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<ol><li> 1. Why Kids Love Birthday Parties?A birthday is a celebration of ones being in this world and our friends and parents try and make us feel special on this day. We celebrate birthdays by organising parties for all our friends and receiving treats and gifts from them. Some birthdays are more important than others. For e.g. your 18th birthday marks a special milestone for achieving adulthood and is celebrated to a much higher degree than other birthdays. It is also a special day for friends and guests (if there is a party) as they can unwind and take it easy for that day.The tradition started in the mid-nineteenth century but didnt become popular until the mid-twentieth century.Small children simply love birthdays as birthday party for them entails prizes, games and a whole afternoon of fun.It gives them the chance to dress up well, go on dates and be with their friends. Many parents also throw lavish birthday parties at the go karting or bowling alleys where everyone gets a chance to go for go karting or play video games. It also means a day when you get to eat cake and great food which you dont get on normal days. Kids also get complete freedom from home to go and enjoy with their friends on this special day. They get to interact with their school peers in an informal way.Well you must hire an birthday party organisers for arranging a wonderful birthday party.The best part about birthday parties are the games that kids get to play all the while during the party.Then at the end of the party they also get return gifts which contains a hamper of goodies. Many birthday parties also have themes which all guests have to abide by.Birthday parties are the best for the birthday boy who gets in numerous gifts and love from his peers and grown-ups. Although some kids prefer not to celebrate their birthday most of them relish the idea of celebrating with their friends on this special day. Some birthday parties host horse-riding, pin the donkey and musical chairs as popular games. Such games are popular amongst kids of all ages. It helps them get off their mundane routine or everyday lifestyle and have fun for a change. Some birthday party planners host magicians as special acts or clowns which are specially brought in to provide the kids a treat. All these factors are reason enough for kids to be excited to going to a birthday party. </li><li> 2. Another exciting feature of birthday parties is the gift-opening ritual wherein the person whose birthday is celebrated opens each of the gifts bought. Children and even adults sometime wear party hats (colourful cone shaped hats) at a birthday party. </li></ol>