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Features of White Label TeeSpring 100% white label business set up Brand-able custom stores Create as many niche stores as you wish Create branded custom stores for your clients Add custom pages and naviagtion .......................................................... Dowload Now: http://whitelabelteespring.com/go/whitelabelteespring/


<p>White Label TeeSpring</p> <p>White Label TeeSpring</p> <p>Grab Discount Now! Limited time offer!White Label TeeSpring Specifications Creator: Terry Johnson Product:White Label TeeSpring Niche: Software Affiliate Makerting</p> <p> Launch Day : 2014 06 03</p> <p> Launch Time :11:00 AM EDT</p> <p> Price : 47$ $97 Special Discount</p> <p> Website :http://whitelabelteeprint.com/ Bonus Package:YES-Bonus Package 1&amp;Bonus Package 2What isWhite Label TeeSpringWithWhite Label TeeSpring,You now have a unique, unparalleled opportunity to build a real, solid and proven white label business within the custom print</p> <p>industryturning over billions of Dollars, Pounds and Euros every year.</p> <p>Our system taps right into and will leverage the 6 year old, custom print industrys leading platform which incorporates stores, online designer, quote systems, customer management, product management, marketing management and so much more!</p> <p>Once on the inside you are in theREALworld of custom printing, not just an another affiliate.</p> <p> A business which requires zero investment!</p> <p> A proven business model (our platform actually launched over 6 years ago)</p> <p> A business which is scalable, easy to understand and profitable</p> <p> A business deliveringproducts people use andBUYevery day</p> <p>And its your white label business delivering proven in demand, tangible real products.</p> <p>Features ofWhite Label TeeSpring</p> <p> 100% white label business set up Brand-able custom stores</p> <p> Create as many niche stores as you wish</p> <p> Create branded custom stores for your clients</p> <p> Add custom pages and naviagtion</p> <p> Set store to focus on customers creating their own designs, designs you have created or both</p> <p> Sell single garments to consumers or contract large B2B print runs</p> <p> Back office to monitor sales and earnings</p> <p> Direct access to customer records</p> <p> Create custom pages</p> <p> Map your own domain</p> <p> Over 150 types of blank products to print on</p> <p> Multiple sizes from youth to adult for both male and female</p> <p> Front end designer for clients to create their designs</p> <p> Back end designer for you to create custom designs</p> <p> Over 20 store template designs with multiple color options</p> <p> Option to create totally unique store design via custom CSS</p> <p> Interact and communicate with customer via inbuilt custom newsletter</p> <p> Market your white label store with the iframe and flash widgets or push to 3rd party RSS feeds</p> <p> No minimum print run, customers can order just one</p> <p> Full color printing</p> <p> Over 4,000 stock images to help you and your customers create custom designs</p> <p> Direct To Garment (DTG), Screen, Sublimation &amp; Embroidery Printing Options</p> <p> Printing &amp; Fulfilment done for you</p> <p> &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;Click here to grab your copyWith White Label TeeSpring YouNEVERhave to invest in: Printing machinery Printing supplies</p> <p> Stock such as shirts and accessories</p> <p> Premises</p> <p> Website hosting</p> <p> Website design</p> <p> Packaging</p> <p>Your white label website comes with 3 powerful marketing tools:</p> <p> Flash Widget</p> <p>The flash widget application allows you to create a custom HTML widget that can be used on your website or any other website that allows you to display custom HTML</p> <p> iFrame Widget</p> <p>The iframe widget is very similar to the flash widget application. You can decide how many and which products you want to list on the iframe and then paste the custom HTML code on your website or another</p> <p> Rss Setup</p> <p>The RSS setup allows you to push your new products and designs into a third party RSS feed. RSS feeds are used to show new posts and updates to the website and are automatically generated.</p> <p>In conclusion,White Label TeeSpringis your best choice. The last good news that will make your excited about this product are so successfully satisfied the customers thatTerry Johnsonis confident to offerWhite Label TeeSpringwith 100% money back guarantee no question asked.It means that you have no risk give it a try, right? So what are you waiting for? Put your hands on it and see how it works yourself without a risk for your pocket now!</p> <p>IF MY SHORTENED LINK DOES NOT WORK,JUST USETHIS LINKINSTEAD.BOTH ARE MINE!HOW TO CLAIM YOUR BONUS?It is very simple to claim your bonus when you buyWhite Label TeeSpringvia my link as followed:</p> <p>1. Click onthis linkand complete your order</p> <p>2. Contact me viathis linkto claim yourbonuses packageor email me at: mathbookzone(at)gmail (dot)com</p> <p>3. Wait for less than 8 hours to get your bonus, no questions asked.</p>