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2. http://www.artandcopyfilm.com/ 3. How many of you have shared/spoken about this since last Thursday? 4. Why? Unique/ Interestingframe of referencePart of a cliqueMakes you look good ;) 5. Isnt this why we share ideas as well? 6. MAD 7. KOLAVERI DI 8. HAR FRIEND 9. Are videos any different? 10. Kevin Alloca , Trend Manager, YouTube 11. In a world where over two days ofvideo get uploaded every minute, onlythat which is truly unique and unexpected can stand out in the way that [viral videos] have. 12. 1. Tastemakers 13. 2. Communities of participation 14. 3. Unexpectedness 15. Is it possible therefore, to engineer a viral video? 16. 1. Can the brand proposition be presented in an unexpected way? 17. 2. Is the presentation unique, fresh & exciting? 18. 3. Will it appeal to the Tastemakers? 19. 4. Am I encouraging/ incentivizing participation? 20. 5. Can it inspire copies? 21. Thank you