what others say ... soviets laugh at u.s. military

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  • 8/9/2019 What Others Say ... Soviets Laugh at U.S. Military


    "What Others Say ..."Soviets Laugh at U.S. Military

    "The worst crime is not to tell the truth to the public."Winston Churchill -

    prior to World War II, as he tried to warn England and to break government andnews media silence about the massive Nazi military buildup.

    We are not !ust a little bit behind the "ussians, we are devastatingly behindthem . . . I think the time has come when we have to #uit $ooling around andtrying to lie to the %merican people. &enator 'arry (oldwater - )arch *, +,

    in a letter to /resident "eagan.

    "On April 2, 1984, the Soviet Union initiated, without warning, a total world-wide deployment of it entire !avy #alliti$ miile u%marine, air$raft$arrier, naval air$raft, urfa$e $om%atant of every type were all put to ea and

    in the air under $ondition imulating preparation for a general nu$lear war &herare pu%li$ a$$ount of thi o$$urren$e '%uried generally in the overall deafeningilen$e of the Ameri$an new media( indi$ated that US intelligen$e wa $aught$ompletely %y urprie, not only %y la$) of any forewarning of the e*er$ie, %utalo %y it enormou $ale +n the word of one US offi$ial, "if it floated, itwent to ea, and we were $aught with no warning the whole thing wa not

    ut impreive, it waintimidating"

    #ut there wa more to $ome +mmediately after demontrating the a%ility to putthe larget !avy in the world entirely at ea in a matter of hour with nowarning, the Soviet $almly laun$hed from an operational 'not tet( Strategi$iile .egiment a alvo of i* SS-2/ %alliti$ miile on a trae$toryaimed atthe 0nited &tates +n mid-flight, the Soviet miile were %rought down hort,

    omewhere in the #arent Sea, %ut the underlying meage of the mo$) nu$learatta$) $ould not have %een lot on our Ameri$an leader

    &hat meage i imple &he Soviet Union i in$reaingly $ontemptuou ofAmeri$a and Ameri$an for$e &he Soviet Union i on perpetual war footing andi not afraid to threaten the ue of power or to ue power to ee it will prevail

    &he Soviet Union e*pe$t and will in$reaingly demand $hange in Ameri$an%ehavior to refle$t %etter the new reality in whi$h the $orrelation of for$e hahifted "on$e and for all and irrevo$a%ly" in favor of .uia

    +n addition to the large $ale maneuver already de$ri%ed, other in$ident haveo$$urred0

    arge num%er of Soviet Army reervit 'in$luding thoe aigned to

    nu$lear and $hemi$al miile unit( have %een re$ently $alled up for a$tive

    ervi$e in atern urope


  • 8/9/2019 What Others Say ... Soviets Laugh at U.S. Military


    Off the United State itelf, within minute of 3ahington, 5, on at

    leat five o$$aion in 1984, they have penetrated the US Air efene+dentifi$ation 6one with the nu$lear-$apa%le &U-97 #ear trategi$

    %om%erre$onnaian$e air$raft

    +n the ar at, they murdered :1 Ameri$an, in$luding the firt mem%er

    of the US 5ongre ever )nown to %e aainated %y the Soviet, %y hootingdown ;orean Airline light - //< with 2:9 inno$ent people a%oard="

    "&hroughout 1984, in oint US-USS. eion of the Standing

    5onultative 5ommittee on SA&, they have hown $omplete $ontempt for ourprotet of their arm $ontrol violation 3ith in$reaing openne and withhardly the pretene of e*$ue, they $ontinue to violateall e*iting arm $ontroltreatie '3hen they are $onfronted with a %old fa$ed lie, we $an almot hearthe tide of %emued and didainful laughter rolling from !ovaya 6emly to the5au$au 3ith the power they dipoe,they could care less what we think(

    &imultaneously and without a trace o$ shame, while adding five nu$lear

    warhead to their own arenal each day'the US i redu$ing warhead(, theyhave intenified the ;>#-lin)ed "nu$lear free?e" propaganda $ampaign aimed at

    %lo$)ing the @ miile, the &rident ++ miile, or any other program whi$hmight %egin to re$tify the preent gro degree of Ameri$an nu$lear inferiority

    +n Afghanitan, they have $ontinued $arpet and in$endiary %om%ing and

    the employment of geno$idal warfare te$hniue in$luding the ue of $hemi$alagent againt entire village

    +n the iddle at, they have tationed $om%at troop in Syria and in

    e%anon and have thu %a$)ed and em%oldened the Syrian and +ranianponored terrorit reponi%le for three #eirut m%ay atta$) and themaa$re of 241 US arine

