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2. Introduction Cross-platform mobile messaging app Exchange messages without having to pay for SMS Available for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia Internet data plan 3. Features PICTURES VIDEOS VOICE MESSAGES AUDIO LOCATION CONTACT 4. HistoryJAN KOUMBRIAN ACTON 5. 4 Ps of MarketingProduct Innovative servicePlace Worldwide storesPrice Cost for the product is Rs.55Promotion On various Smartphone App Word of mouth 6. Timeline 2009 Whatsapp was launched November 12th, 2009 -Whatsapp Gets Updated And Is Available For Free For A Limited Time December 11th, 2009-WhatsApp Gets An Update, Lets You Now Send Pictures, Videos And Voice Notes January 23rd, 2010 -WhatsApp Gets An Update : Adds Location & Contact Sharing March 30th, 2011- BlackBerry Messenger For iOS Could Arrive April 26 April 8th,2011 - Whatsapp, has just secured $8 million in financing from Sequoia Capital 7. June 01st, 2011- Whatsapp Messenger Goes Free for IPhone users November 17th, 2012- Whatsapp Messenger Updated: Adds iPhone 5, iOS 6 Improvements March 18th, 2013- Whatsapp To Adopt Annual Subscription Plan By 2013End Of April 09th, 2013- Whatsapp Says There's Nothing Up With Rumored Google Acquisition July 16th, 2013- Popular Whatsapp Messenger Is Now Free August 06th, 2013- A New Push-To-Talk Messaging Feature August 19th, 2013- Whatsapp Messenger Restores Support For Longer Videos With New Video Picker 8. December 2nd, 2013 - Whatsapp Messenger Finally Redesigned For iOS 7, Updated With Broadcast Lists And More