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1 Spelman College Archives Willis Lawrence James Collection Box 1- Music 1. The Nightingale- Thomas Weelkes 2. Al l The Things You Are- Jerome Kern 3. De San’man’s Song- Howard D. McKinney 4. Echo Song- Paul Bliss 5. Cradle Song of the Virgin- Johannes Brahms 6. Lucia Di Lammermoor- Donizetti 7. The Singing Leaves- Frances McCollin 8. To My Jesus Do I Cling- J.S. Bach 9. He’s Gone Away- Appalachian Folk-Song 10. Search Me, O Lord- Edward Margetson 11. The Night is Calm- Sir Arthur S. Sullivan 12. The Shepherd To His Love- Joseph H. Soifer 13. The Lass with the Delicate Air- Michael Arne 14. The Indian Bride- P.E. Fletcher 15. The Trysting Place- J. Brahms 16. An Annapolis Lullaby- Gustav Klemm 17. Little David, Play on Your Harp –arr. Carl R. Diton 18. Daniel- Harvey Enders 19. Landate Dominum- Mozart 20. God of the Open Air- Noble Cain 21. Now Start We With a Godly Song- Hans Leo Hasler 22. The Earth, O Lord, Is Blessed by Three- A. Fuleihan 23. Bragging Dan- George Morgan 24. Dearest, Believe- arr. Daniel Protheroe 25. As The Hart Pants- Felix Mendelssohn-Batholdy 26. On the Road to Mandalay- Oley Speaks 27. Barter- W.C. MacFarlane 28. Adoramus Te, Christe- G. Corsi 29. Ave Maria- Bach Gounod Huntley 30. Hast Thou Forgot- Gordon Nevin 31. Now Sleeps the Crimson Petal- E. Margetson 32. The Silver Lanterns of the Night- J.Redding

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2. Al l The Things You Are- Jerome Kern
3. De San’man’s Song- Howard D. McKinney
4. Echo Song- Paul Bliss
5. Cradle Song of the Virgin- Johannes Brahms
6. Lucia Di Lammermoor- Donizetti
7. The Singing Leaves- Frances McCollin
8. To My Jesus Do I Cling- J.S. Bach
9. He’s Gone Away- Appalachian Folk-Song
10. Search Me, O Lord- Edward Margetson
11. The Night is Calm- Sir Arthur S. Sullivan
12. The Shepherd To His Love- Joseph H. Soifer
13. The Lass with the Delicate Air- Michael Arne
14. The Indian Bride- P.E. Fletcher
15. The Trysting Place- J. Brahms
16. An Annapolis Lullaby- Gustav Klemm
17. Little David, Play on Your Harp –arr. Carl R. Diton
18. Daniel- Harvey Enders
19. Landate Dominum- Mozart
20. God of the Open Air- Noble Cain
21. Now Start We With a Godly Song- Hans Leo Hasler
22. The Earth, O Lord, Is Blessed by Three- A. Fuleihan
23. Bragging Dan- George Morgan
24. Dearest, Believe- arr. Daniel Protheroe
25. As The Hart Pants- Felix Mendelssohn-Batholdy
26. On the Road to Mandalay- Oley Speaks
27. Barter- W.C. MacFarlane
31. Now Sleeps the Crimson Petal- E. Margetson
32. The Silver Lanterns of the Night- J.Redding
34. The Master- Singers of Nuremberg- Richard Wagner
35. King Jesus Is A Listening- William L Dawson
36. Feast of Adonis-A. Jensen
37. The Lord Is My Shepherd- Hazel Gertrude Kinsella
38. Psalm 150- Hazel Gertrude Kinsella
39. Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes- arr. AEM Constance
40. Twilight Memories- Edwin H. Lemare
41. My heart Ever Faithful- J.S. Bach
42. Heather Millay-Grace Warner Gulesian
43. Midnight in Paris- C. Conrad and H. Madison-Morris
44. Sear my Heart- Clarence Cameron White
45. I hear Your Voice- Tolchard Evans
46. Dis Train- Clarence Cameron White
47. The Lamb- Nathaniel Dett
48. Happy Flocks in Safety Wander- JS Bach
49. The bird, let Loose in Eastern Skies- Dimitri Stepanovitch Bortniaskly
50. As Joseph Was A-Walking- George Old Boyd
51. Nothing Fairer Have I seen
52. Ce Moys de May- Clement Jannequin
53. The Little Turtle- Harvey Enders
54. I’ll Never Turn Back No More- R. Nathaniel Dett
55. Crescent Moon- Ernest Charles
56. Let Jesus Help You HE Understands- Estelle V. McKinley Naks
57. Golden Days- Sigmund Romberg
58. The Love Nest- Louis A. Hirsch
59. I See His Blood Upon the Rose- Hugh S. Robertson
60. All Leafless is the Forest-Thomas Stoltzer
61. Wade in de Water- arr. Arthur Hall
62. Carnations Grew in my Garden- Robert Schumann
63. The Stars- Katherine K. Davis
64. Ora Pro Nobis- WS Gwynn Williams
65. Out of the Cradle Endlessly- Normand Lockwood
66. At Cheystemesstyde- Catherine Williams
67. Sing we the Virgin Mary- arr. John Jacob Niles
68. Lord Jesus, in the Wintertime- Carl F. Mueller
69. The Cuckoo Carol- arr. Victoria Glaser
70. The Virgin Martyrs- Samuel Barber
71. A Summer Song of the Madonna- Michael Head
72. Song of Ophelia- J Brahms
73. All Praise to God Eternal- Harvey Gaul
74. April is in my Beloved’s Face- Thomas Morley
76. Lonesome Valley- Clarence Cameron White
77. Ring Out Wild Bells- Ch. Gounod
78. The Legend of the Dogwood Tree- Kenneth Walton
79. Stay, Time, Awhile, Thy Flying- John Dowland
80. I Dream of Jeannie- Stephen C Foster
81. My Inmost Thoughts are all of Thee
82. The Lamb- Carlette C. Thomas
83. Ave Maria- Jacob Arcadelte
84. Song of the Stepps- Tchaikovsky Bornschein
85. The Gypsy Laddie- Hilton Rufty
86. In Silent Night- John Brahms
87. My Bonnie Lass- T. Morley
88. Go Down, Moses- HT Burleigh
89. Awake, thou wintry earth- Katherine S. Davis
90. Good News, Chariots Comin!- N. Curtis- Burlin
91. Spring Pastoral- Mary Howe
92. First Dance Song- Theophil Went
93. And then shall you light break forth- Felix Mendelssolm
94. Youth at the rook-Franz Scubert
95. British Children’s Prayer- Jacques Wolf
96. Oh, Hear au American Singing- Homer Barnes Hath
97. Poor Wayfaring Stranger- Georgia Pullen Jackson
98. A Swan- Edvard Grieg
99. Waltz, As You Dreamily Dance- Brahms
100. How Sweet the Moonlight- JG Calcott
101. Go Down, Death- arr Harold A Decker
102. In the Luxembourg Gardens- Kathleen Lockhart Manning
103. Hear the Singing- Jean Berger
104. Songs in three-part Harmony- Women’s Voices
105. The Bells of St. Michael’s Tower- Knyvett- Stewart
106. Quem Vidistis, Pastores?- Giovanni Mario Nanino
107. Matona, Lady Maiden- O Lassus
108. Hosanna- Norman, Lockwood
110. Homeland- Noblecain
113. Sing, O Sing- James P. Dunn
114. Crucifixes- Antonio Caldara
115. Virtue Shall Never Long Be Oppressed- Handel
116. Three Motets No. 3 beat Quorum Via- Charles Villrevs Stanford
119. I Head a Great Voice- Edward P Johnston
120. My Way’s Cloudy- arr N. Clifford Page
121. The Sally Gardens- arr Benjamin Britten
122. Autumn Sunset in the Canyon- Elinor Remick Warren
123. Ballin’ the Jack- Chris Smith
124. A Sinner’s Soul- Sibyl York
125. The Autumn Bluebird- Kenneth Walton
126. The Lambs to the Lamb- Paul Creston
127. While I did Watch my Sheep at Night- arr Van A Christy
128. Cott’n Pickin’ Songs- N. Curtis Burlin
129. On Christmas Night- Walter Ehret
130. Come Unto Me- L. Stanley Glarum
131. Danny Boy- arr Walter Ehret
132. Bois Epais- Walter Ehret
133. Bow Down Thine Ear- Handel
134. Quiet Christmas- Clare Grundman
135. Three Motets- No. 2 Celos Ascendit Hodit- Charles Villiers Standford
