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SM Aura is more than just another retail landmark in Bonifacio Global City. This world-class shopping center is built not only with modern visual highlight but also with energy efficiency, combining beauty and elegance with eco-friendly functionality in its architecture. There are more than a few reasons why employees would want to work here in this part of BGC.


  • 1. SM Aura Office Tower

2. Rufino Pacific Tower serviced office 3. Thomas Cragg Vice President-Sales thomas.cragg@kmcsolutions.us Thank You! (+63 2) 403-5519 info@kmcmaggroup.com kmcmaggroup.com Denise Quintos Account Manager denise@kmcsolutions.us For more information, go to: http://kmcsolutions.us/blog/201 4/7/17/why-your-employees- would-want-to-work-at-sm-aura


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