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<p> PowerPoint</p> <p>Win Win Container Depot Co., Ltd Pharita Suksumit 54030072OverviewWhat Win Win Container Depot is</p> <p>(2) Departments of Win Win Container Depot</p> <p>(3) Process of Win Win Container DepotLaden -a container that includes good.</p> <p>Empty -a container that doesnt have good.</p> <p>Yard -an area where you can store the containers.</p> <p>Shipping liners - who are customers rent area to store their containers. </p> <p>TeminologyWhat Win Win Container Depo is</p> <p>Win Win Container Depot is the company which provides area rental service to store containers.Moreover, there are maintenance and repair for the status of containers. It consists of 2 branches such asLeamchabang and Ladkrabang. </p> <p>Leamchabang branch has area rental service for empty container only. Ladkrabang branch is located at Motorway Frontage Road and has area around 75,200 square meters for laden and empty containers. </p> <p>Department of Win Win Container DepotDepartments of Win Win Container Depot</p> <p>1. Customer Service (CS)</p> <p>2. Container Yard (CY)</p> <p>3. Driver of Heavy Equipment</p> <p>4. Survey</p> <p>5. Gate</p> <p>Customer Service</p> <p>Container Yard</p> <p>Driver of Heavy Equipment</p> <p>Survey</p> <p>Gate</p> <p>Process of Win Win Container DepotShipping Liner(Customer)Truck Driver( Employee of customer)Customer Service(CS)GateSurveyDriver of Heavy EquipmentContainer Yard(CY)OUTOUTCase 1Truck driver takes container inCase 2Truck driver takes container backThank you for your attention</p>


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