136. Three Motets- No. 2 Celos Ascendit Hodit- Charles Villiers Standford
137. Quiet Christmas- Clare Grundman
138. Bow Down Thine Ear- Handel
139. Two Went Up to the Temple to Pray- Charles H. Doersam
140. The Breeze and I- Ernesto Lecuona
141. Lamentation- John Jacob Niles
142. Lullaby for Liana- Renato Bellini
143. Fly Not So Swift- John Wilbye
144. Keep Me Ever Close to Thee- Sibyl York
145. I Found My Savior- Sibyl York
146. The Heavenly Choir- Sibyl
147. Miami Beach Rumba- Irving Fields
148. Theme Sublime of Endless Praise- Handel
149. British Children’s Prayer- Jacques Wolfe
150. God Bless America- James Francis Cooke
151. Let All Give Thanks to Thee- Bach
152. Stars Over Nazareth- Charlotte Lockwood
153. Mass in E Flat- Franz Schubert
154. Yonder! Yonder!- arr Samuel Richards Gaines
155. Jesus, by Thee I would be Blessed- Franck Melchior
156. Mountains- Oscar Rasbach
158. Praise Ye The Lord- arr Malcolm Sargent
160. The Holly and the Ivy- arr Leslie Russell
161. At Christmas Be Merry- J. Alban Hinton
162. Torches- J. Alban Hinton
163. On Christmas Eve- W.H. Parry
164. Let Joy Your Carols Fall- arr. Leslie Russell
165. Four Carols From Abroad- arr Graham Treacher
166. Standin in de need of prayer- arr. Brian Trent
167. The Gospel Train’s A Comin- arr Brian Trent
168. I Live Not Where I Love- arr. Walt Parry
169. Jolly Wat- Colin Hand
170. Scherzo for Spring- Robert Washburn
171. Two Folk Carols- arr. Malcolm Sargent
172. Zither Carol- arr Malsolm Sargent
173. Vreneli- Edward Noble
176. The Fisherman’s Life Martin Kalmanoff
177. Younger Generation-Aaron Copland
180. The twenty-third Psalm- R. Vaughn Williams
181. Catches- Edward Lawton
183. Hosanna to the Son of David- Michael Praetenorius
184. Veni, veni Emmaniel- Zolton Kodaly
185. Song of Faith- Zoltan Kodaly
186. Miserere Mei- Antonio Lotti
187. Rock of Ages- arr. Benjamin Suchoff
188. Praise ye the Name of the Lord- arr Walter Ehret
189. Jubilate Deo- Orlando Di Lasso
190. O Rejoice, Ye Christians Loudly- Bach
191. The Virgin Mary Had a Baby Boy- arr. Walter Ehret
192. Three Times Round the Cuckoo- arr. Charles N. Smith
193. Upon the Mount of Olives- Schubert
194. O How Blessed- Anton Bruckner
195. Evening Serenade- Brahms
197. The Happy Wanderer- Friedrich W. Muller
198. Down in Yon Forest- R Vaughn Williams
199. How Far Is it to Bethlehem- Geoffrey Shaw
200. Judge Me, O God- Carl F. Meuller
203. Surrexit Pastor Bonus- Orlando di Lasso
204. Let not Your heart be troubled- Oley Speaks
205. Blessed They- Brahms
207. Sailor’s Alleluia- Houston Bright
208. Streets of Laredo- arr. Houston Bright
209. The Peanut Vendor- Moises Simons
210. Oh! Susanna Dance and Turn- arr. Walter Ehret
211. Gypsie Love Songs- arr. Walter Ehret
212. God of Our Fathers- arr Walter Ehret
213. Come to Zion, Sin- Sick Souls- arr. Harold Aks
214. Silent Night, It Came Upon the Midnight Clear-arr. Walter Ehret
215. Listen to the Lambs- arr. Walter Ehret
216. The Babe of Bethlehem O come Little Children- arr. Walter Ehret
217. Deck the Halls, O Come O Come Immanuel0 arr. Walter Ehret
218. Staff Choral Arrangement
2. Chant- Clarence Cameron White
3. Concert- Mendelssohn
4. Favorite Encore Folio- Fritz Kreisler
5. 2nd Assembled edition of original pieces and arrangements for violin and piano- Fritz Kreisler
6. Bohemienne- Henri Vieuxtemps
7. Nocturnes- John Field
9. From Gat Vienna- Vaslav Kahali
10. Ophelia- Anthony Strilko
12. Sonata- Serge Prokofieff
13. Selected Master Works by Great Composers- Constance Seely- Brown
14. Ungrarische Volksweisen- Bela Bartok
15. Duos for Piano and Violin- Franz Schubert
16. Midnight Bells- Fritz Kreisler
17. Intermezzo- Heinz Provost
19. Mazurka No. 1 in G- Eugene Ysaye
20. Le Coucou- Louis Claude Daquin
21. Thais- J Massenet
23. Concerto in E Minor- Pietro Nardini
24. Chanson Indoue- Rimsky Korsalow Kreisler
25. Alabame- Albert Spalding
27. Sonatas- Brahms
28. Collection of Original Pieces for Violin Cello- Leo Schulz
29. Barcelona- Rudolf Friml
30. Hungarian Dances- Brahms
32. Alabama – Albert Spalding
34. Symphonie Espangole- Edouard Lalo
35. Concerto, No. 1 D major- Pagini/Wilhemj
36. Complete Scale Studies- Henry Schradiezk
37. 3 Pieces for Solo Violin- Harold Knapik
38. Sonata- Brahms
41. Bohemienne- Henri Vieuxtemps
42. Concertos- J.S. Bach
43. I Have A Noble Work to Do- William Henry Huff
44. Concerto- Felix Mendelssohn
46. School of Violin Technic- O. Sevcik
47. Concerto- Max Brunch
49. Farewell to Cucullain- Frtiz Kresiler
50. Anthem for Christmas and General Use Anthem Quarterly
51. Wrethe the Holly, Twine the Boy- Gena Branscombe
52. The Record Hunter
55. Griddle Cakes- Alexander Koshetz
56. The Lazy Milk Maid- Alexander Koshetz
57. A Violin is Singing in the Street- Alexander Kishetz
58. Second Dance Song- Theophil Wendt
59. Caprice Viennois- Fritz Kreisler
60. Slumber, My Dove- J A Fitzgerald
61. Envoy- Francis Thompson
65. Shepherds on this Hill- Clarence Dickinson
66. Jesu! Thou Dear Babe Divine- Clarence Dickinson
67. Now Rest Beneath Night’s Shadows- R. Nathaniel Dett
68. A Little China Figure- Jeffrey Marlowe
69. Panis Angelicus- Cesar Franck
70. Music of Life- Noble Cain
71. A Prayer- Frances McCollin
72. Song of the Night- James P. Dunn
73. At Eventine- Grace Leadernham Austin arr Wallingford Riegger
74. O Ride On, Jesus- Natalie Curtis Burlin
75. Brunette- A S Vigt
76. The Morning Trumpet- Sydney Dalton
77. The Lord is My Light- Noble Cain
78. Four Love Songs- Johannes Brahms arr. H. Clough- Leighter
79. Sing Gloria- Katherine K. Davis
80. Say Thou Lovest Me- Noble Cain
81. Oh, Promise Me- Reginald DeKoven arr. Breyson Treharne
82. My Heart ever faithful- JS Bach
83. Rejoice! Rejoice!- William Byr arr. E Harold Geor
84. Black is the color of my true love’s hair- John Jacob Niles
85. The Bold Vaquero-David W. Guion
86. Hiawatha’s Wedding Feast- Coleridge arr. H.A. Chambers
87. Sleepers, Wake!- JS Bach
88. Solomon- GF Handel
90. Sleepers, Wake- JS Bach
91. Singing Learned from Speech
92. Judas Mazzabeaus- GF Handel
Box 3
1. If I Could Tell You- Idabelle Fireston arr Jeffrey Marlowe
2. Sanctus- Antonin Dvorak arr E. Harold Geer
3. Lullaby to a Seafarers Son- Marian McLaughlin
4. The Little Shephard’s Song- Winter Watts ar. George H Pickering
5. Come again! Sweet Love doth now Invite- John Dowland arr. Katherine K Davis
6. Come, Holy Ghost, God anf Lord!- Johann Walter
7. La Vierge an Calvaire- Joaquin Nin
8. Standard Violin Pieces
10. He’s got De While World in His hands
12. First Lessons for Classic Guitar- Richard Pick
13. The Living Arts of Asia
14. Chompion Violin and Piano Album
15. String Ensemble Folio Vol. 1- Fox Famous Composer
16. Seale and chord studies- William F Happich
17. Prepatory Exercises in Double- Stopping or the violin- O. Sevick
