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SuperHydrophobic Ceramic & Waterproof Nano Coa9ngs Global Opportuni9es Available 8662851051 Powered by Davesurf.com Repair, Improve & Prolong Car’s Surface Life Coangs

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Super-­‐Hydrophobic  Ceramic  &  Waterproof  Nano  Coa9ngs  -­‐  Global  Opportuni9es  Available    

866-­‐285-­‐1051  Powered  by  Davesurf.com  

Repair, Improve & Prolong Car’s Surface Life



Pearl BulletProof is an easy to use package containing nano based technologies to improve and protect every aspect of a car. From windshields to engines Pearl's goal was to develop an affordable superior auto body coating.   Call us @ Tel: +1 866-285-1051 or   E-mail: [email protected]. Find us to find more Davesurf.com 

What is Pearl Bulletproof Coating?


A  coa4ng  is  a  covering  that  is  

applied  to  the  surface  of  an  object,  usually  

referred  to  as  the  substrate.    

In  many  cases  coa4ngs  are  applied  to  improve  surface  proper4es  of  the  substrate,  

such  as  appearance,  adhesion,  

we?ability,  corrosion  resistance,  wear  resistance,  

and  scratch  resistance  In  other  cases,  in  par4cular  in  prin4ng  processes  and  semiconductor  device  fabrica4on  (where  the  

substrate  is  a  wafer),  the  coa4ng  forms  an  essen4al  

part  of  the  finished  product.  


•  Pigment – Pigment are used decoratively as colorant or

functional as anticorrosion or magnetic pigment.

•  Binder – The binder bonds the pigment particles to each other

and to the substrate.

•  Additives - Substances added in small proportion to coating

composition to modify or improved properties

•  Fillers - Mostly used to extend the volume (low price), to confer

or to improve technical properties.

•  Solvent – Liquid consists of several components and dissolved binders without chemical reaction.

Component of Coating

•  Nanocoa'ng   are   coa'ng   that   produced   by   usage   of   some  

components  at  nanoscale  to  obtain  desired  proper'es.  

•  Nanocoa'ngs   can   be   categorized   as   nanocrystalline,  

mul'layer   coa'ngs   with   individual   layer   thickness   of  

nanometers,  and  nanocomposites.  

•  Nanostructured   coa'ngs   offer   great     poten'al   for   various  applica'ons  due  to  their  superior  characteris'cs  that  are  not  

typically  found  in  conven'onal  coa'ngs.  

What is Nanocoating?

Auckland  University  have  discovered  that  the  fouling  of  vessels  by  marine  creatures  is  greatly  increased  by  the  underwater  sounds  generated  by  the  

vessels  themselves.  

Fouling  of  hulls  is  a  major  problem  for  world  shipping.    

   Applica'on  of  an'fouling  paint  to  a  ship  hull  

Coa4ng  System  

How Does Nano Coatings Helpful? Nano Coatings helps to maintain important surface and to accelerate drying. Nanoparticles helps increased hydrophobicity and alter the wetting properties. On a surface treating with nanoparticles water cannot adhere and at the molecular level is not in contact with the surface at all.  This molecular force pushes water and anything in it away. 

Since 1998, I have been involved with waterless car wash product & car cleaning business ventures. I have cleaned many cars and have sold millions of dollars worth of waterless/ car care products…to companies in over 100 countries. Today, my team and I manage the Online Visibility and Content Marketing for companies. Some of those companies are in the Eco Car Care cleaning and/ or product realm. Located at 305 Contra Costa Ave, Fircrest, Wa. 98466 Tel: +1 866-285-1051 E-mail: [email protected]

David Elliott: Entrepreneur - Online Marketer, Business Coach, Podcaster & Waterless Car Wash Pioneer

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