    +n Afri$a, they have in$reaed 5u%an troop trength in Angola to over

    4/,/// in 17 $om%at %rigade and have provided 1,7// of their own troop tooperate heavy weapon while a%otaging negotiation for the independen$e of!ami%ia

    &hey re$ently deli%erately vented outide their own %order nu$lear

    radioa$tive de%ri 'whi$h rea$hed the US( from an underground nu$learweapon tet, an event whi$h i tri$tly prohi%ited %y the 19:B imited &et #an


    &hey have in$reaed the drum%eat of war propaganda within the USS.

    and have %een more u$$eful than ever in mileading their own people into


  • 8/9/2019 What Others Say ... Soviets Laugh at U.S. Military


    %elieving that the United State i preparing an anti-.uian war and that wemight $on$eiva%ly atta$) them at any time

    +n further defian$e of the United State, the Soviet have alo provided

    !i$aragua with at leat B,7// 5u%an troop, over 1/,7// Soviet and 3araw

    Ca$t military and e$urity advior, and a vat uantity of additional warmaterial needed to upport the planned rapid e*panion of the !i$araguanArmy and ilitia from a preent level of a%out 2//,/// 'the larget in 5entralAmeri$a( to a for$e of up to one-half million men whi$h will give the Soviet

    $ontrol of an armed for$e in 5entral Ameri$a approa$hing the i?e of the entireregular United State Army worldwide"


    "A %oo) authored in 1982 %y the then 5hief of the Soviet >eneral Staff, arhalOgar)ov, entitled%lways in "eadiness to 1e$end the 2omeland, i alo not


    Ogar)ov tated0" &he ta) of a$hieving $ontinuou preparedne fortheimmediate mobilization deployment o$ troops and naval $orces, prompt ande*peditiou hifting of the Armed or$e and the entire national e$onomy from apea$etime to war footing, i auming parti$ular national importan$e &heuetion of prompt e*peditiou hifting of Armed or$e and the entire nationale$onomy to a war footing and their mo%ili?ation deployment in a hort period of

    time i mu$h more $riti$al today"

    &o whi$h the arhall added a uniuely Soviet view of negotiation with the


    "3e hould a$$ompany our DnegotiatingE tep with ma3imum military


    &hee ominou dire$tive are $onitent with the longtanding Soviet %elief thatmilitary uprema$y i indipena%le to eventual 5ommunit glo%al dominan$eA Soviet arhal F So)olov)y tated i*teen year ago in the %aeline

    do$trinal wor), &oviet )ilitary &trategy4

    &he $reation and $ontant maintenan$e of uantitative and

    ualitative superiorityover the enemy in the nu$lear mean of armed $onfli$t i the mot important pro%lem of %uilding modern armed for$e"

    #ut today, the pro%lem for Ameri$a i not ut that the Soviet have nowa$hieved their o%e$tive of trategi$ uprema$y %ut that they are eviden$ing anever-growing propenity to employtrategi$ uprema$y to aert their will


  • 8/9/2019 What Others Say ... Soviets Laugh at U.S. Military


    All of the foregoing Soviet a$tivitie, $onidered together, are fully $onitentwith arhal Ogar)ovG $all for Soviet national mo%ili?ation on a wartime %ai&hee a$tivitie are alo ominouly $onitent with an intention to ue newmilitary power for e$ret politi$al intimidation a well a with the oft repeated.uian u%terfuge, a prime feature of .uian hitory, in whi$h the olive %ran$h

    of pea$e i offered pu%li$ly to indu$e a potential vi$tim population to demand itown diarmament

    &he pi$ture i too unmita)a%le to miper$eive &he USS. ha done all thoething that it need to do in order to %e in a poition to mo%ili?e wiftly and withurprie it entire trategi$ potential for the initiation of war &hat $entral fa$t

    alone i far more threatening than any ingle $omponent part, %ut of the$omponent part, the potential for nu$lear %la$)mail i the mot immediatelydangerou to Ameri$an national independen$e

    &o undertand $ompletely how the Soviet are uing their aweome military

    potential for politi$al intimidation, we mut re$ogni?e that, unli)e Ameri$anfor$e, Soviet for$e are euipped, trained, deployed, and e*er$iedin such away that they can be used massively and simultaneously on many $ronts and atany $orce level in $irst strike attack with very little or no warning &heignifi$an$e of thi new Soviet poture of high readine for urprie a$tion, the)eytone of Soviet military do$trine, i that Ameri$an are already gradually

    %eginning to %ehave in way affe$ted %y Soviet deire and ome degree ofSoviet $ontrol "