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    SaaS software to create Investment marketplaces Crowdfunding Club deals Dealflow management Portfolio management Private funding


    Content Summary Table of Content

    Particeep- CONFIDENTIAL

    Who we are p.3

    Customers p.5

    Case studies p.6

    Product p.8

    Functionalities p.9

    Value proposition p.11

    Implementation p.12

    Support p.14

  • Particeep is a custom, secure and simple to use SaaS platform to build your investment marketplace.

    Particeep was founded in 2013 by financial and software engineers. The startup

    main characteristic is to allow businesses to create their custom reward, equity, loan and bond-based funding platform.

    Your customers get an unlimited access to an intuitive and engaging interface

    where they can follow all funding operations from the selection to the exit.

    Particeeps team is located in Paris


    Who we are

    Particeep- CONFIDENTIAL p. 1

  • Our board of directors combine a strong expertise in banking and software industry. Our main investors include AXA strategic ventures and JMYX Holding, which are specialized in Fintech and Insurtech. JMYX Holding is a venture founded by Jean Losco, CEO of Fircosoft, worlds leader in financial transactions filtering.


    Lquipe dirigeante

    Our investors

    Steve FOGUE CEO

    David Dumont COO

    Adrien Crovetto CTO

    Board of Directors

    p. 2 Particeep- CONFIDENTIAL

  • Our customers are directly or indirectly involved in all online investment activities.

    Asset managers: Accelerate the distribution of online products and follow up on performances.

    Crowdfunding actors: Integrate the investment marketplace with no back office costs.

    Large accounts: Set up co-financing, crowdfunding or pre-order funding platforms.


    Our Customers Our customers Our Customers

    Particeep- CONFIDENTIAL


    Management company

    Large accounts

    p. 3

  • Tributile Top 10 crowdlending platform in France Platform : Tributile is a loan crowdlending platform for individuals to develop partnerships with other businesses.

    Implementation : Choice of functions white label Loan management and online agreement documents. Added value :

    A French leading crowdlending platform Monthly updates on functions with no internal team required An easy and optimized platform for all types of users. Fast closing of fundraises i.e 400 000 in less than 3 weeks.


    Case study: Crowdfunding Platform Case Study Case Study: Crowdfunding platforms

    Afrikwity Equity-based crowdfunding platform

    Platform : Crowdfunding platform created to develop capital investing in Africa. Implementation : Technical integration of regulatory restraints, integration of the customer preferred design and features white label

    Added value :

    Constant follow up on clients engagement and performances Fast opportunities for co-investors Control of partnership activities. Deal flow digital optimization: sourcing - scoring investment - follow up- exit

    Particeep- CONFIDENTIAL p. 4

  • MyCourteEchelle Crowdfunding platform

    Platform : It is a fundraising platform from Jura municipality carried out by different institutions. Implementation : Design integration is done by the customer Use of the white label platform Users choose their own features.

    Added value :

    Official launch is scheduled within a month Increase visibility for regional entrepreneur. Multiple projects were financed in only a couple weeks after launching. Many communication initiatives have shown to be successful (ex : the Testla campaign)


    Case study: Crowdfunding Platform Case Study Case Study: Crowdfunding platforms

    Leroy Merlin Private funding platform

    Platform : Global platform, internal and private project funding towards the companys innovations. Implementation : Design integration based on the theme used by the client confidential and secure sign up using exciting username and passwords follow up and measure of the project performances.

    Added value :

    Was launched is less than 2 weeks Employees are highly involved in the company 20 or more projects have been financed monthly with the company contribution Increase the company profitability and innovation

    Particeep- CONFIDENTIAL p. 5

  • Our Product

    Build your own crowdfunding platform and choose your functionalities and design. Online management of all funding operations: selection evaluation launch closing follow up exit and reimbursement. Decrease your back office costs and maximize your profit.

    Connect with your clients on an intuitive and secured interface to safely track and report your projects and activities.

    A full digital experience with strong opportunities for connections.

    Our Product Our Product

    1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

    Particeep- CONFIDENTIAL p. 6

  • Investor

    Online signup Investor profile and KYC Online board with the main stats Internal messaging with administrator Project list browser Online evaluation and vote Online investment Online signature of subscription documents Follow up on business performances Follow up on global portfolio performances Document management features

    Projet Manager

    Online signup Board for applications follow up. Application custom forms Create funding applications Place for document management. Follow up on funding operations Automatic refund Investor reporting Place for safe discussion individually or in groups


    Fonctionalities Functionalities Functionalities

    Particeep- CONFIDENTIAL p. 7

  • Administrator

    Investors rights management Funding management: Evaluation, selection, launch, closing, follow up Consultation of legal documents Access to document management section Update on projects Content edition Push email notification Internal messaging Overall statistics board Content and data export and import


    Functionalities Functionalities Functionalities

    Particeep- CONFIDENTIAL p. 8

  • Manage your costs: save from hiring an SS21 or an IT


    Our value Our value

    Save time and get started on your investment with a fully

    integrated platform.

    Improve your tools with the

    right functionalities and services.

    1. 3.

    2. Customize your platform up to the smallest details with our API.


    Our Value proposition

    Particeep- CONFIDENTIAL p. 9

  • Project Management Team

    Implementation manager Support Consultant

    Specialist Consultant Account manager

    Configuration definition, design integration and platform review

    Coaching to launch a platform User guide and best practices.

    Request management Continuous follow up of the platform

    Specific request management Team coaching.



    Safety ? Safety certification daily updates Cloud hosting in France and in Ireland Secured

    payment by an accredited payment service provider.


    Particeep- CONFIDENTIAL p. 9

  • Testing and content updates domain name and certifications

    2 WEEKS

    Setting up Configuration and design integration

    Connection to third party services Official launch of the platform.

    Creation of administrator accounts. Launch of the first activities.


    Implementation Implementation

    Online payment Online signature Online chat Online Statistics

    Particeep- CONFIDENTIAL

    1 WEEK

    Testing 1 WEEK





    Back-office coaching Back office management Web content integration Content management coaching (HTML) Third party service integration Payment management Email campaign management Import / Export of data Contract documents management Users online support Reporting and usability statistics


    How we back you up?

    Particeep- CONFIDENTIAL p.12


    Our clients: From Fintech to large accounts

    Particeep- CONFIDENTIAL



  • Give us a call +33 (0)1 79 75 66 63



    Website www.particeep.com