What We Learned from Our National Safety Month Campaign

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<p>Triumvirate Environmental National Safety Month Campaign</p> <p>#Smiles4Safety Campaign</p> <p>The Brainstorm</p> <p>Triumvirate Environmental is a provider of turnkey environmental and hazardous waste management services to clients across four niche sectors; education, healthcare, industrial, and life sciences. Triumvirate is a 500+ employee environmental services firm founded in 1988. Triumvirate has since been dedicated to providing innovative and sustainable environmental solutions while achieving unparalleled regulatory compliance. </p> <p>Have you ever heard of marketing campaigns for a company like this? Us either. The Company</p> <p>The Brainstorm</p> <p>National Safety Month was fast approaching for June 2014. We (Triumvirates marketing team) wanted to explore the impact of new tactics and position Triumvirate as a top resource for safety content. </p> <p>We struggle not to sleep through traditional safety tutorials and reckon most other people in this world do too. We know that doesnt make safety any less important. Furthermore, our resident designer wanted a reason to bring puppies into the office.</p> <p>The Concept</p> <p>The Objective</p> <p>The Goal</p> <p>The Plan</p> <p>Tactic #1 Press Coverage</p> <p>A press release was published at the beginning of the month on PRWeb. This release detailed the upcoming educational series and Triumvirates dedication to making safety-education fun.</p> <p>Press Release ResultsImpressions: 35,710Full Page Reads: 957Coverage in BusByWay, Industrial Safety, SSuch Chronicle, Emergency Mail and more</p> <p>Tactic #2 Leverage All Social ChannelsHashtag: #Smiles4SafetyCreate sharable content on all platforms and link back to educational contentPlatforms included:LinkedInFacebookInstagramTwitterGoogle+SlideShareBlogResulted in over 20,000 LinkedIn impressionsLaunched a sustainable Instagram presence (over 40 followers in a month)</p> <p>Tactic #3 Highly Visual ContentVisual content included:MemesCute Animal PicturesVideo</p> <p>SlideShareCustom LogoInfographics</p> <p>Video resulted in over 500 views in under 1 week.</p> <p> 9</p> <p>Tactic #4 Educational Content Behind the SmilesEducational content included:SlideShare blog</p> <p>Infographics videos, etc.</p> <p>Resulted in most viewed SlideShare on our company page thus far.</p> <p>Tactic #5 Expert Positioning and Office InvolvementBlog post written by in-office expertIn-office specialists created safety videoOver 5x total blog post shares compared to previous month </p> <p>Daily meme collaboration ideas from within the organizationSafety Dance videoOffice involvement of over 30 people outside of marketing teamTactic #6 A collaborative campaign</p> <p>The ImpactNew tactics TestedHumorous contentFound humorous content performed well on LinkedIn and FacebookVisual contentOver 200 interactions on Instagram aloneInfographics, memes, and other images had higher traction than text aloneVisual posts had over 2x engagement rate (percent of impressions that clicked, commented, liked etc.) on LinkedIn</p> <p>The Results</p> <p>Takeaway/ Moving Forward</p> <p>SummarySafety can be fun without deleting its impact and seriousnessOver 70,000 impressionsOver 100 new followersOver 600 likes, favorites, comments, and sharesVisits to site up 1.31%Though we succeeded in achieving our goals in generating internal and external buzz and interaction, this campaign was not successful in generating qualified leads. Our contacts goal for the month of the campaign was not met. </p> <p>Delivering Innovation Since 1988</p> <p>Thank You</p> <p>17</p>