaScript,PHP, Perl, Haskell and anyother language you canuse for Windows 7 devC#/VB + XAML for MetroApps.D3D & C++ for MetroGamesC#/VB + XAML forSilverlight apps.C#/VB.NET + XNA forgamesC#/VB + XAML for WPMetro Apps.C#/VB + XNA orC++ & D3D for WindowsPhone gamesPrimary Competitors Apple MacBook AirX86/x64 Ultrabooks,Netbooks & TabletsApple iPadAndroid TabletsBlackberry PlaybookKindle FireApple iPhoneAndroid SmartphonesBlackberry devicesSame as WP 7.5 5. 7 6. public class StudentData : INotifyPropertyChanged{string _firstName = null;public string StudentFirstName{get{return _firstName;}set{_firstName = value;OnPropertyChanged("StudentFirstName");}}double _gradePointAverage;public double StudentGradePointAverage{get{return _gradePointAverage;}set{_gradePointAverage = value;OnPropertyChanged("StudentGradePointAverage");}}}... 7. 16Toolsmyapp.xapWindows PhonedeviceWindows PhoneEmulatorPhone EmulatorSamples DocumentationGuides CommunityPackaging and Verification Tools 8. 17 9. 18Develop& DebugSubmit& ValidateCertify& SignWindows PhoneApplicationDeployment ServiceMarketplace 10. Application LifecycleCloud andIntegrationServicesAppModelUIModelSoftwareArchitectureHardwareFoundation 11. Load State! Save State!runningdeactivatedDormantactivatedTombstonede.IsApplicationInstancePreserved ? Dormant : Tomb stoned 12. App DemoDormant vs Tomb stone 13. UIModelCloud andIntegrationServicesAppModelUIModelSoftwareArchitectureHardwareFoundation 14. No integration, but does affect LayoutShow:Hide using SystemTray.IsVisibleUp to 4 ButtonsMenu Items (Recommended 6)Toggle Visibility.ApplicationBar.IsVisible23 15. 24 16. 25 17. Buttons, Image, Layout, ListBox, TextBox, Slider,OtherBing Map Control, Integration with Bing MapsServicesDisplays network and local content, Supports pan,double tap and pinch to zoom, Supports transforms& projections, Application can interact with javascript26 18. -infinite scrolling-Remember to set IsGroupingEnabled 19. SMS, Email, Web Browser, Dialer, Search, etc.Picture, Camera, Contact, etc.28 20. Push Notifications(Integration Service)Cloud andIntegrationServicesAppModelUIModelSoftwareArchitectureHardwareFoundation 21. Update tile count, title and backgroundimage30 22. Display a on-top-like message 23. 32ResponseDevice Connection Status : ConnectedNotification Status : ReceivedSubscription Status : Active 24. 25. - Thank YouQuestions?(Please do your eval!)