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  • Why Buy Bluetooth Earpiece?

    Are you looking to spend your weekend break listening to live music? In New York, you'll findseveral concert venues where you could watch and listen to your favorite musical acts perform live.

    All these features make this wireless device an excellent product in its category. The most importantthing about any smart phone earpiece is its sound and voice quality and this bluetooth device scorestop point in both these sections. The functional buttons are very well adjusted on the bluetooth andthis also makes it very fashionable in looks and easy to use. Another advantage of this bluetoothstereo headset is that it offers distortion less communication.

    My-spycam offers a range of outstanding spy sunglasses. The spy camera is hidden in the middle ofthe nose bridge. Both audio as well as video are recorded and stored onto the SD card and arelightweight and the lenses are polarized and can be flipped up. They as well have an integrated MP3player with built in headphones. These sunglasses have the camera in the center and have 2 GBinternal which is expandable up to 8 GB. You do not have to carry around a huge battery pack andcan simply begin recording by pressing the switch on the left arm of the sunglasses. The videoresolution of this 1.3 megapixels pinhole camera is 640 x 480.

    We live in a day and age where music is everything. People even identify themselves with the type ofmusic they listen to. For example, there are the hip-hoppers, rockers, punk; country cowboys andmany others that can fill the list. I remember when I used to consider myself a hip hopper, I listenedto hip-hop music, dressed in clothes designed by rappers, and I bumped my music as loud as I couldin my car. But, one day I had an epiphany. I was coming to the realization that I could go deaf if Ikept listening to my music as loud as I was. I remember having to ask people several times whatthey said to me, and this became very scary. Since then I have given my ears a break and realizedthat I need to take care of them.

    Here is what they are not telling you: Bluetooth headsets operate a frequency of 2.4-2.5 GHz. Yourmicrowave oven operates at a similar frequency. The headset puts out 2.5 mill watts of power, at adistance closer to your brain than the cell phone! what's an earpiece are inserted into the ear canal


  • making them closer! The 2.5 mill watts of power is 2.5 times higher than the energy form the cellphone at normal conditions. How anyone can recommend going from a cell phone to a Bluetoothheadset is beyond my understanding...unless of course you sell Bluetooth headsets.

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    This ear peaces should work with all compatible Bluetooth headsets. It is possible that not allheadsets will work so make sure you read up reviews about your Bluetooth headset before you jumpinto doing this.