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<ul><li> 1. what to say not knowingwhos talkingKozaraMay 24th 2013</li></ul> <p> 2. Identity - PerceptionWho am I?And who are you?3 3. Brandsum of identitiessum of perceptions4 4. Who is (should be) brand manager?brandconsumers stakeholdersinternalexternal5 5. BRAND IS A promise (we have to keep promise) A value (we have to exchange values) An asset (an asset is a liability) Living entity (cycles, ecosystems, ) Can not be deducted from the past6 6. THREE STEPSIDENTITYMOMENTS OF TRUTHAPPLICATION OF IDENTITYBRANDING7 7. 8 8. How to define identity? Who? (leading coalition) How ? (workshops and 6 pages document) When ? (each 2 5 years) How to and how not to use clients? How to use past experience? How to use megatrends?9 9. How to define identity? Focus on each identity element (IE) Each IE is an reflection of all others Each IE relates to all others Each IE holds for now and for future (5-10years) Develop a story out of elements (brand is astory)10 10. IE for PR practitioners Emotions Promises (internal external) Mission and vision Values Benefits11 11. Application of architecture Company internal structure Company profiles and brochures Company web page Annual reports 12 12. Brand is a story13 13. 14 14. Develop a list of MOT15 15. Moments of truth16 16. MOTs that PR is in charge ofIF THERE IS NOTHING YOU DOAS PR PRACTITIONERTHAT CAN BE UNDERSTOOD AS YOURBRAND (COMPANY) MOT,THEN YOU SHOULD PERHAPS STARTANOTHER CAREER17 17. Marketing tools (MOTs) Mass or individual Monologue or dialogue Pushed or pulled (third party endorsement) Controlled or inducedLET IT GO!18 18. PlanningMore than you know who you are,less planning is needed.19 19. Timing024681012140 2 4 6 8 10 12requested intensityour habitcomplexity levelyearsintensity20</p>