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Gemstone export is one of the best supplier of agate gemstone products. Where you can buy your favourite and liked ones gemstone from our store. We supply certified gemstone products with affordable price across the globe. Some of our products are Chakra Products, Indian Agate Products, New Agate Products, Rough Stones, and New Age & Metaphysical Products.


<ul><li> 1. What Should You Know Before Buying A Gemstone for You Gemstones are certainly one of the most beautiful and expensive purchases that we make. Thus, taking immense care is very important, not only because the purchase involves a considerable amount of money. Gemstones are known to possess several astrological and healing properties, and are quite effective in warding off negative energy from us. So, it becomes vital to purchase these with great care as any wrong decision in purchasing gemstones will prevent you from taking its optimum benefits. So, here are things that you must know about gemstones before buying them: Difference between Natural and Synthetic Stones Today, you can find two types of gemstones in the market - natural and synthetic ones. Remember, the jewelers can legally describe synthetic gemstones as "genuine". So, do not get confused with these. The natural stones are naturally mined from earth and are developed with very little human intervention while synthetic stones are enhanced or augmented with chemicals. While natural stones can help in keeping away the negative effects of surrounding planets, synthetic gemstones may only enhance the beauty of your jewellery. Thus, be very careful about what type of gemstone you are buying. Find out if the colour of the stone is all natural The colour of the gemstones is its most attractive factor and thus, you must always check that if the colour of the stone is all natural or has been enhanced with coloured waxes, oils, radiation, heat treatments or dyes. If the colour is enhanced with unnatural process, it may fade with time taking away the beauty of the stone. </li> <li> 2. Different types of stones and their individual benefits If you believe that only colour differentiates the different types of stones, then you are mistaken. There are several gemstones each of which possesses different healing, medicinal, astrological and planetary properties. The colour and cut of the gemstones are not the only differentiating factors. Each type of stone is mined differently and a different set of processes are applied on it to make it wearable. Similarly, each type of stone has a different purpose, like Agates are known to ward off nightmares and give the wearer strength, Amber is known to enhance family bonding and cleanse the environment. So, before you buy any gemstone, you must research about its uses and how it can affect your life. Similarly, you must also check out that whether the gemstone that you buy will suit you or not. Many astrologers determine this through one's horoscope. Gemstone Export is one of the most trustable and reliable name in the global gemstone industry to proffer industrys most genuine and authentic collection of gemstone and other products but at highly affordable pricing. The company has serving the global clientele over last 30 years. Gemstone Export Hanifa Manzil, Bandra Burj, Khambhat - 388620, Gujarat, India Phone: +91 9898796674. Email: info@gemstoneexport.com </li> </ul>


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