18. Sonanta for Violin and Piano- GF Handel
19. 8 Characteristic Pieces for Violin and Piano- Cecil Burleigh
20. Scale Studies- J Hrimaly
21. Elementary and Progressive Studies- HE Kaysor
22. Obertass- Henri Wieniawaki
24. Concerto for Violin and Orchestra- John Alden Carpenter
25. Berceuse- Strawinsky
27. Romanze- Schumann and Kreisler
28. Caprice Viennois- Fritz Kreisler
29. Fantasie Caprice- Henri Vieuxtemps
30. Concerto No. 1 D Major- Paganini
31. Chaconne- JS Bach
33. School of Violin Technic- O. Sevcik
34. Gems from the operas- Rudolf Sinnhold
35. Jazzetto for Violin and Piano- Samuel Gardner
36. Graded Course of Violin Playing- Leopold Auer
37. Sarasateana- Efren Zimbalist
39. Beethoven Duos
41. Violin Pieces the Whole World Plays
42. Langey- Carl Fischer Tutors
43. Tones and Overtones
45. Urstudien for Violin- Carl Flesch
46. School of Violin Technic- O Sevcik
47. The Oxford Piano Course for Class and Individual Instruction
48. Album of Violin Pieces
49. The Class Violin Instructor Book 1- Ann Hathaway and Herbert Butler
50. Sears Home Study Course for Cornet and Trumpet
51. Polonaise Brillante- Henri Wienieaswski
52. Favorite Encore Folio for Violin and Piano- Firtz Kresiler
55. An Einsamer Quelle- Richard Strauss
56. Concerto No. 7 in G Chords- Charles De Beriot
57. Marley-le-Roi- Andre Benoit
59. Diona for Violin and Piano- Gregory Stone
60. Sarasateana- Efreim Zimbalist
61. Capriccio- Valse-Henri Wieniawski
62. Fraquita- Fritz Kreisler
64. March of the Toreador- Mae Nightingale
65. Soon- Ah Will Be Done- Wiliam L Dawson
66. Mary’s Lullaby- Edwald V Nolte
67. Galican Christmas Carol of the Feast of the holy kings- Frederick Erickson
68. Deo Gracias- Benjamin Britten
69. Three Spanish Christmas Pieces 3. See the Shephards Dancing- Robert L Goodale
70. Angels and the Shephards- Zolton Kodaly
71. Carol of the Drum- Kathaerine K Davis
72. Mary Had A Baby- Alice Parker and Robert Shaw
73. Behold the Start- William L Dawson
74. Carillin Heigh-ho- Julia Perry
75. Personent Hodie- Seth Bingham
76. Old French and Czecho- Slovajan Christmas Carols 3- Jacques, Come Here- Richard Donovan
77. March of the Shephards- David H. Williams
78. Christmas Day- Gustav Holst
79. What Strangers Are These?- Richard Purvis
80. Wasn’t that a Mighty Day- R. Nathaniel Dett
81. Love Came Down at Chsritmas- Maurice C Whitney
82. The Virgin Martyrs- Samuel Barber
83. Sonanta Op. 47- Beethoven
84. Sextette- G. Donizetti
85. Bourree- GF Handel
86. Canzonetta- A.d. Ambrosio
89. Romanze- Schuman- Kreisler
90. Alt Wien-Michael Press
93. Sielanka- Henri Wieniawaski
94. In Love with Love- Adrian Rodd and Leo Silesu
96. Ciaccona in G Minor- Tommaso Vitali arr. Leopold Charlier
97. Hungarian Dance- Joseph Joachim
98. Tambourin Chinois- Fritz Kreisler
99. Concerto in G Minor- Max Brunch
100. Mozart Alleluja
3. How Are They Servants Blessed, O Lord!- Joseph Wagner
4. Come, Let Us All This Day- J.S. Bach
5. Sweet Nightingale- Walter Ehret
6. A Child is Born in Bethlehem- Robert Chambers
7. Keep A Inchin’ Along-Noble Cain
8. Peace, Gentle Peace- L. William Goodhart
9. Piping down the valleys Wild- Herbert Howells
10. O Waly, Waly- Christopher le Fleming
11. Holy, Holy, Holy- Franklin Kinsman
12. Spirit of God- C. Albert + Scholin
13. Lullaby- Robert v. Ballagh
14. Come, Thou Fount of Ev’ry Blessing- Robert Sumner
15. The Lord is My Shephard- Robert Summer
16. Anthem Folio
19. Irene Enters Heaven- M. Carnago Guarnieri
20. Walk Together Children- H.T. Burleigh
21. Twelve Moravian Chorales- John Antes
22. Quiet Christmas- Clare Grundman
23. Glory to God- Ron Nelson
24. Hodie Christus Natus Est- Jan P. Sweelinck
25. The Twelve Days of Christmas- Victoria Glaser
26. Why, O Shephard Maiden?- Louise Grant
27. Dost Thou in A Manger Lie?- M. Searle Wright
28. Coe los Ascendit Hodie- Charles Villiers Stanford
30. The Lord’s Prayer- Heitor Villa- Lobos
31. Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring- J.S. Bach
32. Evening- George Dyson
33. Lo, how a Rose e’er Blooming- Michael Praetorius
34. When the Saviour Christ is Born- E. Harold Geer
35. Go Not Far From Me, O God- R. Nathaniel Dett
36. Le Chant Des Oyseaux- Clement Janequin
37. As With Gladness Men of Old- Konrad Kocher
38. A Prayer for Christian Unity- William R. Ward
39. White- Flowering Days- Gerald Finzi
40. If By His Spirit- J. S. Bach
41. Mary- David W. Guion
42. The Holly and the Ivy- Benjamin Britten
43. Winds Through the Olive trees- Dale W. Barker
44. Now Sing We All His Praise- Houston Bright
45. Gypsy Love Song- Victor Herbert
46. O, the Beautiful Treasure- Harold AKs
47. The First Noel-GF Handel
48. The World’s Good Morrow- Leslie Woodgate
49. Carol of the Christmas Chimes- Richard Kountz
50. When at Christmas Christ was Born- Robert Dalley Scarlett
51. Adoramus te Christe- Giovanni Palestrina
52. One More Rockin- Kenneth Walton
53. Good Night- Frank Blackford
54. Trumph! Thanksgiving- Serge Rachmaninaff
55. The Vesper Hymm- Beethoven
56. Deutsche Meihnacht
57. No. 1 Brightest Morning- Alfred J. Swan
58. No. 3 Lo, the Bonds are Broken- Alref J. Swan
59. Religion is a fortune- Noble Cain
60. Christ, Whose Glory Fills the Skies- Noble Cain
61. Love Song- Bela Bartok
62. Adam Lay y-bounded- Philip Gordon
63. Mary Morning- Hugh McClerry
64. No. 6 The Eternal Heavenly King – Alfred J. Swan
65. No. 5 Bright Morning- Alfred J Swan
66. No 4 Stir Up the Embers- Alfred J Swan
67. Your Mother Loves Her children All the Tone- Rev. EL Harrell
68. What Do You Want the Lord to Do- Rev. EL Harrell
69. Behold Thy Mother- Elizabeth Maddox-Huntley
70. Two Chorus from Russian Easter Service- E. Harold Geer
73. Cranberry Corners- John Klein
74. Lord We Thank Ye- Joseph Roff
75. Make A Joyful Sound- Noble Cain
76. Grandma Grunts- Marshall Bartholomew
77. O Dry Those Tears- Teresa Del Riego
78. Come Ye to Bethlehem- Katherine K. Davis
79. Joseph Dearest, Joseph Mine- Charles Black
80. A Babe is born-M. Praetorius
81. Out of the Night- Joseph Roff
82. My Call to Thee- Arnold Clawson and Toussaint Pope
83. Prayer- Eli Krul
85. Glencoe- Beethoven
87. Do I Crucify my Saviour- Sibyl York
88. Song of Spring- Mendelssohn
89. Glory to God- Alexander Gretchananoff
90. Lord with what care- Edmund Rubbra
91. Peace be unto you- J.S. Bach
92. Thanks Be to God- Stanley Dickson
93. Tonight- Leonard Bernstein
94. I Wonder as I wander- John Jacob Niles and Lewis Henry Horton
95. In the Mill- W. Rebikoff
96. Don’t You Weep No More Mary- R. Nathaniel Dett
97. Jesu! Thou Dear babe Divine- Clarence Dickinson
98. How Are They Servants Blessed, O Lord- Joseph Wagner
99. So Little Time- Cyril Warren
100. He Came Here for Me- Ron Nelson
101. A Southern Song- Landon Ronald
102. Thanks Be to God- Stanley Dickson
