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September 2011 issue of Wildflower Magazine.


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    wildflower magazineAshley Noel Hennefer



    Ashley DodgeJessica Farkas Rachel Quinn

    ScarlettCaitlin Aly Thomas

    Kelley HodgesAnna Belle Monti

    Allison YoungRachel Casiano

    Jessica Ross

    Life and Food ColumnistGet Reel A Network TimeoutScarlett SpeaksFight Like a Girl

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    Susan BotichMelanie Copeland

    Sandy FinelliMichael Gines

    Stephanie GinesMargie KleinNicole MelvinJessica RossTim Stobierski

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    september 2011

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    16drink it in by meredith white

    self-made woman: Q&A with susan botich

    super mario paints degas by tim stobierski

    featured artistsstephanie and michael gines

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    desert rain by margie klein

    girl, isolated by jessica ross

    contrast: images by melanie copeland and nicole melvin

    general information

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    editor notes

    A special feature from Sandy Finelli, director of the Empowerment

    Center in Reno, Nevada

    I dont consider myself a summer person - the heat makes me irritable, the bright sun gives me headaches, and I like the business of the school year. So when the first grey sky appears and the subtle bite of cold greets me in the morning, I get excited. Fall is my favorite season by far, so I guess Im a little biased about this issue. I like transitions, natural and personal. The autumn is where I feel most at peace with my environment. I love spending time outside amongst the falling leaves and in the rain. I love making meals with rooted vegetables that make up such a colorful plate. I love a hot glass of tea and a good book. Its a very literary season, and many of my favorite stories and poems take place in the fall. Like every issue, a theme emerges completely unintentionally. I noticed the pieces in this issue address the idea of a per-sonal ecology. Through the diverse creative work youll read about women in various habitats. Featured artists Stephanie and Michael Gines photograph women, men and children in various settings, the models

    beauty highilighted against backgrops of the earth or manmade. Jessica Ross discusses the experience of a young woman who feels out her element with others who share a passion for the same hobby. Sandy Finelli celebrates National Recovery Month and helps people find themselves in the midst of hardship. And Susan Botich discusses where she finds inspi-ration for her stories and songwriting. I hope this issue encourages you to reflect on your ecologies. Where do you find peace? Of what are you afraid or intrigued? Where is your place in the uni-verse?

    Happy reading!

    Ashley Noel Hennefer, Editor

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    Every September, the Empowerment Center, along with numerous other safe and sober organizations, celebrates National Recovery Month. Recovery is an un-dertaking that is accomplished one day at a time and every year the Empowerment Center joins the community to ac-knowledge yet another benchmark on the path to long-term sobriety. National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month is hosted by the national Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration Center for Substance Abuse Treatment. The 2011 theme is Join the Voices for Recovery: Recovery Benefits Everyone. In collaboration with Join Together Northern Nevada (www.jttn.org) the Empowerment Center and numerous com-munity agencies seek to carry the message of recovery to men and women who are suffering from the devastation of addiction and alcoholism.

    The professional recovery network in Northern Nevada is launching a fundraising effort for a heroin media campaign. This campaign is spearheaded by Join Together Northern Nevada. Why heroin? Its cheap, its in our commu-nity, and its a problem. Our kids are using heroin at alarming rates. We want to help parents identify the signs and symp-toms of heroin use before a drug problem turns into a deadly problem. Click here to find out more. If you, or someone you know, would benefit from learning more about the rewards of recovery, please contact us at info@LaunchingPadNV.com or www.LaunchingPadNV.com . Finallythe Empowerment Center has spread its wings and is trying out Social Media! Be sure to Like us on Facebook and Follow Us On Twitter. Join Our Mailing List to keep up with The Buzz at the Empowerment Center.

    A special feature from Sandy Finelli, director of the Empowerment

    Center in Reno, Nevada

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    Husband and wife team,Stephanie and Michael Gines of BLINKit Productions capture

    wom,en in diverse surroundings

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    How long have you been in the business?Mike has been doing video production for fifteen years but its has been only a year for us together as BLINKit Photography. Mike bought me a camera for Mother's day when he saw that I enjoyed taking photos of our two daughters. At first we just wanted to find something that we both love doing, which led us to what is now BLINKit Photography.

    What are your educational back grounds?Mike has a bachelor of com-puter sciences and graphic designs. Stephanie started her schooling to become a reg-istered nurse, but the interest and passion of photography changed that.

    We are both self taught in photography and try to educate ourselves by going to workshops and seminars, learning from the best in the industry like Joe McNally and Zack Arias. They really made us better photographers. We have had to step out of our comfort zone in many situa-tions. And of course lots of practice.

    How is it working as a team,?It's great! Especially when our client is female, it makes them feel more comfortable having another female to take their photos. The funny thing is, when we shoot together, a lot of the other photographers and models laugh at us because we know when one another is ready to shoot and we always finish each others sentences when we pose someone. We also give a goofy and relaxed vibe to each other, not to mention we support each other on ideas and compositions. However, after twelve years of marriage there are times when spouse mode takes effect and we know each other pretty well how to handle those moments. I can just give Mike the look and he knows to tread carefully.

    Where do you get inspiration for your photoshoots?We look at a lot of magazines, like PDN, After capture, and high fashion magazines like Vouge, and Cosmopolit-ain. Also, trend changes like the Apple iPod; we try to just be inspired by others, but not mimic them. We believe it's important to be ourselves and create our own masterpiec-es. A lot is preparation and experimenting on what works for the shoot. We try to think out of the box.

    What has been your greatest accom,plishm,ent as photographers?

    Within the a year we were very blessed to be published in multiple publicastions like Glam Rock Magazine, Lowes, Costco, Kawasaki, and Hard Rock Hotel. We designed and photographed a couple of indie movie posters along with new designers clothing lines, like famous hat designer Sarah. Next month will will be doing a shoot for a cover for The Dark Beauty Magazine. We also created a group called The Inland Empire Photography Group (IEPG). We do shoot outs with other talented people in the photog-raphy industry such as photographers, make-up artist, hair stylist and models . What makes us different from the other

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    group is that we try to make our workshop a two to one ratio. Meaning one model to two photographers. The photographers will have the opportunity to pose, light and do their own unique shots than a regular pa-parazzi shoot out to were everyone has the same shot.

    You also do video production How is the film, process different than photography?The big difference is handling a crew and a array of equipment on set. Post production is longer and not to mention render time on color correct and effects added on the clips. With photography we try to do all the ef-fects and color correct in camera so at post process we do little Photoshopping.

    What are your upcom,ing projects?We hope to start our pre-production which is a movie entitled, "Whisper My Name," which Mike wrote and will possibly co-direct.

    Are your children involved in the photography process?Our girls love coming with us to our shoots and at home we experiment with lighting, composition and angles quite a bit with them. They are interested in modeling as well. Both of our girls, Katelynn and Layla, are very artistic. They have gotten multiple awards and have an interest in photography and video. Time to time they do take photos with our DSLR.

    Any fun facts about yourself?We like playing Wii dance with the girls. Stephanie always like to eat Jack in the Box tacos before a shoot. Mike loves