wilsonian progressivism (1913-1919) copyright © houghton mifflin company. all rights reserved

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  • WilsonianProgressivism(1913-1919)Copyright Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.

  • Promoted a program of New FreedomStronger anti-trust legislationBanking reformTariff reductionsFavored small enterprise and entrepreneurshipPromoted markets free of monopolies & regulationsShunned social welfare programs in favor of competition

  • minority president who inherits a Democratic CongressVirginian & Confederate sympathizer who believed in informed masses (similar to Jefferson)Raised in a pious Presbyterian familyBelieved the President should be dynamic and often went over the heads of Congress straight to the peopleA lover of humanity, but cold, unbending, intellectually arrogant, and unlikely to compromise

  • Assaulted the triple wall of privilegeTariffs, banks, and trustsUnderwood Tariff substantially reduced rates & caused revenue to eventually shift to an income taxFederal Reserve Act (1913) Created a Federal Reserve Board & 12 regional districtsEmpowered the Board to issue paper money (Federal Reserve Notes)

  • Federal Trade Commission Act of 1914Created Federal Trade Commission (FTC)Crushed monopolies and fought unlawful competition, false advertising, mislabeling, and briberyClayton Anti-Trust Act of 1914Fought price discrimination and interlocking directoratesExempted labor and agricultural organizations from anti-trust legislationExplicitly legalized strikes and peaceful picketing

  • Federal Farm Loan Act (1916) makes credit available to farmers at low interestWarehouse Act (1916) authorizes loans on security of cropsProvided for highway extensionWorkmens Compensation Act (1916) granted assistance to federal civil-service employees during times of disabilityAdamson Act (1916) establishes 8-hour workday and provides extra pay for overtime

  • Granted Philippines territorial status (Jones Act, 1916)Dispatched marines to Haiti to protect U.S. lives & property (1915)Sent marines to quell riots in Dominican Republic (1916)Allowed arms to flow to Pancho Villa in Mexico against Huerta regime (1914)


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