103. Piping down the Valleys wild- Herbert Howells
104. O Waly, Waly- Christopher le Fleming
105. Gloria in Excelsis Deo- J.S. Bach
106. Tis Snowing- H. Bemberg
107. Sanctus and Hosanna- Franz Schubert
108. Merry are the Bells- Seymour Barab
109. Peace, Gentle Peace- L. William Goodhart
110. Keep A Inchin Along- Noble Cain
111. A Child is Born in Bethlehem- Robert Chambers
112. Come, Let Us All This Day- J.S. ach
114. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot- N. Clifford Page
115. Go Tell it on the Mountan- John W. Work
116. Anthem Folio
118. Merry are the Bells0 Seymour Barab
119. A Southern Song- Landon Ronald
120. He Came Here for Me- Ron Nelson
121. Bless the Lord- M. Ipolitof Ivanof
122. Keep Your Lamps Trimmed- Noble Cain
123. As Pants the Hart for Cooling Streams- Walter Ehret
124. Flowers May Bloom in Spring- Max Reger
125. Hymn of Resurrection- Charles Black
126. Blessed are Ye- Lyndon Salathiel
127. Lord, Hear us Pray- Edward S. Savage
128. I Found My Saviour- Sibyl York
129. Christ Has Arisen- Franz Schubert
130. We Give Thanks- Charles Black
131. O Tranquil Light- A.D. Kastalsky
132. She is so Dear- M. Praetorius
133. If Ye Love me, keep My Commandments- Thomas Tallis
134. Come, Let Us Worship- Giovarni Palestrina
135. Clorinda- R. Orlando Morgan
136. Grieve not the Holy Spirit of God- J. Stainer
137. Play, Fiddle, Play- Emery Deutsch and Arthur Altman
138. Poinciana- Nat Simon
140. Father, We Praise Thee- William R. Ward
141. Jungle Drums- Ernesto Lecuouna
142. A Song of Men and Women- Philip Gordon
143. Behold! Stand at the Door- Noble Cain
144. The Bread of God- Noble Cain
145. Takes Two- John Klein
146. Psalm 150- Cesar Franck
147. Kyrie and Gloria- Olof Gullberg
148. Easter Mornin’- J Winters and M. Ruffin
149. A Babe is born- Robert Chambers
150. Happy Easter Song- Marcel G. Frank
151. Grant Unto Me the Joy of thy Salvation- Brahms
152. He, Watching Over Israel- Mendelssohn
153. The Everlasting Mercies of Our Lord- Raymond Rhea
154. How Lovely are the Messengers- Mendelssohn
156. God be With You- Robert Reynolds
157. Cherubim Song- Dimitri Bortiniansky Tchaikovsky
158. Into the Stillness of the Night- Harry Rpbert Wilson
159. Father of Mankid- Marjorie Elliott
160. Night Song- E. Fred Morris
161. Night Song- E. Fred Morris
162. Do Not Forsake Me, Oh Lord- Paul D. Shultz
163. Lullaby- R.V. Ballagh
165. Sing Unto God- Geroge Handel
166. Salvation is Created- P. Tschesnokoff
167. Still, still- Robert Sumner
168. O Splendour of God’s Glory Bright- Crespin
169. Bethlehem’s Own- Garth Edmundson
170. Praise ye the Lord- Camille Saint Saens
171. Sing Along
172. Say “Si SI”- Ernesto Lecuona
173. I Wonder Who’s Kissing Her Now- Joseph E. Howard
174. We Believe0 Bernie Wayne
175. Spinning Song- Mendelssohn
177. Shout Ye Heavens- John Antes
178. O Holy Night- Adolphe Adam
179. Up On the Christmas Tree- Jane M. Marshall
180. O Gathering Clouds- K. Marjorie Bain
181. Under the Stars- Margaret C. Brown
182. Let Our Gladness Have No God- Willy Reske
183. Poor Mary- Katherine K. Davis
184. Gentle Mary- Alta Lind Cook
185. An Irish Elegy- Thomas Moore
186. United Nations March- harry Geller
187. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot- arr Harry Geller
188. I Want to be Ready- Harry Geller
189. Joshua Fit the Battle of Jehrico- Harry Geller
190. God of all Nature- Peter I. Ischaikowsky
191. Praise Ye the Father- CH. Gounod
192. Patapan- Burgundian Carol
194. Come, Let Us Worship- Giovanni Palestrina
195. Clorinda- R. Orlando Morgan
196. We Praise Thee- V. Zhadanov
199. Daughters of Zion-Mendelssohn
200. If Ye Love Me, Keep My Commandments- Thomas Tallis
201. Grant Us Thy Peace- Mendelssohn
202. Grant Unto me the Joy of the Salvation- Johannes Brahms
203. On a Snowy Evening- Z. Clarence Trued
204. God So Loved the World- John Goss
205. Jesus Walked this Lonesome Valley- Lee Kjelson
206. He, Watching Over Israel- Mendelssohn
207. Now Mine Eyes are Grown Dim- Michael Haydn
208. Holy, Holy, Holy- Franz Schubert
209. O Lord of Heav’n- Orlando Di Lasso
210. Be Not Afraid- Mendelssohn
211. And then shall your light break forth- Mendelssohn
212. Thematic Pages from our most recently issued publications
213. Six Old Dutch Carols- Julius Rontgen
214. Praise ye the Lord- Mendelssohn
215. Short’nin’ Bread- Jacques Wolfe
216. Sleepers, Wake! J.S. Bach
217. Anthems for Christmas and General Use
218. Untitled folder
223. The Jazz Review
225. New School of Studies for the Pianoforte
226. Jesus Ahatonhia- St. Jean de Brebeuf
227. The Nightingale so Pleasant- Wiliam Byrd
228. Loveliness of Night- Earle Blakeslee
229. Ossianic Processional- Hugh S. Roberton
230. The Brook- Edward MacDowell
231. High in the Starry Heavens- Charles Black
232. The Fountain- Charles Sanford Skilton
233. All- American Song Book
234. Anthem Book- James H. Rogers
235. Rustic Chivalry- Pietro Mascagni
236. Hush-a-by, Darling0 Gwynn S. Bernent
237. God of all nature- Tschaikowsky
238. Sanctus and Benedictus- Gounod
242. Mary Lullaby- Ewald V. Nolte
243. Valses Nables- Schubert
244. All Hail the Power of Jesus Name- Oliver Holden
245. Big Rock- Clifford P. Barnes
246. Credo- William P. Latham
247. The Year’s at the Spring- Noble Cain
248. Gonna Ride Up in de Chariot- Noble Cain
249. O Sing your Songs- Noble Cain
250. Father in Heaven- Bach
251. Three Pictures- Anton Rubinstein
252. As Children Walk ye in God’s Love- R. Nathaniel Dett
253. Three Choruses from Alice in Wonder III, Father William- Irving Gifford Fine
254. Slave of Jesus- Roy H. Lindsey
255. Be Joyful in the Lord- Cameron Edwards
256. Little Lamb, who Made Thee- John Forest
257. The Old Dusty Trail-Spence Miller
258. O Worship the King- Lynn Woodward
259. Psalm 61- Stein G. Halfvarson
260. Going Up to London- Frances McCollin
261. The Lonesome Train- Earl Robinson
262. When Jesus Lived in Galilee- John Jacob Niles
263. Riddle Song- Marshall Batholomew
264. He that loves a rosie cheek- Kenneth Walton
265. Rosemary- Jerzy Fitelberg
267. O Sleep- Charles O’Neill
268. I Wonder When I Shall be Married- Marshall Bartholomew
269. Keep Loving me Dear- Mildred Lund Tyson
270. There’s heaven above- Sidney Homer
271. Come, Black- Browed Night- Harvey Gaul
272. The Heavens are Telling- Josef Haydn
273. Veni, Rogo, in Cor Meum- Heinrich Schutz
274. Hallelujah, Amen- Handel
276. Love- Song- Ernest Schelling
277. In the Silence- Edvard Grieg
278. Pine-tree by the Wood- Jerzy Fitelberg
279. It is Not Yet Near Day- Harvey Gaul
280. Jubilee Songs- Theodore F. Seward/ Geo L. White
282. 20 Songs
283. Requiem- Mozart
Box 5
1. Ouanga A Haitian Opera in Three Acts- Clarence Cameron White
2. Klassische Steuke- J.S. Bach
3. The Evening Star- Richard Wagner
4. Romanzen in F for Violin and Piano- Beethoven
