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  • Wildlife Photography eBooks Capture Photos that will

    Make You Proud!

    February 16, 2016 / By Neeta

    If you are an aspiring wildlife photographer, I recommend you to read

    eBooks by Mario and Jenny Fazekas. The reason for this is that,

    they have thoroughly described what difficulties they came across,

    what mistakes they made, how their initial photos were bad and how

    they improved every time they tried, and most importantly they have

    written these how-to Wildlife Photography eBooks specific to

    different national parks, which I dont think anyone else does. Thus,

    you will get guidance to capture safari photos in The Kruger Park,

    the Kgalagadi, the Pilanesberg, Etosha, Madikwe Game Reserve

    and other parks and reserves as they get to them.

    The wildlife photography

    eBooks by these talented

    photographers are the essence

    of the knowledge and

    experience they have gained

    during the past 20 years, which

    include more than 800 days on

    160 African safaris. One of the

    greatest benefits you will get

    from these books is you wont

    have to go through the trial and

    error that these authors had to

    undergo and still you can catch

    the best photos.


  • Kruger-2-Kalahari Wildlife Photography article

    Whats the Benefit of eBooks Specific to Different National Parks?

    An amazing thing I found about the eBooks by Mario and Jenny Fazekas is they contain not

    only the information on photography, like your camera, lenses, aperture, light, angle and

    other such things related to photography, but also information on animals behavioural

    patterns. This is extremely important because it decides what type of photos you would get.

    It also decides which animals you can capture in your camera.

    Thus knowing about if an animal like a leopard or rhino or buffalo comes to the waterhole, at

    what time it usually comes, how long it is there and other such facts will make you know

    which would be the best angle, light direction and other photography-related things to get the

    best photo.

    Another benefit is you dont have to search every potential location in the park where

    animals would be seen. The legwork has already been done by these photographers and

    now you just have to reach the most productive locations to catch awesome photos.

    This will greatly save your time which you can devote to numerous other locations and



  • Kruger-2-Kalahari Wildlife Photography article

    With these eBooks you will know where you could photograph lions, which other place is

    best for photographing cheetahs, which is the best congregating site of elephants and so on.

    The best feature of these Wildlife Photography eBooks is they are perfect for both amateurs

    as well as professionals. The language is simple and uncomplicated, yet extremely

    instructive to make you understand even the slightest points.

    And of course, the photos are awesome! I couldnt resist the temptation of giving some of

    them here.


  • Kruger-2-Kalahari Wildlife Photography article

    So, if you are planning an African safari, mainly for catching the fantastic African wildlife,

    dont forget to go through these eBooks and you can catch photos that will make you proud!

    You can see more of their images on their website

    Kruger-2-Kalahari and you can also read more

    about their instructional wildlife photography