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  • Whats in the papers?

  • Read the newspaper articles and match them with the headlines:1.Unjustified TV violence not acceptable, says viewers.2.Mum finds her four girls.3.Pensioners amazing escapeABC

  • Read the articles again and answer these questions.1.How old were Lillians children when she last saw them?2.Why did some people find violent scenes in films acceptable?

    3.Why were the pensioners lucky to escape?They were 7,6,5 and 3.Because the violence was fair and justified/ the violence had a purpose.Because it was a bad accident and the coach had turned over into a ditch.

  • Reading strategies: Dealing with cultural references---Look out for names and expressions related to British or American culture.---Use the context to guess what the names represent, or what the expressions mean.---If there is not enough information to guess, use an atlas, dictionary or encyclopaedia.

  • Report A:Names and expressions related to cultureLeeds University Pulp Fiction Tom and Jerry Channel 4 Brookside BBC ITVReport B:Oklahoma Queens Theatre Barnstaple Monchard Road A337 Crediton BT Post Office Veterans Association Turners Tours in ChulmleighReport C:West Gorton Manchester California

  • TV channels:BBC ITV Channel 4

    A drama series:BrooksideTowns and villages:Barnstaple Creduton ChulmleighSouth MoltonCities:Leeds ManchesterDistricts of cities:West GortonA main road:A337A play:Oklahoma (musical) Pulp Fiction (film) Tom and Jerry(cartoon)Companies and organizations:Department of Transport BT(British Telecom)Post Office Turners Tours Leeds University

  • Read and answer:1.How far is 20 yards? (text B)a.18 meters b.7 metres c.12 metres2.What is the blitz spirit? (text B)a.Bravery in dangerous situations b.The ability to escape from something dangerous c.Leadership in dangerous situations3.How far is 3,000 miles? (text c)a.3,000km b.4,500km c.6,000kmaab

  • 1. person who studies the science of sun, moon, stars, planets, etc. = astronomer (n.) astronomy (u.c.n.) 2. escape (v.) + from / doing 3. crash (v. / n.) ()4. bravery (n.) ------ brave (adj.)5. incident, event, accident6. have / show a attitude towards

  • 7. consideration (n.) ------ consider (v.) consider + n. / doing / clause Im considering changing my job. I consider that you are wrong.consider (as)

  • We consider him (as) an example to learn from. , considerthink, regard, believe, suppose, guess regard as as be considered / regarded as He is considered / regarded as an example for us to learn from.

  • consideration (n.) in consideration of considerate (adj.) 8. innocent (adj.) innocence (u.c.n.) + of sth innocent of a crime Children lose their innocence as they grow older.

  • 9. according to 10 According to my watch, it is 10 oclock. Pay is according to quality. 10. as long as The meeting lasts as long as 4 hours. I will never give you up as long as you promise to try your best.

  • 11. conclude (v.) ------ conclusion (n.) 1) conclude from sth that = draw a conclusion from sth that I can conclude from your attitude that you dislike him.= I can draw a conclusion from that 2) conclude (vi.) with = end with We will conclude this term with an exam.

  • 12. sightseeing (u.c.n.) tour / travel / visit : sightseer / tourist / traveller / visitor13. greengrocer (n.) grocery (n.) 14. fog (n.) foggy (adj.) frog rainy, snowy, windy, cloudy (adj.)15. muddy (adj.) mud (n.)

  • 16. scene (n.) 1) the scene of accident, crime 2) The scene in the hospital was very moving. on the scene scene, scenery, sight, view P 51

  • 17. load (v. / n.)(n.) The plane took off with a full load. The load on her mind grew lighter. a load of (= loads of) ,

  • To the readers disappointment, the book is a load of rubbish.18. help out , When I bought the house, my sister helped me out . 19. district (n.) Gaoming Districtindustrial districtpostal district

  • 1.Worth accepting The agreement is acceptable by both sides.2.Welcome Compliments are always acceptable.3.Tolerable Performances varied from excellent to acceptable.21. justified adj. Justice n. Justify vt. Having good reasons for doing sth.E.g.As the goods were damaged she felt fully justified in asking for her money back.20.acceptable adj. accept+able


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