5. Old Pieces for Violin and Piano- Franz Schuberty
6. Piece En Form de Habenera- Maurice Rauel
7. Beethoven
10. Menuett- Mozart
13. Humoreske- Antonin Dvorak arr. Fabien Rehfeld
14. Rondino- Fritz Kreisler
16. Romanze- Schumann Kreisler
18. Sonaten- Handel
21. The Days of Marsick and Sitt- Albert E. Wier
22. The Kneisel Collection for Violin and Piano- Franz Kneisel
23. IV Sonate- F. Gustav Jansen
24. Hongroise- M. Hauser
25. Mazurka- A. Zarzycki
26. Precieuse- Ernest Gillet
29. Mazurka de Concert- Ovide Musin
30. Romance Poetique- Adolphe Jensen
31. The Etude
32. The Etude
34. Pizzicati- Henri Ernst
36. Momento Capricioso- Carl Maria v. Weber
37. Souvenir de Bade- H. Leonard
38. Klassische Stucke- Beethoven
40. Pastel- H. Paradis
43. Song Without Words- Gerschefski
44. When I Get Home- Bill Lee
45. The Twp Clocks- James H. Rogers
46. Larghetto- Beethoven
2. The Etude Magazine
9. Words and Music
12. Instruments of the Orchestra
13. Untitled Sheet Music
15. Concord Song Book for Women’s Voices
16. The Franklin Square Song Collection
17. Music for Strings
23. Untitled Sheet Music
28. Studies in Counterpoint
31. The Oxford Book of Carols
32. Untitled Music Book
35. Music Literature (2 books)
Box 7
1. Kyrie Eleison- Joseph Haydn
2. No Bottom- Jacques Wolfe
3. Great and Glorious Is the Name of the Lord- Clarence Dickinson
4. The Angel Gabriel- arr. Franklin Kinsman
5. Choral Music Alphabetical checklist
6. Let us now praise famous men- Alfred H. Meyer
7. Be Not Silent Unto Us- Giovanni Pergolesi
8. Another Man Done Done- Harry Geller
9. Choral Variations on Ah, Holy Jesus- Robert T. Petrich
10. Remember Our Savior- Johann Ernst Eberlin
11. Tenebrae- Leonardo Leo
13. Magnificat and Nun Dimittis- John Shephard
14. The Maid of Amsterdam- Harry Gellar
15. Holy Lord of All- Frances Williams
16. To God All Praise and Glory- Ron Nelson
17. Snowbound Mountains- Lidred Barnes Royse
18. The Holy Infant’s Lullaby- Norman Dello Jaio
19. An’ He Never Spoke a Mumblin’ Word- arr. C.R. Diton
20. The Endless encore- Charles H Cassey
21. Listen, Lordlings Unto Me- Richard Oliver
22. Catches- Edward Lawton
24. Glory to God- Paw Tschenokoff
25. Soon Ah Will Be Done- William L. Dawson
26. Semper Fidelis Old Black Joe- Roy Harris
27. Sweet Content- Graham Godfrey
28. Night Divine- J. Offenbach
29. Beauteous Night, O Night of Love- J Offenbach
30. Deep River- arr. N. Clifford Page
34. Glory to God- Jean Berger
35. Christ was born on Christmas Day- arr. Robert Shaw and Alize Parker
36. Song of the Crib- T. Frederick H. Condolyn
37. Five French Noels- Elliot Forbes
38. He That Doeth Truth- Noble Cain
39. The Babe of Bethlehem- arr. Edward Noble
40. The Story of the Twelve- Tom Scott
41. Song of Myself- Ernst Toch
42. George Washington- Gail Kubik
43. River, River-arr Stephen Zoltai
44. Villa- Franz Lehar
46. John Peel- Mark Andrews
47. O Softly Singing Lute- Francis Pilkington
48. Companions All Sing Loudly-arr. Walker Ehret
49. Bring Us In Good Ale- Paul Nelson
50. Laudi- Ingvarm Lidholm
53. Hosanna to the Son of David- Michael Praetorius
54. Fortune My Foe- Paul Nelson hail Mary- William L. Dawson
55. Adoramus Te- Quirino Gaspanini
56. Yellow Submarine- Lennon and McCartney
57. The Lord is My Shepherd- Hoffrichter Duddy
58. How are thy Servants Blest- Michael Ippolitoff- Ivanoff
59. Rock of Ages- arr. Benjamin Suchoff
60. Song of Faith- Zoltan Kodaly
61. O Rejoice, Ye Christians, Loudly- Bach
62. The Silver Lanterns of the Night- J Redding
63. De Sandman- D. Protheroe
64. Flammer Choral Series- Sample Copy
65. One World- Geoffrey O’Hara
66. A Virgin and Mother- John Marbooke
67. Incline Thine Ear- Frederick Himmel
68. Alleluja- Mozart
70. Cohors Generosa- Zoltan Kodaly
71. Echo Song- Orlando Di Lasso
72. Thou Hast Given Abundance to Thy Servant- Sean Berger
74. El Sol- Carlos Chavez
75. Haul Away, Joe- Norman Gilbert
76. In Thee, O Lord Have I trusted- Handel
77. Little Tommy Tucker- Alec Rouley
78. Personent Hodie- Seth Bingham
79. Lord, Make ME Move Holy0 arr. Robert Summer
80. O Vos Omnes- Loyset Compere
81. The Lady of the Lambs- Leland Forsblad
82. The Peanut Vendor- Moises Simons
83. Tell me Where You’re Going- arr. Antin Rydnytsky
84. Break My Heart- Handel
85. O Lord, in thee Have I trusted- Handel
86. The Queen is in the Parlor- Arthur Frackenpohl
87. I Doan Care Where- Jacques Wolfe
88. Walton Sacred Choral Library
89. Hodie Christus Natus Est- Francis Poulene
90. Blessed be God- Josef Alexander
91. Nowel- Anthony Strilko
92. Man Shall Not Live by Bread Alone- Don Gardner
93. Prelude in C# Minor- Sergei Raachmanioff
94. Father in Heaven- Giovanni Maria Nanino
95. Missa Brevis Lars- Erik Larsson
96. The Peasant Wants to Dance- Orlando Di Lasso
97. Volkwein Choral Series
100. Let all Mortal Flesh Keep Silence- Gustav Holst
101. Two Madrigals from “musical spiritual”- Giovanni Gabriel
102. On the Banks of Jordan- Walter Ehret
103. How Beautiful the Feet of Him- Handel
104. Thanksgiving- Everett Titcomb
106. When You Find Me- Clement Janequin
107. My Eyes Are Yours- Passereau
108. Your Welcome Smile- Claudin de Sermisy
109. A Life Lesson- James McCullough
110. Three Cautionary Tales- Arthur Franckenpohl
111. Now Once Again- Percy E. Fletcher
112. Psallite- M. Praetorius
114. Glory be to God on High- arr. Walter Ehret
116. Endymion- Mario Castelmuou- Tedesco
117. Long ao, one chill December- arr. Homer Whitford
118. Gloria in Excelcis- Robert Wall
119. The Sweetest Roses Blosson- arr. Otto Siegl
120. A Little Child There is Born- Frederick Rimmer
121. Down in Ol’ Virginia - Frank Fairfield
122. O Come, Let Us Sing- Edward Margetson
123. Over the Steppe- Alandre T. Gretchaninoff
124. The Lord is My Shepherd E’er Shall Be- Bach
125. Sanctus- Antonin Dvorax
127. Tryste Noel- Margaret Ruthvenlang
128. Love Is a Sickness Full of Woes- T. Cariwhimev
129. Christians Be Joyful- Russell Hancock Miles
130. Cradle Song0 Edward MacDonell
131. Philomel Thy Magic Singing- Allesandro Scarlatti
132. Contancy- Artnar Foote
135. Song of the Sea Wind- Arthur Shepherd
136. Midsummer Clouds- Edward Macdonell
137. Fairy Lullaby- Mrs. HHA Beach
138. Sings of Elfland- Mabel W. Daniels
139. I Wandered by the Brookside- Teritius Noble
140. Tae Sleigh- Richard Kountz
141. Chit Chat- Alfred Moffat
142. Crucifixus- Antonio Caldara
143. Madrigal- Gabriel Faure
145. Hail Holy Light- Alender Dimitrievitch Kastalsky
146. In That Great Getting Up Morning- Noble Cain
147. Now Sleep the Crimson Petal- Roger Quilter
148. Give me Jesus- W.C. Handy
149. Ah Meadow Headow Fair and Wide- Bryeeson Trehare
150. O vos Omes- Giacomo Antoonperti
151. Pslam 150- Cesar Franck
152. The Sheep Herds Lullaby- Elizabeth Maddox Huntley
153. My Friend John- C. Alexander Peloauin
