What You Should Know Before You Buy

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HALO provides industry leading product safety protection and social compliance on every order that you place! Buy with confidence from HALO


  • HALO Branded Solutions provides multiple levels of product safety and social compliance protection for our valued clients.

    1) We maintain more than $2 million in product liabilty coverage on the products we sell with a Product Safety Engineer on Staff.

    2) We require extensive indemnification certification from the vendors of our products. And more importantly, our purchase orders require compliance with all federal, state and local product safety laws before our orders are put into production.

    3) We work with the most trusted labs, domestically and internationally, for product testing.

    4) All HALO vendors are required to sign and comply with the HALO General Conformity Certificate, detailing adherence to all internationally recognized labor and social compliance laws, including California Prop 65 and the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA).

    5) HALO maintains membership in the Fair Labor Association (FLA) and SEDEX.

    At HALO, we ensure that you and your customers are protected with the most comprehensive product safety and social compliance program available in our industry!

    What You Should Know Before You Buy...

    HALO Provides Comprehensive Product Safety Protection & Complete Social Compliance on Every Order You Place!

    1) Who you buy branded mechandise from does matter - Know your Supplier.

    2) Your supplier should follow rules and regulations established by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

    3) Beware when buying products from unknown online services.

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