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what you should know before buying


<ul><li><p>What You Should Know Before Buying </p><p>The Maglite XL50 LED flashlight is one of the best small flashlights on the market because of its </p><p>excellent design and great set of features. With the smaller size it will easily fit in just about </p><p>anyone's pocket or purse without any trouble. This is a fantastic way to get the safety and </p><p>convenience of having a great flashlight available all the time without the trouble of larger </p><p>models. The Maglite XL50 is only 4.8 inches long and about 1 inch around. </p><p>While the small size may be great, the bright light it produces is the best feature. The Maglite </p><p>XL50 produces 104 lumens of light on its full setting, which is enough to light up just about any </p><p>area. The adjustable spot to flood LED beam can either direct a very bright beam of light in one </p><p>smaller area or disperse the light over a larger area. This is excellent because depending on the </p><p>situation, one mode may be more useful than the other. When, for example, using it to light up a </p><p>room during a power outage the flood mode works perfectly. The spot light mode is best when </p><p>working on cars or in small dark areas where the focused brightness is more important. </p><p>Since the Maglite XL50 uses LED bulbs to produce the light, it is able to last a lot longer while </p><p>providing brighter lighting than traditional incandescent LED flashlights can. On its brightest </p><p>power setting, the XL50 has an approximate run time of eight hours and forty five minutes </p><p>according to factory testing. This is quite impressive, especially considering the fact that the </p><p>brightness is far superior to that of traditional flashlights. </p><p>Maglite knows that the full brightness is often not necessary so this great flashlight can be turned </p><p>on in low energy consumption mode, which is dimmer and uses 25% power to output 26 lumens. </p><p>The simple to remember one click for full power and two clicks for energy savings mode makes </p><p>saving power very simple. When using the energy saver mode, the flashlight can be turned on for </p><p>thirty six hours straight! This makes it ideal for emergency situations such as power outages. </p><p>If the on/off button is clicked three times it will go into emergency safety strobe mode which is </p><p>effectively a strobe light which can be used to signal for help. This is especially useful when a car </p><p>breaks down and the flashlight can be used to signal passing cars of the location. This will help </p><p>prevent accidents from happening and assist anyone coming to help in being able to find the user </p><p>much more easily. </p><p>With the long list of great features packed into this small Bike LED Flashlights, it is no surprise </p><p>that the Maglite XL50 is the favorite choice for many people. Its convenient size and powerful </p><p>light make it very versatile and useful for just about any situation. Having this Maglite flashlight </p><p>will meet the needs of most anyone and be a great way to stay safe in power outages or other </p><p>situations where having a reliable flashlight is critical. With such a small size, the Maglite XL50 </p><p>can be safely stored just about anywhere so it's there when it's needed. </p></li></ul>