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William Faulkner and Hollywood. Faulkner and MGM. April 1932 Faulkner signed a six week contract with MGM. Produced Today We Live (1933) Based on Faulkners short story Turn About Unproduced Night Bird Manservant The College Window Absolution Flying in the Mail War Birds. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


William Faulkner and Hollywood

William Faulkner and Hollywood

April 1932 Faulkner signed a six week contract with MGM.ProducedToday We Live (1933)Based on Faulkners short story Turn AboutUnproducedNight BirdManservantThe College WindowAbsolutionFlying in the MailWar Birds

Faulkner and MGM

Met Howard Hawks and became a contract writer.

Collaborated with Howard Hawks on the movie The Road to Glory (1936).

Later Faulkner worked on other movies for FoxSlave Ship (1937)Gunga Din (1939)

Faulkner and 20th century fox

After a slump in novel sales, Faulkner returned to Hollywood.They made him sign a seven year contract which they claimed was only a formality.Worked on a Hemingway adaptation titled To Have and To Have Not (1944).First movie to feature Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall together on screen.Began writing a screenplay adaptation of Raymond Chandlers detective novel The Big Sleep (1946).Would also feature Bogart and BacallFaulkner and Warner Brothers

Today We Live (1933)The Story of Temple Drake (1933)The Long Hot Summer (1958)The Sound and the Fury (1959)Sanctuary (1961)

Intruder in the Dust (1949)The Tarnished Angels (1957)The Reivers (1961)Tomorrow (1972)

Total Film Adaptations of Faulkner1st film adaptationBased on short story Turn AboutOnly film that he co-wroteRomanticized film version

Today We Live (1933)The Story of Temple Drake

The Long Hot Summer

Hollywood SensationalismThe Tarnished Angels Intruder in the DustTomorrowThe Reivers

Best Film Adaptations

1957: The Tarnished Angels1955: Land Of the Pharaohs1948: Adventures of Don Juan1947: Deep Valley1945 -1946: The Big Sleep1945 God is My co-Pilot, Mildred Pierce, The Southerner

1944: To Have and To Have Not1943: Northern Pursuit, Air Force, Background To Danger1939: Drums Along the Mohawk, Gunga Din

Screenplays on other works

Ernest Hemingway and William FaulknerOnly film in history to have two Nobel prize winning authors working on the same pictureHumphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall fell in love while on the set

To Have and Have Not (1944)

Sanctuary Published as a Modern Library Edition in March 1932Faulkner began work in May at Metro-Goldwyn Meyer on his own short story Turn About with Howard HawksParamount bought the rights for $6000.Broke every code except for three- flag desecration, human branding, and sex between the black and white racesHayes office called Sanctuary the vilest thing imaginable

Hayes Code And The Story of Temple DrakeMalcolm Cowley seemingly claims that Faulkner invented The legend of the SouthAllen Tate claims not legend mythIndirectly womans movie, the genre of Film Noir, Southern GothicThe way we view the South in literature and film

Miscellaneous things Faulkner is credited withBarton Fink is loosely based on William Faulkner life and characterIn the movie Raising Arizona, the escaped convicts are the Snopes BrothersIn O Brother Where Art Thou? Vernon T Waldrip is the name of a character referred to in The Wild PalmsReferenced in The Big LebvwskiFaulkner in FilmsHopefully coming soon.As I Lay Dying directed by James Franco

Faulkner Today