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  • 1. What You Should Know Before YouHire a Website Designer

2. You should be the owner of your domain name. Some web designers take advantage of customers who know littleabout how websites work by purchasing the domain namesthemselves and then charging a fee for their use. They may evenhold the site hostage by increasing their rates and forcing you topay (or else lose your domain name). Purchase your domain nameBEFORE you hire a designer, and then have the designer create asite for the domain name. 3. Know what you want. Your web designer can help bring your vision to fruition . . .but you must at least have a vision. What do you need outof your site? For example, will you be maintaining ablog, creating an online catalog, using a virtual shoppingcart, or hosting a forum? These are things you need toknow about your site before you commission someone tocreate it. 4. Experience equals reliability. There are many fly-by-night web designers who do theirwork as a hobby or side job. While they may be able tocreate great-looking and functional websites, you cantnecessarily count on them to stay in the business. Thatmeans you could end up with a website and no back-endsupport for when you decide you need to make changes toit. Hire a designer who has a time-proven reputation, andwho is most likely to stick with your website for the longhaul. 5. What you can expect to spend. Depending on your needs, the cost of web design canvary greatly. Therefore, it pays to interview a numberof web designers before settling on one. Give adetailed list of your wants and needs, and get thespecifics of what each is including in the bid, in order toweigh each estimate out and make the best choice. 6. Dont skimp when it comes to building yourbrand. Contact the experienced professionalsat Fumra Media to handle all of your logo and web marketing needs.We can be reached at :info@fumra.comwww.fumra.com