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I ended up loving the Belizean lifestyle – carefree and not too serious. I saved a lot of money working so when I transferred to Belize, I was quite comfortable. Living in this Central American paradise is not so expensive.


  • Heres a personal essay on thereason why I would invest ina prime Belize real estateproperty. Maybe my personaland opinionated article is ableto guide you at the very leastin investing in a Belize real

    estate property. I have been living in Belize for just three yearsand I am loving it as I have chosen to get a piece of Belize realestate property after I retired from a career in finance.

    So, why did I decide to go live in Belize? Well, the fact is Iwanted to live away (and I mean far away) from city life as Ipossibly can and with a good Belize real estate property, it waspossible to do so. I visited Belize as a cruise ship tourist 10 yearsago and it was the time that I fell in love with the country. Iliked its extremely white and quaint beaches with its soft sand.The blue waters and that relaxing sound it makes as the wavescome crashing one after the other mesmerized me. I am a divingfanatic so I went diving and the coral reefs were just spectacular.Every other year I would come back to the Caribbean andspecifically to Belize. I would do something different everytimeI was there as a tourist. I would go to the Mayan ruins or go toone of those bird sanctuaries and just observe the birds. I camefrom a populated city in Europe and it certainly was differentwhen I was in this tropicalisland.

  • So from being a tourist, I was convinced that I want a lifestylechange and that this particular lifestyle has something to do withliving near the beach or on a tropical island. This is when I gotinterested in looking at prime Belize real estate properties. Iwas imagining a house near the beach at the center of amagnificent Belize real estate property. So, I secured myself atemporary visitor's permit, which allowed me to try out living inBelize for one year. Getting the permit was fast and hassle-free.

    I ended up loving the Belizean lifestyle carefree and not tooserious. I saved a lot of money working so when I transferred toBelize, I was quite comfortable. Living in this Central Americanparadise is not so expensive.

    Of course, there are many adjustments to be made. I came froma first world country and Belize has this slight third world charmthat is easy to get used to. The weather is always nice herethough, and this is a big factor that convinced me to move in.Back home, the winters are chilly and my joints and bones achedwith the bitter cold. Today, living in this Belize real estateproperty by the beach keeps me warm and definitely contented.