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  • What To Do When Your Vehicle Breaks Down

    By: Steven Schwartzapfel

  • If your vehicle is having a problem while driving, it can be a frightening experience. Here are a few tips to ease the troubles:

  • Tip # 1Always keep an emergency car kit in your vehicle. The emergency kit should consist of roadside flares, triangle reflectors, jumper cables, a flashlight with fresh batteries, a tire pressure gauge and a spray bottle with washer fluid.

  • Tip # 2While driving be aware of warning signs such as steering problems, unusual noises or smoke coming from under the hood. If any of these issues occur, dont panic, just slow down and carefully pull onto the shoulder of the road.

  • Tip # 3If you smell fuel fumes, do not ignite a flare. Instead, raise your vehicles hood and if you have a write or bright colored scarf, tie or cloth, tie it to the antenna or door handle to make your car visible.

  • Tip # 4Use your cell phone to call AAA roadside assistance, a tow truck or a friend or relative to help you.

  • Tip # 5If you get a flat tire, do not attempt to change it unless you can get to the side of the road.

  • Tip # 6To avoid being hit by a passing car, never work on your vehicle from the side thats exposed to traffic.

  • Tip # 7If youre stopped in hazardous position, dont be afraid to call 911.

  • Get in the habit of doing safety checks on your vehicle. Be sure to check your tires, headlights, fluids and windshield wipers


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