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1. When they were young Oliver Pino and Natlia Varela 2. His lifeJosep, was born in Cabanelles in 1941. He born in the midle of second world war. He live the dictatorship of Franco, the creation of ETA, the coronation of Carlos de Borbon, the dead of Franco. 3. He sees the indent of democracy with Jos Maria Aznar president. The entry of Spain in the European Comunity... 4. The past The past is diferent. The childrenremained in the streets until twelve o'clock of the midnight. The school was not important. The children started to work when they had twelve years . The people married when are young 5. Now We dont watch a war in Spain. We live in the tecnologhy world. We have TV, computer, digital camera... But the school is compulsery until the 16 year, have the economi crisis... 6. Interview an old person 1. Whats your name ? Josep P. 2. Where were you born? In what year were you born? Im born in Cabanelles. In 1941. 3. How did you remember your childhood? I remember my childhood funny, amazing... 7. What one or two stories do you remember most clearly about your childhood? One day I gave the watch of my grandmother.Idismount the watch. Suddenly I throwing it in a pool. 4. What did you want to be when you grew up? Im never thought. My parents was working the land and I helped. When I grew I worked the land . 8. 5.Did you like school? What kinds of grades did you get? What were your favorite subjects? The school was indifferent for mebut I was studying. I passed my exams with 7-8. My favorite subject was maths. 9. 6.When you were a teenenger, what time did you have to be home at night? I was arrivinghome at 12 oclock at night. 7.What musical artist and songs did you listen to? I was not listening to the music because the radio didnt exist. 10. 8. Did you do the military service? How do you remember it? Yes, I did. I went to Canarias.I worked as ordenances , a stewardship.The work was easy. 9. Tell me about your wedding ceremony. What year? Where? How many attended? Honeymoon? Imarried the year 1967 in Perelada. In the wedding ceremony there were 35 people. We went to Barcelona eight or ten days in the honeymoon. 11. 10. What advice would you like to give me? You have to study, have the homeworks,be have well... 11. Is there anything I havent asked about that you would care to comment on? No, the interview is complet.