why your business needs to make an org chart

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  1. 1. Making an org chart: Is it really worth it?
  2. 2. What is an org chart? Its a diagram that shows the internal structure of an organization or company. Each employee is represented by a box, and lines connect levels together. Entries may include images, contact info, job titles, and more. Employees may be grouped by department, team, unit, project, or location.
  3. 3. Org chart layout example
  4. 4. Do I need an org chart? If you have ever run into these problems, you may benefit from making an org chart: Confusion about whos responsible for what Difficulty helping new hires understand their roles Ambiguity when planning or communicating changes in the organizational structure
  5. 5. Benefits of using an org chart Better communicationroles and contact information are readily available Productive restructuringyou can easily adjust your structure to align it with your business objectives Accountabilitymake sure everyone knows their responsibilities
  6. 6. How to make your org chart Use online org chart software to make a professional org chart, then share the document with your team. You can even auto-generate an org chart from the information stored in a CSV file.