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Small presentation for speaker training on app usage.


  • 1. Whos using my apps?2/03/20121

2. Who am I ?BartLannoeye Capgemini2/03/20122 3. Quick AgendaWhos using my apps? Why do I want to know? How do I find out? Even some code !2/03/20123 4. Why do I want to know? Use knowledge to Deliver content for your public Focus your advertising Check ROI Because we like numbers !!2/03/2012 4 5. How do I find out?Microsoft App HubPro Con2/03/2012Out of the boxDelay of 1 week5 6. How do I find out?DistimoPro Con2/03/2012Rich data Delay of 3-4 days6 7. How do I find out?FlurryProCon2/03/2012Fast(er) results Seems to be off 7 8. How do I find out?MtiksProCon2/03/2012Nearly real time ? 8 9. How do I find out?Google AnalyticsPro Con2/03/2012Everything you want Lots of code 9 10. How do I find out? Show me !2/03/201210 11. ConclusionWhos using my apps? Statistics are available With delay out of the box Real time with some (easy) code Use the knowledge !2/03/2012 11 12. Q&A2/03/2012 12