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  • 7/29/2019 What Make an Employee Happy


    1. What make an employee happy? Is it your salary and your position title that makes you verysuccessful and accomplished? Why?

    Answer: Happiness may vary individually depending on his/her perspective in life. Some would

    be happy helping others in need, few would be happy accomplishing several appointed works by

    supervisors, several would be happy by mere appreciation coming from co-employees,

    subordinates or supervisors for a job-well-done. Now at first glance, salary and position would

    seem guarantee a successful and accomplished person. Yet, study shows otherwise for the fact

    that salaries and positions touch only the external happiness and satisfaction but never

    penetrate deep within. Most people/employee is better when they receive appreciation and

    respect rather than the incidental aspect of salary and position. Though most of us are working

    for that salary and position. However, people work diligently and even produce higher quality of

    work when they are given due respect, appreciation and considerable dignity as individual.

    When they perform their duties and responsibilities well, they will soon earn the merit of being

    promoted and higher standard of living.

    2. In your daily encounter with people around you what might be some sources of their problemsand how do you help them? Give example.


    a. Human relations problem- people may tend to pull down others because of envy andjealousy.

    How to help them?- by making them realize that each has his/her own unique

    characteristics. One may excel in sports, others are successful in their career, several are

    blessed in their love life or social encounters. Remind them to never compare themselveswith others because we are all molded for a purpose.

    b. Financial problems- many employees are complaining of the high standard of living butbeing compensated less. They tend to focus more on earning money.

    How to help them?- remind them that money should not be the end goal of everybody but

    only a means towards a better living. Money does not guarantee full satisfaction. They

    should only be accessories towards the realization of much better end in life. Moreover, the

    simple life we have the happier that we get. The complex life that we choose the

    complicated that we face.

    c. Family problems- Filipinos culture tend towards the union and binding of all familymembers even the extended ones. The problem here is that privacy is not respected, there

    is overlapping of ideas and comments from each family member, which results to

    miscommunication between them.

  • 7/29/2019 What Make an Employee Happy


    d.How to help them?- this is the hardest part because even you do not have the right to

    meddle with the life of your subordinates. But the least you can do is to show consideration

    and understanding. You may approach them and ask them about life. You may not force

    them to disclose their problems but the mere acts of letting them know that you care would

    be of significance to them. Never shout or quarrel with them when you know there is

    something wrong. Encourage them instead and say positive words.

    3. Your personal relationship with your supervisor will bring you to your success. ExplainAnswer: It is advantageous for an employee and supervisor to have a healthy relationship. The

    relationship that is required in here is the care and concern related to the work. However, it is

    also a point when you get to know your boss personally in order for the two of you to easily

    settle on things especially when one encounters problem as cited in number two. When you get

    to know your boss personally you will also get to know how he or she likes things to be done in

    work. You can adopt on his or her strategies in citing changes in the work. You will learn from

    him/her. The communication between you and your boss is not tainted with any distortion.

    Then and there, you will reap success through your personal encounter with your supervisor.

    4. How do you deal with your supervisor and co-employees for greater impact in your respectiveagencies. Please cite some practical examples.

    Answer: It is not easy to implement changes in your agency. You are to deal with a lot ofcriticism and scrutiny from the highest ranking official even down to the lowest. You have to

    face the fact that traditions and customs these people have received cannot be changed in an

    instant. They are used to it and it is as if they are already in their veins. Now, as an employee,

    bear this in mind, you cannot change everything in an instant but you can start with a single step

    towards that goal.

    a. Be an example to your co-employees.b. Religiously practice what you preach.c. Begin with a simple change just like wearing the proper uniform or passing reports on time.d. Practice these things even if others wont follow at first soon they will realize.e. Never be an authoritarian. The more you become the more people tend to go away from

    you. Be forceful but with a gentle hand.

    Deal with them in a well-educated and learned person must behave. There are times when

    you are faced with an irritable boss or pressing deadline. Remember that the event does not

    determine your response because only you can do that. Deciding to remain calm is sure to

    lead a better outcome than succumbing to emotions such as fear or anger. Moreover, in

  • 7/29/2019 What Make an Employee Happy


    order to achieve the aim of this agency to serve the public, every role of its member is

    essential to reach its ends that is why a positive mindset is more than half the battle when it

    comes to managing stress and maintaining good rapport effectively. Furthermore, people

    simply get along better perform more efficiently in a working environment free of


    5. If you were head of an agency, how would you deal with a change resistance? What are someproblems that will block you in instituting changes?

    Answer: When the leadership is right and the time is right, the people can always be counted

    upon to follow to the end and at all costs. The common problems that will block you in

    instituting changes are as follows. Stress elicited the highest of dissatisfaction from a list of

    common problems- even exceeding recognition, promotion opportunities and salary. Stiff

    competition, expanding roles and demanding technological advances all blend together to

    produce a heavy dose of stress on employees. Top performers dont come in contact with fewer

    potentially stressful situations nor do they avoid challenges. They simply have learned to

    monitor their responders so that they are in control.