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Windows Movie Maker Version 2012 Amy Chadwell Media and Digital Resources Librarian

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Page 1: Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker Version 2012Amy ChadwellMedia and Digital Resources Librarian

Page 2: Windows Movie Maker

Installation If If you do not have Movie Maker already

installed on your PC computer, then you can download it for free on Microsoft’s website:

Note: As of Sept 2015, Windows 10 is not supporting Movie Maker. Other similar tools may be found in the Windows Store.

Page 3: Windows Movie Maker

InterfaceHere are your options for New Project, opening projects, and Importing.

If you press a push pin on recent projects, the project will always appear in the list.

Import from Device recognizes photo cameras and video cameras.

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File Types:

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Page 7: Windows Movie Maker

Editing: Home Page Tab

Page 8: Windows Movie Maker

Editing: Text Tools

Page 9: Windows Movie Maker

Editing: Video Tools

Page 10: Windows Movie Maker

Editing: Animations

Page 11: Windows Movie Maker

Editing: Adding Music

Add music; MP3 file; free converters available online if your music is in a different format. *Note: MP3 is not iTunes format.

If you’d like to mute the volume on your video to add music, go to Video Tools, Video Volume, and drag the volume down.

Page 12: Windows Movie Maker

Publishing Once you are done, you can export or

publish your video in a variety of ways, including straight to YouTube, digital file, DVD, and emailing the file.

Your file will be exported as a WMV (windows media video) file. This will not play unless you use a Windows Video Player. To transfer it to another file type, you can use a free transcoder like HandBrake.

Page 13: Windows Movie Maker

Need More Help? Visit

Microsoft Windows Movie Maker Site Search YouTube for walkthroughs of your

problem. Include Windows Movie Maker and version # in search terms.

Email [email protected] and set up a session with a media librarian/assistant/tutor.