what to expect from apple in september 2014 - iphone 6, iwatch

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New iOS Devices What to expect on the 9th September Apple Event And what it means for your apps

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Apple has lined up an event on 9th September - and like always, the invite is cryptic. Apple events in fall have usually coincided with announcements for new devices. Here's our take on what to expect on the 9th September event and how it affects you as an app owner.


  • 1. New iOS DevicesWhat to expect on the 9th September Apple EventAnd what it means for your apps

2. The Devices 3. There has been a lot of speculation about the launch of 3new Apple devices2 new iPhones in different screen sizes (4.7 inch and5.5 inch)A wearable iWatchApple event on 9th Sept 2014 said to be the date for theannouncements. The devices will probably come to themarket a little later 4. Larger Screens 5. The iPhone 5, 5S and 5C are 4-inch devicesThe new devices will supposedly be 4.7 and 5.5 (phablet)inchesApple has been criticized before for not having a largerscreen phone like its Samsung counterparts. So this is a stepaheadThe .7-inch difference in the screen size might not sound sosignificant but it is 6. Design Changes 7. We expect Apple to come up with a thinner phone andmore rounded edgesThe iPhone 5S is thin. But the iPhone 6 might be morethan 10% thinner than thatThe prototypes leaked show a back with thick lines, notconsistent with the smooth look of iPhone devices - so thatmight change 8. Durable Screen? 9. The biggest trouble users have had with the iPhonesscreen is it is fragileThe new iPhone is said to have a screen made withSapphire glass to make it more durableThe Home button of the 5S uses Sapphire glass. Theymight use it on the screen as well! (but it is difficult tomass produce - so we do have our own doubts) 10. Faster ProcessorLike with every new iPhone released, the iPhone 6 willhave an even faster processorIt is also rumored to have a better camera (12 megapixelscompared to the 8 on 5S) 11. New OS - iOS 12. The new iPhones will come with iOS 8. iOS 8 will mostprobably be out for users after the 9th September eventiOS 8 introduces a lot of new frameworks - it is big fordevelopers but even bigger for consumers! 13. Other featuresA mobile wallet to make payments directlyNFC chipWill work with the rumored iWatchWireless chargingThe 5.5 inch variant may be released later than the 4.7inch version 14. The iWatchApple filed a patent for its watch design so this is definitelyin the worksRumored to be released on the 9th Sept event but go intomass production in November 15. The iWatchPatent image filed by Apple for iWatch 16. How this affects yourAppsUpdate the user interface for the larger screen sizesIf Apple does release an iWatch soon and opens it fordevelopers, this would have a huge impact on apps,specially health apps 17. How this affects yourApps (cont.)Making sure your apps work with iOS 8 and makes thebest use of new frameworks introduced (as relevant)This includes HealthKit, HomeKit, Family sharing, iClouddrive, Camera enhancements and so much more 18. How this affects yourApps (cont.) 19. Want to make sureyou are ready?Contact us and well help youhttp://newgenapps.com/contact/Skype: lata.nga / newgenappsEmail: [email protected]