Who is my tutor and how can he/she help me?

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<ol><li> 1. Who is my tutor and how can he/she help me? </li><li> 2. As a student at the University of Deusto, you will be assigned a reference person, who will be your tutor. Your tutor will advise and guide you throughout your learning process; he/she will also assist you in your personal and professional development during your university experience. </li><li> 3. Your tutor is the person who will guide and advise you in your first weeks at university. He/she can answer your questions and give you information about the induction sessions that will be held at the beginning of the academic year, welcome group sessions, etc. </li><li> 4. Your tutor will help you get to know and make the most of the wide range of services available at the university (grants, mobility, library, etc.) </li><li> 5. Your tutor will advise you on the various initiatives or activities available at the University Guidance Service (SOU). Workshops on how to speak in public, study techniques, teamwork, etc. Online resources on how to improve your performance, healthy life habits, etc. </li><li> 6. Your tutor is the person who will help you make academic decisions regarding career paths, electives, internships, etc. He/she will also help you to find the right career choices for your future. </li><li> 7. Your tutor is the contact person with whom you can share any difficulties that may affect your life as a student. He/she is your link with your Deans office or the teaching staff at your Faculty, when it comes to solving important problems. </li><li> 8. Your tutor is, therefore, the person you can go to when you have any problems or you just need to share your concerns on any aspects related to your development as a student and your future career. You can meet with your tutor during the group tutoring sessions that are held throughout the year and you will also have the opportunity to request a one-to-one session when you wish so. </li><li> 9. Your Faculty will tell you about your tutor at the start of the academic year. If you do not know who your tutor is yet ask at your Deans office write to us: sou@deusto.es or visit the section Who is my tutor? on our website. </li></ol>


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