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  • 1. Bro. Andrew B. Gonzalez, FSC

2. DLSU Academic Community Administration University Student Government Faculty DLSU Employees Association Parents 3. DLSU-PUSO Vision To be the leading voice, advocate, and model resource for every parent and guardian of La Sallian students. 4. PARENTS FOREVER 5. DLSU-PUSO Mission To promote meaningful engagement of parents and guardians in campus life by developing programs and events of interest. To address relevant issues and concerns that impact on education, development and general well-being of the students, in communion with the La Sallian family. To support efforts of the University as it leads its students to become productive, responsible, and active members of the society in a distinctive Christian environment of educational excellence. 6. Core Values PIETY UNITY SINCERITY OBEDIENCE 7. The DLSU-PUSO is the Parents of University Students Organization of De La Salle University. PUSO is by the parents for the parents. It is here to serve. 8. PUSO is here to emphasize the home and school collaboration needed in order to take care of the education of our children, which is the primary obligation of parents 9. Our theme is PARENTS FOREVER. It is a fact that parenting is a lifetime job. We are all parents, we are all shepherds of one flock -- our own families. 10. In the case of the university administration and faculty, you have a one big flock composed of thousands of students who depend on your guidance. 11. That is where PUSO comes in. PUSO is your partner. PUSO serves as the link between the parents and the members of the Lasallian community. 12. We are united in involvement in the spirit of service for the Lasallian community 13. WE SERVE WITH 14. SINCERITY in doing our work with no other intention but to give Glory to God. 15. ENTHUSIASM in doing our work cheerfully knowing that we can make a difference 16. RESPECT FOR OTHERS in listening to and respecting the opinion of others 17. VIGILANCE Being aware of the needs and welfare of our children 18. INTEGRITY in safeguarding the good image and reputation of La Salle 19. COMPASSION in realizing that we are all children of one Father and that we are all brothers and sisters of Gods family 20. EXCELLENCE doing our ordinary work as parents, guardians, administrators, teachers, extraordinarily well 21. Most loving Father, the example of parenthood, You have entrusted our children to us to bring them up for You and prepare them for everlasting Life. Teach us the sanctity of human love, show us the value of family life, and help us to live in peace with all men. Fill our families with your blessings. Increase your grace in each of us, and inspire us to follow the way of your commandments at all times. Take our families under your protection and care, and help us to live as the Holy Family, united in respect and love. Grant us all the virtues we need to lead them by word and example in the way of wisdom and piety. Grant that love, strengthened by the grace of the sacrament of marriage, may prove mightier than all the weaknesses and trials through which our families sometimes pass. We thank You for the gift of St. John Baptist de la Salle. He has left us a legacy of Christian education which motivates us to live meaningful lives of humble service. Guide us to continue Your work by integrating the Lasallian values of Faith, Zeal for Service, and Communion Mission in all our personal lives and undertakings. Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us. St. John Baptist de la Salle, pray for us. Live Jesus in our hearts, forever. Amen. PUSO Family Prayer 22. Br. John Hall Pearl of the Great Price Chapel SJ Walk Covered walk from South gate to North gate 23. CCTV cameras Br. Rafael Donato Study Hall Public Address System Miguel Walk 24. Multi-Sectoral Committee on Tuition Fee Increase 25. BOARD OF DIRECTORS AY 2013-2014 26. BOARD OF DIRECTORS AY 2013-2014 27. PARENTING TALK SERIES DATE TOPIC SPEAKER 1) August 17, 2013 FATHERHOOD AND GET TOGETHERS Mr. Rey Plata 2) September 21, 2013 ON BUILDING SELF ESTEEM Ms. Noemi Marasigan 3) October 12, 2013 ELEMENTS IN AN Ms. Lina Racho ESSENTIALLY HAPPY FAMILY 4) October 19,2013 ROLE OF PARENTS IN Dr. Bernardo Villegas STUDENT DISCIPLINE FORMATION 5) November 16, 2013 MARRIAGE AND HUMAN SEXUALITY Ms. Sosie Plata 6) January 18, 2014 ON FREEDOM AND RESPONSIBILITY Mr. Des Racho 7) February 11, 2014 EXPRESSIONS OF LOVE Ms. Tetchie Dy 8) March 15, 2014 BASIC LIFE SUPPORT Ms. Charity Angeles 28. MOTHERS GET-TOGETHER SERIES DATE TOPIC SPEAKER 1) September 13, 2013 MODESTY AND THE LASALLIAN MOM Ms. Ma. Mercedes Sison 2) October 11, 2013 HUMILITY OF A LASALLIAN MOTHER Ms. Lella De Jesus 3) November 15, 2013 LOVE FOR HOME Ms. Dolores Romualdez 4) December 6,2013 CELEBRATING WITH THE TRUE Ms. Cielito Malijan MEANING OF CHRISTMAS 5) January 10, 2014 EDUCATING CHILDREN IN Ms. Julia Cecilia Agoncillo SOBRIETY AND TEMPERANCE 6) March 14, 2014 EDUCATING TEENAGE COLLEGE CHILDREN Ms. Ching Aunario 29. Annual General Assembly 30. FAMILY DAY 31. NEWSLETTER 32. DLSU-PUSO Pamilyang PUSO 33. PAMILYANG PUSO 34. DLSU-PUSO Contact Information: Room 304, John Hall Bldg., 2401 Taft Avenue, Manila Tel. No: 526-7909 ; 524.4611 local 764 E-mail: puso@dlsu.edu.ph; dlsu.puso@yahoo.com Website: dlsupuso.com Pamilyang PUSO