Will the England football team win the world cup in my lifetime?

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<p> 1. Will the England Football team win the world cup in my lifetime? 2. Topic The topic of this documentary is to investigate the reasons behind why the quality of English players are so poor and to work out if I and others believe they will ever see them win I will also aim to get an insight into how they are going to improve the quality of the players Lastly the FA have aimed to with a major tournament by 2022 and I will aim to find out how they plan to do this 3. Mode of Address I ain to make the documentary as informal as i can. When it comes to interviews the mode of address will change depending on who I'm talking to. If they are someone of extreme importance then I will make that section of the documentary formal. 4. Conventions Used Coaches who are involved in the England International set up. Someone who has a broad understanding of what I am talking and also who has great knowledge of the topic Also a journalist or someone involved in the media that has investigated into this topic before. 5. Target Audience The target audience for this documentary are males aged 17-19. They live in England and are from England. The target audience will be predominantly white British. Their hobbies and interests would be football as that is what the topic is about. My target audience will watch several sports channels and programs such as sky sports and soccer Saturday for example and they are very masculine programs presented by all males. In my opinion the documentary will appeal to my primary audience as it will be a masculine documentary presented by males. 6. Primary Research and findings For my primary research I spoke to someone who knew a lot about this topic and I gained a lot of knowledge from speaking to him. These are the answers he gave me. 1. Always a big expectations on new managers 2. Poor diet for English kids 3. 11 players each side to early 4. Coaching is an actual job not just ex footballers 5. Poor education of young English footballers 6. Poor tactics and formations 7. English players rarely go abroad 7. Secondary Research And Findings For my secondary research I looked at an article where Stuart Pearce the ex England Under 21s manager. As you can see he reckons that England will never win a World Cup unless drastic changes happen. Such as get more young players into the first team at English clubs rather then getting your players from abroad.</p>