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Base Customer Highlights 2getbase.com Chose Base over Salesforce and SugarCRM Standardized sales process across teams and markets Empowered field reps with mobile, offline CRM access Eliminated spreadsheets with intuitive Base platform Imported and organized data in Base in just one week Improved document management and utilization Analyzed more than 15 million data points with Base Improved lead source tracking and scoring Developed lead distribution strategy Increased CRM adoption across teams and territories Established a consistent, organized sales process Discovered key coaching opportunitiesBlue Raven SolarCamp Construction ServicesExpensifyGrouponBase came in and tackled a very tough customization and implementation and the results are stunning. Even better, our sales and operations people in the field actually like using it! Base is our flashlight. I dont know how we would have made it this far without the tools that Base built. Tyson Peschke, Co-founder & VP of Strategy at Blue Raven SolarThe implementation was so quick; it only took one week to import and organize everything from our previous database. We couldnt believe how easy it was. We now have more control over our business. Cody Scott, IT Director at Camp Construction ServicesThe insights were getting from Base are golden not just to me and my team, but also to executives across the organization and our board members. Jason Mills, Head of Sales at ExpensifyWith Base, managers get a ton of insight into how healthy a reps pipeline is so they can see where theyre having issues, where things are being held up in their funnel, and take that information and coach to it. Phil Quackenboss, Regional Sales Director at GrouponBase Customer Highlights 3getbase.com Captured more than 41 million data points with Base Refined sales process to generate high value lead referrals Identified key areas for coaching Enhanced field productivity with mobile tools and reporting Improved lead tracking, management and organization Developed more targeted and timely outreach Seamlessly onboarded 300+ team members to Base Increased rep adoption and overall sales data capture Improved rep productivity by minimizing admin tasks Achieved $640,000 monthly ROI with Base Saved time and money by eliminating sales point solutions Enhanced pipeline visibility across the sales teamGuerrero HoweNight Lion SecuritySartoriusSTAjetsThe insights weve gained with Base allow us to help reps focus their time and efforts toward the most effective channels, as well as pinpoint opportunities to coach reps in areas where they might need additional training and resources. Kyle Evangelista, VP Sales at Guerrero HoweI spent a lot of time searching for the right solution for my business, and Base was the obvious choice because of its unmatched flexibility and ease of use. Vinny Troia, CEO at Night Lion SecurityWhen a rep joins Sartorius, they jump right into a territory and have all the contacts, leads and deals from their predecessors - all the information is in one place, where before they had nothing and had to start from scratch. Mark Coleman, CRM Project Manager at SartoriusBefore Base, we were losing 15-20% of our leads. They were falling through the cracks because we either didnt know about them or we just didnt follow up in time. Money was flying out the door. Zach Rutledge, Director of Charter Sales at STAjetsBase Customer Highlights 4getbase.com Achieved 100% rep adoption of Base Increased sales data capture Enhanced management visibility and reporting capabilities 50% decrease in lead response time Saw improvement in conversion rates in just two weeks Integrated Base with accounting and quoting systemsTTI WirelessThe Window OutfittersWe have anywhere from 50-70 calls done per day by six people. With Salesforce your reps are spending five minutes or more clicking through tabs. Its not ideal. But now, call after call, deal after deal, I know that the time saved with Base adds up. Dave Dixon, Sales Manager at TTI WirelessThe biggest thing I love about Base is that I dont need to ask my reps to update the database at the end of a long day. They dont need to change their workflows Base has become a natural part of their workflow. Shelby Stanley, COO at The Window Outfitters