154. O Leave Your Sheep- Cecil Hazel Hurts
155. Since First I Saw Your Eyes- Thos Ford
156. De Sandman- Daniel Protheroe
157. A Violin is Singing in the Street- Alexander Koshetz
158. Callig a Verunt Oculimei- Tomas Luis de Victoria
159. Joshua Fit de Battle of Jericho- Harvey Gaul
160. Song of Momus- JS Bach
161. The Conscientious Deacon- A. Buzzipeccia
162. The Hebrew Children- Annabel Morriso Buchanan
163. Round the Good Fathers Door- A.Arkhangelsky
164. There was a tree- Gustav Holst
165. The Lord is My Light- Noble Cain
166. Crucifixus- Antonio Caldara
168. Rain- Radie Britain
170. Wild Swans- Dorothy M. Priesing
171. Soldier Soldier- John Powll
172. Chanson- Claudin de Sermisy
173. Cherubim Song- Dimitri Bortnianksy
174. Song of Loyd Brotherhood- Mozart
175. The Lotus Flower- Schumann
176. Go Tell It on the Mountain- Mark Fox
177. Wasn’t that a Mighty Day- John W. Work
178. You Spotted Snakes- K.K. Davis
179. Shepherds Quickly Waked- Dr. Franz Wasner
180. God Rest You Merry Gentleman- Dr. Franz Wasner
181. In Dulci Jubilo- Dr. Franz Wasner
182. Angels We Have Heard on High- Dr. Franz Wasner
183. Pueri Concinite- Handi
185. Now Spring in all her Glory- Jacques Arcadelt
186. Nocturne- Zdenko Fibich
187. Lord of Life and King all Glorious- J.S. Bach
188. Vaquero’s Song- Victor Herbert
189. Last Night The Nightingale- H. Hjerulf
190. O Death, Thou Art the Tranquil Night- Peter Cornelius
191. All His Mercies Shall Endure- Handel
192. Carol of the Roses- Richard Kountz
193. White Waves on the Water- Hugh S. Roberton
194. The Wood Collection of Christmas Carols
195. Panis Angelicus- Cesar Franck
196. Now Rest Beneath Nights Shadow- R. Nathaniel Dett
197. Caligaverunt Occuli Mei- Tomas Luis de Victoria
198. Time was When I In angush Lay- Charles T. Griffes
200. An April Song- Ernest F. Jores
201. Wassail Song- Jane Joseph
202. Legend- Arthur Fagge
203. Benedictus- Normand Lockwood
207. Rain in October- Alec Rowley
208. The Old Woman and the Peddler- Van A. Christy
209. A Poet’s Monument- Gretchaninoff
210. A Cradle Song- John Alden Carpenter
211. Lord Speak to Me- Noble Cain
212. As Costureiras- Heitor Villa Lobos
213. A Little China Figure- Franco Leoni
214. Let’s Make an opera- Benjamin Britten
215. Somebody Knocking at Your Door- Paul Riley
216. Praise ye the name of the Lord- Tchaikovsky
217. You’ll Never Walk Alone- Richard Rodgers
218. These Seven Joys of Mary- John Jacob Niles
219. Spirit of Motherhood- Gena Branscombe
220. Hallelejah Chorus- Handel
222. Father I Pray- Agnes L. Washington
223. There’ll Be A Happy Time in heaven One of These Days- Estelle X McKinley Banks
224. Hear de Lambs A Cryin-Raymond Rhea
225. Forest Hymn- Gustav Klemm
226. Creation Hymn- S. Rachmaninoff
227. Ridin My Time- George Gershwin
228. Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child- J. Harold Montague
229. The Little Road to Bethlehem- Michael Head
230. The Parade of the teddy Bears- John W. Bratton
231. Juanita Bond- Harvey Gaul
232. Children of the Moon- Elinor Remick Warren
233. I Dream of Jeanie- Stephen C. Foster
234. Ave Maria- Zoltan Kodaly
235. Mannin Veen- Haydn Wood
236. Lady of Spain- Tolchard Evans
237. Ain’t it a Shame- Van A. Christy
238. The Mothers Vow-Arthur Farwell
239. Remember to Forget- Carrie Jacobs Bond
240. Comrades- Ralph L. Baldwin
2. A Course In Music Appreciation- McKinley, Anderson
3. Notes of a Pianist- Louis Moreau, Hottschalk
4. Preparing Music Manuscript- Donato
5. Advanced Harmony-Ottman
7. Choirs and Choral Music-Mees
8. Introduction to Musicology- Haydon
9. Modern Harmony and its Theory and Practice- Foote and Spalding(2)
10. Guide to Musical Composition
11. Modulation- Foote
13. Portraits of Musical Celebrities (3)
14. Orchestra Music Catalogue- Broude Brothers
15. Choral Conducting- Davison
16. Old Songs Hymn
17. Thoughts on Conducting-Hoult
19. Tonal Counterpoint- Spalding
21. Stravinsky
22. The Wonderful World and the Wonderful World of the Sea0 Fisher
23. Glee Club and Chorus- Christy
24. American Heritage
Box 9
3. American Student Hymnal (2)
4. Making Friends with Music- Ginn and Company
5. Dictionary of Hymnology- Julian (2)
6. The History of the Orchestra- Bekker
7. Music: A Design for Listening
8. Songs We Love
9. Orchestration- Cecil Forsyth
10. Rise to Follow-Spalding
13. Ear-Training and Sight-Signing-Wedge
16. On the Teaching of Music Appreciation- Joseph Machlis
17. An English Song Book- Noah Greenburg
18. The Musician’s Library
19. The Orchestra and Orchestra Music- Henderson
Box 10
2. Miniature Score Catalogue 1963-1964
3. A History of Western Music- Grout
4. A Short History of Music- Alfred Einstein
5. Music and the Classroom Teacher- Mursell
6. Music in Mexico- Stevenson
7. Education for Musical Growth- Mursell
8. The Humanities- Dudley and Faricy
9. Music Throughout the World- Cotton and Bradbury
10. America’s Music- Gilbert Chase
11. Music in the Romantic Era- Einstein
12. Music in this Renaissance- Reese
13. Creative Rhythmic Movement for Children- Andrews
14. Elementary Musicianship- Dauman
15. Music Section of the World’s Great Madonnas- Maus and Fielding
16. Our Musical Heritage- Sachs
17. Music in the History of the Western Church- Dickinson
18. Music for the Millions- Bradley
19. A History of Music
20. A General History of Music- Burney
21. Teaching Children Music in the Elementary School0 Myers
22. The ASCAP Biographical of Composers Authors and Publishers
Box 11
4. Choral Technique and Interpretation- Coward
5. Harmony and Counterpoint- Morris
6. Artists’ Directory
7. Das Mannerlied
11. Music in a New Found Land- Wilfrid Mellers
12. Listen to Music Creatively- Stringham
13. Orchestra- Piston
17. Counterpoint-Kauder
19. Music Makers- Ginn
20. Elementary Harmony- Mitchell
22. Practical Orchestration
24. Der Sanon
27. Music: An Art and Language- Spalding
28. Casse- Noisette Suite- Tchaikovsky
29. Fundamentals of Musical Art: The Organ Composers and Literature
30. Music Appreciation: An Active Force in Child Development
31. A Handbook of the Musical Instrument Collection of the Commercial Museum
32. Scandinavian Seminar
35. Psychology for the Music Teacher- Swisher
36. In Music Education
2. Guiding Junior High School Pupils in Music Experiences- Andrews
3. Encyclopedia of Concert Music- Ewin
4. Our musical Heritage- Sachs
5. The Art of Teaching- Gilbert Highett
6. Hans Cal- The Golden Ace of Vienna
7. John Culshaw- The Concert
8. Mosco Carner- The Waltz
9. Manual of Bel Canto- Franca
11. The Treasury of Song- Morrison
12. They All Sang- Marris
13. Kaleidophone- Schillinger
15. Untitled Sheet Music Book
16. Humanities
17. The Public Affairs Lecture Bureau
18. The Spelman College Glee Club(5)
19. The International Library of Music for Violinists- History of Music
