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    conference in Derby. We were all tired andexhausted as we said our goodbyes, but contained

    ourselves for the next twelve months. Perhaps weshould all be a little more positive and own our


    1355-1841/$ -doi:10.1016/j.

    Journal of Neonatal Nursing (2010) 16, 1e2

    www.elsevier.com/jneowithin was a deep sense of elevation, inspiration,motivation, whatever you like to call it. Thatswhat conferences do to you, good ones at least andthis was an excellent conference. Just talking topeople you have never met before and seeming toknow them as if they were long lost friends. As youstand hovering over the exhibitors stands, eatingpastries that are only permissible to indulge ondays like this, experiences are shared about whodoes what and where, who is working where and ofcourse the infamous I know you from somewhere,but they never tell you where. For variety therewere the lectures and certainly they were a bril-liant contribution, just pitched right, interactiveand fascinating. So why didnt more of ourmembers come along to the day?

    Certainly its getting harder these days withlessening financial support, time off work and theneed to travel, but we as neonatal nurses mustrecognise that for our essential well being asa national force of neonatal nurses, this day isa must on the annual calendar. Its different fromother conferences as we all share the same values

    Available online at wsee front matter 2009 Published by Elsevier Ltd onjnn.2009.12.001larly in the wake of the recent governmentresponse to the taskforce. No major changes, noforeseeable real improvements or substantialcommitments, all wrapped up in a rather lukewarmreport that seems to hide behind the apparentlymore significant events of the MPs expenses.

    Once again this year we have put together anannual report for you to see exactly what we havebeen doing and trying to achieve over this lastyear. We havent stopped and there is more tocome. Thats why there is plenty in it for you e anawful lot for a comparatively small membershipfee, just over 3 a month.

    Dee BeresfordNeonatal Nurses Association, Nottingham,

    United KingdomE-mail address: deeberesford@btinternet.com


    Available online 22 December 2009Association, make a noise about it and be proud tobe part of a national group. Surely, only neonatalnurses should be speaking for neonatal nursing andnow more than ever we need to work cohesively tokeep the voice of neonatal nursing alive, particu-Whats in it for me? e A Lot!

    Back in the early part of November we allpacked up and came home after the annual NNA

    as part of the Association and its the only one timethat we can all meet together, and regeneratebehalf of Neonatal Nurses Association.

    Whats in it for me? - A Lot!