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What is the reasons that make people buy, and what defines their buying behavior How can this helps you sell your product more effectively


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2. 3. 4. ENGAGERETAINATTRACT 5. 6. 7. , 8. If these "deficiency needs" are not met with the exceptionof the most fundamental (physiological) need there maynot be a physical indication, but the individual will feelanxious and tense. Maslow's theory suggests that the most basic level of needsmust be met before the individual will strongly desire (orfocus motivation upon) the secondary or higher level needs. Maslow also coined the term Meta-motivation to describethe motivation of people who go beyond the scope of thebasic needs and strive for constant betterment. 9. The human mind and brain are complex and haveparallel processes running at the same time, thus manydifferent motivations from various levels of Maslow'shierarchy can occur at the same time.The forces that influence whether people buy include: We buy things to fulfill whatMaslow describes as the bottom of his hierarchy;things like food and shelter. You need something now andwill take the easiest or fastest path to get it. Thinkabout the last time you were running out of gas, orwere thirsty. This could also be purchasing somethingto increase comfort or efficiency. 10. Sometimes you buy becauseyou need to replace old things you have (e.g., clothesthat dont fit or are out-of-date fashion). This could be around collectibles or aperceived need that something may run out or havelimited availability in the future. Additionally,theres a hope to gain a return on investment, suchas collectible or antiques; anything that accruesvalue over time.Something is purchased for an esteem-relatedreason or for personal enrichment. 11. Sometimes you just buy to try to replace thingsyou cannot have and never will. Something you identified earlier as a wants, is now alower price than before. Maybe you were browsing for a particularly largescreen TV, and you saw the summer's great special offers. When the perceived value substantially exceeds the priceof a product or service. This is something you don't particularly needs, youjust feel that is too good deal to pass it up. (Like the stuff that they places infront of the entrances or near checkout counters of stores.) When purchasing a category youre unfamiliarwith, branding plays a big role. Maybe you had to buy diapers for a familymember and you reach for Pampers because of youre familiarity with thebrand, even though you dont have children yourself. 12. Everybody wants the latestand greatest. (I-Phone mania) This could also be whensomeone mimics their favorite celebrity. Some external force,like school books, uniforms, or something your bossasked you to do, makes it mandatory. This often happensin emergencies, such as when you need a plumber. Sometimes you make a purchase toimpress /attract the opposite sex; to have somethingbigger/better than others, friends, etc. Something that helps bond youto a cultural, religious or community affiliation. Maybeyoure a Harvard alumni and Yankee fan who keepskosher. 13. Something is purchasedbecause your friends want you to. You may need tothink back to your teen years to think of an example. Peoplesometimes feels better about themselves when theyregiving to others, Purchasing things we dont actuallyneed or wouldn't normally purchases, just because itwill helps another person incrementally, for some iscertainly an essential buying decision. This happens whensomebody buys you a gift or does somethingexceptionally nice, now its your turn to return thefavor at the next opportunity. 14. Sometimes people buy from other peoplebecause they listened and cared about them even if theyhad the lesser value alternative. This is outside the range of the normalhuman operating system, but it certainly exists andaccounts for more sales than any of us can fathom.Can you think back to the last time you boughtsomething and kept asking yourself to explain the reasonwhy? Huge amount of market sales are generated outof fears, which is differs based on the personality andevery one has his own fears, therefore before knockingthe fear as a motivator,ask yourself: How long will this fear lasts? 15. Who doesn't deserve abit of luxury every now and then? as long asyou can afford that, a hour-long massagewith a complete body care, or three nights ina five star beach hotel with a VIP ticket toEurope.And theres no better justification for that thanyoure worth it 16. All of these needs are differently covered according tothe individual and personal variation, which definesthe priority of these needs And these variations can make some of these needsessential for some, more than they are to others These variations are the key for the availability of adifferent range of products, which may covers thesame category of needs in one market, and still theyare all sells Which is The Principle Of Competition And this is Why Marketing is Needed 17. Therefore, You must identify based on your type ofproducts, to which category of the needs you belongsto, then you will build all your marketing plans tosend the proper message to your targeted customers The more your products is closer to basic needs themore you will find more competition, because this isthe area that every one knows that it must be coveredimmediately. Each category have its approach to satisfy customerneeds, and there all marketing money goes. 18. A few years back there was a belief that we cancreate customer need, which proved wrong No one can create a need that does not exist inthe first place in a persons mind But it is the proper approach that makes thisneed to be a priority So It is again the marketing approaches that willmakes your product in the top of any possiblecustomer's purchasing list 19. Conclusion, the best way to convince customers tobuy is not by selling to them, but by educating themthrough interactive selling techniques, and properadvertising methods. Still, You Must show your product in the right placeat the right time with the best possible price Then use marketing to tell your targeted customershow to locate your product with the right messagethat comply with their buying behavior, and of coursea good deal will be a great add.