who will help me this year????

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Who Will Help Me This Year???? . Colleen Egger (A-E) Tanya Ummel (F-K) Julie Petterson ( L-Re) Pam Salvatore & Maggie Mosholder ( Rf -Z ) Jamie Eager and Aleesha Grigg (interns) Erika Spellman (School to Work). TODAY’S TOPICS. Graduation Requirements Options after High School - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Who Will Help Me This Year????

Who Will Help Me This Year???? Colleen Egger (A-E)Tanya Ummel (F-K)Julie Petterson (L-Re)Pam Salvatore & Maggie Mosholder (Rf-Z)Jamie Eager and Aleesha Grigg (interns)Erika Spellman (School to Work)

1TODAYS TOPICSGraduation RequirementsOptions after High SchoolYour TimelineSenior InterviewBecoming a rock star!


Subject Credits College

Fine Art 1.01.0English4.04.0Personal Finance .5Health .5Physical Education1.5Math2.0*3.0 (at least)Career-Technical (CTE)1.5Science2.02.0 - 3.0**Social Studies3.53.0Electives5.5Foreign Language2.0HSPE /Culminating Project/HSPPTotal Credits22

*Depending on the outcome of your HSPE results**Some colleges are picky about algebra-based science***Make sure to check with your counselor concerning your waiver status


4WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN???All those options

All those words

All the pressure

I CANT TAKE IT!!!56It PAY$ to have an EDUCATION! Did you know? According to U.S. Census Bureau, people with a Bachelors Degree earn over 70% more than those with a high school diploma.

Over a lifetime, the earning potential gap, between a high school diploma and a B.A. (or higher) is more than $1 million.

BASICALLYsacrifices you make for a college education are more than repaid in the long term.7It PAY$ to LEARNMedian Earnings 2009

Professional Degree$82,421/yr.Doctorate$75,182/yr.Masters Degree$56,589/yr.Bachelors Degree$46,969yr.Associate Degree$36,399/yr.Some college, no degree$34,340/yr.High School Graduate$29,187/yr.Less than High School$22,350/yr.

89TRADE & TECH SCHOOLSFocus on specific skill set Hands-on learningOffers degrees based on skill set Private or PublicUsually smaller student bodyOffers internships State of the art10APPRENTICESHIPSLearn a specific trade or craftAttend school while workingHands-on learning2-5 year programs, w/mentorsUsually connected to a community collegeLimited spacesLearn, Work, Get Paid, Receive Health Care Benefits11Apprenticeships & Pay Carpenters.. $20 - $40/hr.Electricians.. $19 - $55/hr.Painter.. $12 - $40/hr.Shipbuilding.. $19 - $42/hr.Sheet Metal.. $23 - $47/hr.Drywall.. $ 9 - $40/hr.Truck Drivers.. $10 - $47/hr.Divers.. $33 - $81/hr.*See Mrs. Spellman in the Career Center for more info.1212COMMUNITY COLLEGEUsually state funded & supportedOffer programs with transferable degree options Offers certification programsOffers community enrichment & GEDOften have satellite programs from universities for specific degreesClose to home & cost lessOffer smaller class size and more one-on-one help13MILITARY SERVICE OPTIONSArmy


Air Force

Coast Guard

Marine Corps

1414APPLYING TO COMMUNITY OR TECHNICAL COLLEGESMust have diploma or GED to qualify for financial aid.

Offer many degrees designed to help you get a job.

Additional RequirementsIts best to apply in January and register in late Spring of your Senior year to get the best course selection.

Most require a placement test to decide English and Math placement for courses.

You may have taken tech prep classes that have already earned you college credit.

15DIRECT TRANSFER AGREEMENTAllows students who complete their AA, AS or AAS degree to transfer to most bachelors degree programs in the state of Washington.

Accepted by:

**Central Washington University **Washington State University**Seattle University **Pacific Lutheran University**Cornish College of the Arts **Whitworth College**The Evergreen State College **Seattle Pacific University**Eastern Washington University **Saint Martins University**Gonzaga University

16164 YEAR UNIVERSITIES & COLLEGESAccredited by national organizationBachelors & Graduate DegreesResearch vs. Liberal ArtsPublic or PrivateOffer general degreesPrivate UniversitiesNo government fundingOften affiliated with a religionOffers more financial aidPublic UniversitiesOften called StateFunded by governmentIncludes CC and universities


Size of SchoolLocation (In State/Out of State)Campus Life (college experience!)Academic ProgramsGraduation RateAffordabilityAthletics

18College Application ProcessGetting Started:Most applications are onlineCommon Application is available at www.commonapp.org Start on your personal statement and essays now!!!!Begin asking for recommendationsKNOW your deadlines!

