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2015 Autodesk

Whats New in AutoCAD Plant

3D 2016

2015 Autodesk

AutoCAD 2016

Plant 3D and Vault

Plant 3D Isometrics

Plant 3D and Advance Steel

Plant 3D Piping Routing Changes

P&ID Off page Connector Changes

New Features in AutoCAD Plant 3D 2016

2015 Autodesk

Reality Capture

New Centerline and

Edge detection

New in AutoCAD 2016

Easier Model Creation from

Point Clouds

Easier Project Collaboration

Coordination Models

XREF Navisworks

models directly

2015 Autodesk

Directly Create Vault Project inside

Plant 3D

Local Workspace for improved multi-office

project execution

Automatic Notification when XREFd files

updated in Vault

Supports Vault Replication

Supports Plant Database Replication

Tight Integration with Autodesk Vault

Manage Multi-Office Projects Better

Note: Requires Vault Professional or Vault Collaboration not included.

2015 Autodesk

Create new Iso Style Configuration Wizard

More Configuration Options in Iso Setup

New Iso Repeatability Options

Define Start Point

New Split Point Control


Easier to Manage Piping Isometrics

2015 Autodesk

New Export to Advance Steel using SMLX

SDNF still supported

Plant 3D/Advance Steel

More Efficient AutoCAD-based Structural Workflow

2015 Autodesk

Off-Page Connectors

Only lines that are tagged are

displayed in the list

Line Groups

Easier to add unassigned lines to

existing line groups

P&ID Improvements

Easier to create intelligent P&IDs

2015 Autodesk

Copy and Insert

Copy will cut into a pipeline

and connect

Connection Tolerance


Make it easier to create line

routes from point clouds

Line Routing Improvements

Easier pipe routing Slope Tolerance

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