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Who are they?. Write at least one statement about each picture. Picture 1. # 2. # 3. #4. # 5. # 6. # 7. Who am I. Try again. D.I.J. Suspending judgment. Description what I see, the facts only Interpretation what I think about what I see - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Who are they?Write at least one statement about each picture.

  • Picture 1

  • # 2

  • # 3

  • #4

  • # 5

  • # 6

  • # 7

  • Who am I

  • Try again

  • Suspending judgmentDescription what I see, the facts onlyInterpretation what I think about what I seeEvaluation or judgment what I feel about what I think

  • D.I.J. SkillDescription : perceptual cues and informationInterpretation : forming hypothesis or conjecture about what the perception meansEvaluation: emotional judgment about the information

  • Case studyAn Iranian mother and father admitted their thirteen-month-old child, Ali, to the pediatrics unit. After three days of rigorous testing and examination, it was discovered that Ali had a type of childhood cancer. Fortunately, the survival rate is 70 to 80 percent with proper treatment.

    Before meeting with the female oncologist to discuss Ali's treatment, Mr. and Mrs. Mohar were concerned and frightened, yet cooperative. Afterward, however, they became completely uncooperative. They refused permission for even the most routine procedures. Mr. Mohar would not even talk with the physician or the nurses. Instead, he called other specialists to discuss Ali's case.

    After several frustrating days, the oncologist decided to turn the case over to a colleague. He met with the Mohars and found them extremely cooperative. What caused their sudden reversal in behavior?

    Several weeks later, it became necessary to insert a permanent line into Ali to administer his medication. The nurse attempted to show Mrs. Mohar how to care for the intravenous line, but Mr. Mohar stopped her. "It is my responsibility only. You should never expect my wife to care for it." Throughout each encounter with the hospital staff, Mrs. Mohar remained silent. She deferred to her husband.

  • DiscussionWhat are the cultural considerations in this setting?What stereotypes regarding the specific culture might affect how health care workers deal with this family?How can the health care system meet the needs of the family with cultural sensitivity?

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