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Talk given at the meeting of UK Science Cafs, 2/3/2012


  • 1. Ca-Scienza Firenze Franco Bagnoli and Giovanna Pacini
  • 2. Science Caf
  • 3. Widening During the event (recording, streaming, distant parDcipaDon) Before (preparaDon) AGer (podcasts) Parallel (radio)
  • 4. Audio mixer/amplicaDon Two microphones, one wireless An audio mixer + amplier and speakers Possibly with digital output (usb) for easy recording and streaming (less noise)
  • 5. During the event: record & streaming
  • 6. Example: livestream.com www.livestream.com/caescienza
  • 7. Scicafe WebTv www. scicafe.eu/webTv
  • 8. Video Recording (and streaming) With a camera (higher quality, zooming & panning) With a webcam (while streaming) Best soluDon (not yet implemented): One or two motorized webcams (panning and zoom) SoGware video console (switching, picture-in-picture) Possibly capture also slides (send desktop to projector)
  • 9. Video mixer
  • 10. Audio streaming www.radiospin.poloprato.uni.it
  • 11. Remote experts (skype)
  • 12. A complex arrangement
  • 13. Audio arrangement Audio sources: Fixed mic (experts) Wireless mic (public) Pc (skype, movies) To audio mixer From mixer to amplier and pc (for recording/ streaming)
  • 14. Video arrangement Sources Webcam 1 (experts) Webcam 2 (public) Pc (skype, slides, movie) To video mixer (pc) From pc to projector From pc to recording, streaming
  • 15. Video podcasts
  • 16. Tv on demand
  • 17. Audio podcast & digest
  • 18. Before Website Flyers, posters (qrcode) Press Mailing lists Social nets Twi]er Facebook Google+
  • 19. Website
  • 20. Google analyDcs
  • 21. Mailing list (google group) Not easy subscribing
  • 22. Twi]er twi]er.com/caescienza
  • 23. Facebook page facebook.com/caescienza
  • 24. Google+
  • 25. Posters and yers Caff-Scienza Firenze Caff-Scienza Firenze per chiacchierare, discutere, incontrarsi, capire per chiacchierare, discutere, incontrarsi, capire Programma 2011/2012 www.caffescienza.it Programma 2011/2012 www.caffescienza.it I caff-scienza (tranne uno) si tengono alle ore 21:00, allSMS di Rifredi Le cafferenze si tengono alle ore 21:00, alla Biblioteca delle Oblate 20 ottobre 2011 (Cafferenza) 2 febbraio 2012 (Cafferenza) Marya Salomee Sklodowska Curie: lostinata Verso linnito ed oltre: le missioni spaziali dopo la abnegazione di un genio. rottamazione dello shuttle. Il 21 luglio 2011 la navetta spaziale Atlantis atterrata per lultima Il 10 dicembre 1911 Re Gustavo V di Svezia conferiva il Premio No- volta al Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Dopo 30 anni di missioni