19In addition

SAT/ACT (SAT II for some schools)

Visit with College reps in the career center

Find good college websites that help you determine good fit

Go to collegeboard.com and click on school search to learn what is required for each school.

20What are they looking for?Rigor of courseworkDid you go beyond core minimums? Have you challenged yourself?AP/ Honors/ Running Start?

Grade Point Average

ActivitiesWhat have you done?Are you passionate about something?

Test scores

Essay or Personal StatementWhat can you contribute to their campus?Have you overcome a challenge or obstacle?

Grade Trends

2121TIPS for GOOD COLLEGE APPLICATIONSLetters of Recommendation & Counselor SectionsAsk early at least 3 weeks in advance for recommendationsYou MUST provide a RESUME & complete a Request for Counselor Recommendation form.Be organized and thoroughGive Counselors all letters and forms at one time in a folder with your resume.Be specifictell Counselors due dates YOU are responsible to pick up your letter and mail it!Only ask for a letter of recommendation if the college you are applying to require one. Letters are not needed for WA State Public Colleges!

When writing your college essays:Answer the promptBe your best selfEDIT EDIT EDITHave at least one adult proofread your essay!22 Examples of average admitted GPA for Washington Public SchoolsSCHOOLGPASATACTCWU3.1100021EASTERN2.89-3.561436*21EVERGREEN3.14112724UW SEATTLE3.65-3.931140-138026-31WSU3.19-3.71110024WESTERN3.35-3.801560-1840*25*Critical Reading, Writing, and Math23Western Undergraduate Exchange15 Member StatesStudent pays 150% of in-state tuition for many degree programsOver 11,500 students participating in 100 institutionsMontana, Idaho, Hawaii, Arizona, WashingtonCheck the website: www.wiche.edu/sep/wue

24COLLEGE TUITION FOR FREE?You can attend WSU , UW, Central or WWU for FREE (tuition free)!

To see if you meet income limits, go to:http://www.hecb.wa.gov/node/328

Example: A family of 4 making $53,000/ year or less would qualify. BUTyou must apply in in time AND complete your FAFSA by Feb. 15th (WSU) or Feb. 28th (UW) 2525

Washington public college information available on our MTHS Counseling webpage

272011-12 PIN and PIN Web site

2828SAT and ACT School Code: 480343SAT Registration: www.collegeboard.comNovember 5 - (deadline October 7)December 3 (deadline November 8)January 28 (deadline December 30)ACT Registration: www.act.orgDecember 10 - (deadline November 4)February 11 (deadline January 13)Both the ACT and SAT are acceptable college admissions testsACT: four subject tests, writing is optional, no penalty points for wrong answers. Choose which sit date to report to colleges.SAT: three tests (reading, writing, math). Writing is NOT optional, penalty for wrong answers, currently must submit whole test history to college29KEY DATES!!November 9th 2pm- 5pm - Writing the College Essay

December 1st - January 31stth - Priority Deadlines

January 1, 2011 FAFSA - http://www.fafsa.ed.gov (Free Application Federal Student Aid)

January 11th - Financial Aid Night (6PM in MTHS Theatre)

Feb 15th - Have FAFSA completed by this time! Complete by Feb 1st if you are in the College Bound Program!!May 1st - Deadline for choosing your college

***For dates of upcoming College Visits, check with Erika Spellman in the Career Center 30Senior Interview (REQUIRED)

Purpose: What are you post high school plans?

What is your grad status? Are you on track to graduate?

We will answer questions & make sure you are on the right track!

Make your appointment with your counselor soon in the counseling office.31WHAT DO YOU KNOW?What are the two tests you can take for college admissions?What are some things to consider when choosing a college?What is the important form you must fill out for financial aid?How long should you give teachers to write your letter of recommendations?What appointment should you be making right now with your counselor?

3232Additional Resourceswww.checkoutacollege.comwww.collegeboard.comwww.thewashboard.orgwww.fafsa4caster.ed.govVisit the Career Centers Website and Facebook page!