20. The International Library of Music for Violinists- Piano Accompaniments
Box 13
1. Concord Series No. 13
2. Echoes of Africa in the Folk Songs of the Americas- Landeck
3. Slave Songs of the Georgia Sea Islands- Parrish
4. Violin Classics- Piano
6. Mozart String Quartettes
11. St. Helena Island Spirituals
12. American Negro Songs-Work
14. Folk Song of the American Negro-Work
15. Folk Songs of the American Negro(booklet)
16. First Book of Rhythms
17. First Books of Jazz
18. Presence Africaine
20. Calhoun Plantation Songs
25. Concord Series No. 13
26. Echoes of Africa in the Folk Songs of the Americas- Landeck
27. Slave Songs of the Georgia Sea Islands- Parrish
30. Mozart String Quartettes
35. St. Helena Island Spirituals
36. American Negro Songs-Work
38. Folk Song of the American Negro-Work
39. Folk Songs of the American Negro(booklet)
40. First Book of Rhythms
41. First Books of Jazz
42. Presence Africaine
44. Calhoun Plantation Songs
Box 14
2. Poetry & Song in the German Baroque- Hinton Thomas
3. The Rational and Social Foundations of Music- Max Weber
4. The Julliard Report on Teaching the Literature and Materials of Music
5. Hear me Talkin’ to Ya- Shapiro, Hentoff
6. Albert Scwietzner, J.S. Bach
7. Creative Harmony and Musicianship- Murphy and Stringham
8. Twentieth Century Harmony
10. Here a Song, There a Song- Mary Val Marsh
11. Rhythm and Tempo- Curtsachs
12. Orchestration- Wagner
14. Bach
16. The Story of Jazz-Stearns
17. The Jazz Life-Hentoff
19. They all played ragtime- Judi Blesh and Harriet Janis
20. Literate and Music as Resources for Social Studies- Tooze, Krone
21. The Art of Jazz: Essays on the Nature and Development of Jazz- Martin T. Williams
22. The Books of Jazz- Leonard Feather
23. They All Played Ragtime- Rudi Blesh and Harriet Janis
24. Johann Sebastian Bach
4. Correspondence 1966
5. Correspondence written tot Charles Samuel Brown from Mrs. Willis Lawrence James (Theodora
Fisher James
6. Programs
8. Publications
Box 16
2. Fiddle- Faddle- Leroy Anderson
3. Moonlight and Elves for Violin and Piano- William E. Kritch
4. Sheet Music
7. Urstudien (Basic Studies) for Violin- Carl Flesch
8. Cesar Franck- Sonata for Violin and Piano
9. Beethoven- Sonata for Pianoforte and Violin
10. Dvorak- Sonatina for Violin and Piano
11. Impressions de Damas
12. Fritz Kreisler- Chanson Louis XIII & Pavane
13. Etude in F minor- D.C. Dounis
14. Two Hungarian Peasant Tunes for Violin and Piano- Antal Dorati
15. Etude in D sharp- D.C. Dounis
16. Chopin Etude- For Violin in tenths- D.C. Dounis
17. Chopin Etude- For Violin in thirds- D.C. Dounis
18. Urstudien for Violin0 Carl Flesch
19. Sheet music
21. Volkweins Modern Concert Series- Robert Pearson
22. Three Movements- Robert Jager
24. Sheet music book
26. Fritz Kreisler- Dvorak Slavonic Dance
27. Violin
28. Everybody’s favorite Album of Violin Pieces- Chas E. Wilkinson
29. Sonatas
30. The Mastery of Tone-Production and Expression on the Violin- Emanuel Ondricek
31. Short Masses for Small Choirs- Julius Benedict
32. The Risen King- P. Schnecker
33. Feast of Adonis- Adolf Jensen
34. Crucifixion- J. Stainer
35. Easter-Tide- Gaston Borch
37. Short Masses for Small Choirs- Julius Benedict
38. Oratorios Masses Cantatas- Hymn of Praise- Mendelssohn
39. Wieniawski- Polonaise Brillante
42. Chants D’auvergne- Joseph Canteloube
43. Cotton Club Parade- Duke Elington
44. Rosemarie: A Musical Play
45. Stansard Violin Concertoes the Whole World Plays
46. The Development of Flexibility in Violin Playing- D.C. Dounis
47. Polonaise Militaire in A- D.C. Dounis
48. Sheet Music
52. Cembalo
58. I Come to Thee- Gerge Graff Jr.
59. Sheet Music
61. Bandwagon
62. Cummington
66. Trois Chansons de Sheherazade- Sylvio Lazzari
67. Opening Week of Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts
68. Five Canzonets- Jean Berger
69. El Dorado- Sherodd Albritton
70. Operatic Anthology- Arias and Duets
71. Concerto No. 23
72. A Series of Quarters and Choruses for Male Voices
73. Basic Orchestration Workbook
Box 17
2. Life: Greece – The Two Wars of Destiny
3. Saturday Review- A New Mood for the New Met
4. Nylic News
6. Life- Dealing with the Deadly Crisis
7. Colliers
9. Sonaten
10. Sonaten
12. Ives-114 Songs
13. The International Library of Music for Violinists I (2)
14. The International Library of Music for Violinists II (3)
15. The International Library of Music for Violinists III
16. The International Library of Music
17. Mozart Sonatas for Piano and Violin
Box 18
2. Afro-American Music: A Demonstration Recording- Dr. Willis James (2)
Box 19
Box 20
6. Inkstand
Box 21
1. Status of Public Education for Negroes in Jefferson County, Alabama- E. Paul Jones
2. Afro-Asian People Solidarity Conference
3. The Ballad of the Brown King- Langton Hughes, Margaret Bonds
4. Presence Africaine- Special Issue on Angola
5. African Forum
7. Presence Africaine- Dec.1957
9. Presence Africaine-Fev. 1958
11. Presence Africaine-N0. 39
13. Atlanta University Summer School
14. Magazine
16. Piano Duet Book of Gospel Hymns- Thomas A. Dorsey
17. Negro Songs from Alabama- Harold Courlander
18. American Festival of Negro Arts Inaugural Publication- Edward Boatner
19. American Festival of Negro Arts Inaugural Publication- Edward Boatner
20. Sheet Music
1. I Will Be as the Morning Dew- Simon Peter
2. Crying, Weeping- Vivaldi
4. I Hear the Mill Wheel- Hawley Ades
5. Il Court, Le Furet- John Biggs
6. Now Once Again
8. Two Excerpts from Penitential Psalm No. V
9. Go ‘way from my window- John Jacob Niles
10. Yonder! Yonder!- Samuel Gaines
11. The Nightingale- Thomas Weelkes
12. Recordata- Palestrina
14. Sleeping Beauty- Newton
18. He is Born, the Beloved Child- Buttolph
19. When Christmas Morn is Dawning- Pfust
20. From Gay Vienna- Goode, Kahali
21. Chichester Harbour- Eveline Clarke
22. Hodie Christus Natus Est- Sister Ida
23. Psalm 13- Brahms
25. Christmas Prayer- Michel Michelet
26. Men’s Gospel in Song
27. Belgian National Song- F. Campenhout
28. By-By-Baby, Lullay!- Roger Nixon
29. Carol- Roger Hannay
30. Farewell, Cruel and Unkind- Luca MArenzio
31. Come, Thou Quickening Spirit- Matthew Lundquist
32. John Whitworth: Three Catches for Travellers for four equal voices
33. Alas, What A Wretched Life- Jessie MacLennan
34. When Johnny Comes Marching Home- Mitchell
35. Danish Christmas Round- Paul Christiansen
36. Echo-Song(4)
39. Exsultate Iusti In Domino- Juan Gutierrez de Padilla
40. Christo Paremus Canticum
42. What Matthay Meant- Ambrose Coviello
43. 15 Humorous Piano Pieces- Eric Steiner
44. For Four or More- L. Margueritte House
46. Christmas Day- Gustav Holst
47. Nowel- Anthony Strilko
49. What Child is This- Carl Fischer
50. Psalm 92- Franz Schubert
51. Sanctus and Hosanna- Mozart
52. Three Limericks in Canon Form- Arthur Frackenpohl
