why teacher centered learning instead of child- centered learning

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  • 1. The teacher seemed to be the center o f the class rather than the students.

2. 35 second graders in Camilo Lamadrid Fabra School. 20 female and 15 male, ages between 7 to 10. 3. To apply learner-centered approach. To promote an active and meaningful learning. To provide a better Language Learning environment. To foster students active learning by using new and attractive material. 4. Is one approach where activities in the class is centered on the teacher. Teacher-centered lessons are generally associated with traditional approaches to language learning. 5. The focus in a learner-centered approach is on individual learners' heredity, experiences, perspectives, backgrounds, talents, interests, capacities, and needs. -Blumberg, P. (2008) 6. Is an umbrella term that refers to several models of instruction that focus the responsibility of learning, on learners. -Bonwell and Eison (1991) 7. RESULTS 8. Children are more active and self- sufficient. They express freely, think and give to know what they would like to do/work in classes. learning is more hands- on, and experimental process.


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