53. O Pray for the peace of Jerusalem- David Willcocks
54. Now is the Month of Maying- Morley
55. Bring a Torch, Jeanette, Isabella- arr Shaw Parker
56. How Are Thy Servants Blest- Ippolitoff Ivanoff
57. Let the World Rejoice- Alexander Koshetz
58. Five Choral Pictures- Samuel Adler
59. Lieto Godea- Giovanni Gabrieli
60. A Time for Singing- Lara Hoggard
61. Walton- New Christmas Music
62. Almighty God, Whose Hand Can Lead0 Clark
63. Source of Calm Repose- arr. Christiansen
64. Te Deum- Zoltan Kodaly
65. O quam Gloriosum- Robert Goodale
66. Christmas Dance of the Shepherds- Zoltan Kodaly
67. Love Offerings- Michael Head
68. Christ is Our Cornerstone- J. Chandler
69. Great Day- Warren Martin
70. Praise the Name of the Lord- P. Ivanoff
71. Six Children’s Choruses- Bela Bartok
72. Claire de Line- Debussy
73. Wake Thee, Now, Dearest
74. A Virgin Most Pure- John Gerrish
75. O Magum Mysterium- de Victoria- Williamson
76. Christ The Lord is Born Today- Sweelinck-Ramseyer
77. Song of Adelaide- Beethoven Gibb
78. Let Every Heart Be Merry- Noble Caine
79. Which is the Properest Day to Sing- Noble Cain
80. Three Provencal carols- Ramseyer, Garabedian
81. The Falcon- John Gerrish
82. Ah! May the Red Nose Live Always- Stephen C. Foster
83. Shepherds! Shake off Your Drowsy Sleep- arr. Wallingford Riegger
84. Kevin’s Glen- Leigh McBradd
85. Wendy- Martin Kalmanoff
89. In That Lovely Far-off City- Niles
90. The Christmas Child- Peloquin
91. Shephardess, Whence Come You- Daggett
92. He’s Goin Away- John Jacob Niles
93. Break forth, O Beauteous, Heav’nly light- Bach
94. Bethlehem Bells- Thomas Dunhill
95. Infant Joy- Blake
100. Joy! Joy! From Every Steeple- Heathcote statham
101. Fragments From the Mass- Emma Lou Diemer
102. Songs in Solitude- Norman Fulton
103. On this Christmas Morning- Franklin Kinsman
104. Carol of the Bells0 _Peter Wilkousky
105. Fog- Carl Sanburg
107. Ave Maria- Vittoria
109. Four Songs for Treble Voices- Johannes Brahms
110. 4 Sacred Songs for the Night- Houston Bright
111. Jacon’s Ladder- Kent A. Newbury
112. Rejoice, O Jerusalem, Behold Thy King Cometh- Willan
113. To Us A Child of Royal Birth- Thomas Armstrong
114. And With What Body Do They Come- Wilfrid MEllers
115. Ex Nihilo and Lauds- Wilfrid Mellers
116. Safe in their Alabaster Chambers- Wilfrid Mellers
117. Tis Anguish Grander than Delight- Wilfrid Mellers
118. The Trapp Family Signers- Dr. Franz Wasner
119. Brahms- Four Folk Songs
120. Catalonian Christmas Carols- Garabedian, Ramseyer
121. The Carol of the Angels- John Jacob Niles
122. That’s The Way for Billy and ME- Roff
123. From Behind a Mountain- Rudnytsky
124. The Blue Hills of Antrim- Dorothy Parke
125. O Lord of Heav’n- John Cramer
126. O Quam Tristis Et Afflicta- Walter Ehret
127. Pueri Hebraeorum
131. Preaise, O Preaise Our God and King- Arthur Frackenpohl
132. Love, Make Me More Holy- arr Robert Sumner
133. The Battle of Jericho- Brian Trant
134. Fanfare and Alleluia- Merrill Knighton
135. Holy, Holy, Holy!- Tchaikovsky
136. Anthems for Three part Treble Voices
137. For He Sendeth the Springs- Noble Cain
138. Sweet honey-sucking bees
140. Emitte Spiritum Tuum- Schuetsky
141. Angels and the Shepherds- Zoltan Kodaly
142. See the Radiant Sky Above- Cummings
143. Silver- Joseph Roff
145. Panis Angelicus- Cesar Franck
146. The Shepherd to his Love- Emma Lou Diemer
147. Nowel- Anthony Strilko
149. Alma Dei Creatoris- Mozart
150. Patapan- Frank Kinsman
153. Nowell Sing We Now
154. Psalm 114- Zoltan Kodaly
155. Who Has Delivered Us- Hovdesven
156. Three Christmas Carols- Alan Brown
157. Four Songs from Twelfth Night- David Glow
158. From East to West- J. Ellerton
159. Sing Holly O!- Chapman
160. Two Christmas Spirituals- Malcolm Sargent
161. The Nightingale- Tchaikovsky
164. For Music- Arthur Pritchard
165. Think On Me- Wm. R. Fischer
166. The Quiet Wood- Brahms
167. A Break of Day- Brahms
168. How Sleep the Brave- Francis Hutchinson
169. A-Roving- Norman Stone
170. Brahms-Gibb- Love Song
172. Come to the Fair- Boosey and Hawkes
173. The May Carol- John Jacob Niles
174. To the Transylvanians- Zoltan Kodaly
175. Psalm 121- Zoltan Kodaly
176. The Silver Swan- Gibbons
177. Love Triumphant- Van Denman Thompson
178. Heralds of Christ- George Warren
179. While the Earth Remaineth- William J. Skeat
180. Thine, O Lord, Is the Greatness- N. Lindsay Norden
181. We Praise Thee- V. Zhadanov
182. Hallelujah, Amen- Georg Friedrich Handel
183. Go Not Far from Me, O God- N.A. Zingarelli
184. Flame Color- Beethoven-Gibb
186. Confitemini Domini- Allessandro Constantini
187. Here Awa’ There Awa’- Anthony Hedges
188. New Year Carol- Geroge Lynn
189. Kyrie Elieson- Thorne
190. A Mighty Fortress is our God- Carl F. Mueller
191. God’s Time is the Best- J.S. Bach
192. Three Polish Songs- Frederic Chopin
193. 4 Sacred Songs for the Night- Houston Bright
194. Four Azure Epigrams- Fernandez SSA
195. Hear Us, O Hear Us, Lord- Cecil Cope
196. Pie Jesu- Gabriel Faure
197. Thy Lovely Saints- Houston Bright
198. Wolcum Yole- Carl Davis
199. Autumn Night- Ron Nelson
200. Rejoice in God, O Ye Righteous- Bach
201. Four Anthems for Young Choirs- Ron Nelson
202. To Us is Born A Little Child; I Saw Three Ships- Walter Ehret
203. Money- Logau, Longfellow, Gordon
204. The Virgin Mary had a Baby Boy- Walter Ehret
205. A Child of Beauty- Walter Ehret
206. Old May Song- Don Malin
207. Fa la nanna, bel bambino- Penna
208. R. Vaughan Williams- Benedicite
209. Firsts and Seconds- William Appleby and Frederick Fowler
210. Shine Lovely Christmas Star- Mary E. Caldwell
211. Glory to God in the Highest- Hammerschmidt
212. Austro Terris Influente- Donald Lybbert
213. Return of the Volunteers- H. Engelmann
214. The Secret of Caruso’s Glorious Voice- Henry T. Finck
215. Negro Young Peoples’ Christian and Educational Congress
216. Rounds and Canons- Wilson
Box 23
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1. Correspondence
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2. Publications- Magazines
2. AUC African-American Music Workshop 1973, 1974
3. Programs A
5. Elwyn Adams-1983
6. Programs B-C
7. Leon Bates-1996
9. Chamber Music Recitals- 1989
10. Freddy Cole Trio-1996
14. Programs F-G
19. Harris, Hilda, 1982
25. Retrospective I+II, Robert Donahue 1994-1995
26. Programs- S
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28. Programs 1989-1997
30. Spelman College Glee Club- 1984
31. Spelman College Glee Club 1981-1983
32. Spelman College Glee Club 1988-1989
33. Spelman College Glee Club 1990-1997
34. Ida Arlene Abbington- 1988
35. Marva Robinson Bean-1989
37. Annedra Bolton-Wilder-1980
38. Canangela Boyd-1994
46. Anita Faye Gilliard-1989
47. Gail Marie Goodwin-1983
48. Lenoa Annecca Great-1975
49. Altry Yvonne James-1983