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www.Linked2Leadership.comWhat is Missing Most in Leaders Today?C. Salamone wrote:

I think it really depends on the individual. Everyone has something that they need to improve.

I would say though that courage is one that immediately comes to mind.

Hope that helps!S. Iqbal wrote: Humility. You will get better results from people who know that the leader is someone who appreciates success but realizes that it is not an individual effort but a team effort.

www.Linked2Leadership.comWhat is Missing Most in Leaders Today?A. Laudenslager wrote: Too many leaders in the public and private sectors lack the courage necessary to honor their obligations to others and to uphold the essential values of leadership. ~John McCain, U.S. Senator A. Stafford wrote: Many leaders lack a shared purpose with their followers. The leader's outcomes are disconnected from their team's. Example: a CEO who gets a bonus while his company's stock price is dropping (shareholders), and employees are getting laid off. It has become everyone-for-himself rather than a shared purpose and shared outcomes.

www.Linked2Leadership.comWhat is Missing Most in Leaders Today?T. Seamon wrote: Courage J. H. Brondum wrote: Emotional Intelligence. I believe the way leaders are recruited and assessed is where you will find a lot of root causes to answer your very relevant question.

www.Linked2Leadership.comWhat is Missing Most in Leaders Today?C. Norris wrote: If we are talking political leaders -- I believe they lack vision. Too many are simply saying what they believe with get them the votes. I miss the days of Robert Kennedy when you know that the words spoken were what drove him. I have also at times experienced this lack of vision in business. Many are so worried about having customers that they forget why they started in the business in the first place.

www.Linked2Leadership.comWhat is Missing Most in Leaders Today?S. M. Smith wrote: A Vision. The ability to create a consensus to achieve that vision. A bedrock of principles. A moral compass. Source: Professor R.Fears, Professor of Classics at the University of Oklahoma P. Mateo wrote: The answer is far more simple: Intergrity, character, and the willingness to lead!A. Greere wrote: Listening

www.Linked2Leadership.comWhat is Missing Most in Leaders Today?K. Thomas wrote: Great question, one that I'm sure will generate a wide variety of answers. I believe many leaders today under-utilize and underestimate the talent within their organizations. I have seen many wonderfully talented people leave organizations, not because of money, but because they weren't challenged or given an opportunity to contribute fully to the organization. If leaders viewed every hiring decision as a $1-3MM+ investment I think they would spend more time figuring out to maximize the potential return in that investment. Leaders who allow talent to take intelligent risk, support them behind the scenes to set them up for success, and use failure as a means of learning rather than blaming, will ultimately take an organization further than one who manages by command/control/edit.

www.Linked2Leadership.comWhat is Missing Most in Leaders Today?M. Aitken wrote: Doing the impossible. The jobs of top leaders are massive and balancing the human high-touch side with the grittier task requirements without dropping from exhaustion or extensive (and probably still illegal) cloning is daunting. That our top leaders manage this at all is extraordinary and the fact that some manage it well is near miraculous.

www.Linked2Leadership.comWhat is Missing Most in Leaders Today?J. Page wrote: Ethics, humility, integrity, compassion and a passion for people! True leadership has always required good doses of the above along with business smarts and a measure of good luck too! Too many of the narcissistic 'leaders' of today have forgotten these. K. Daisley wrote: Humility, integrity, and common sense. J. Weinberg wrote: What is missing most in leaders today? They're not asking this great question of themselves.

www.Linked2Leadership.comWhat is Missing Most in Leaders Today?G. Mann wrote: I think this question needs to be asked over and over again, keeping the spotlight and the focus in the areas that need the improvement. With all due respect, in my view there is no one thing across the board that is lacking. Each of us (each of our leaders) has our/their own set of blind spots. While some will be overlapping, there is not one unique blind spot shared by all. Perhaps it is the notion of believing that there is a unique primary blind spot. If we could get past that, then we could start on the difficult work that remains of filling in all the gaps that contribute to the leadership vacuum. Regards, and thank you very much for the question.

www.Linked2Leadership.comWhat is Missing Most in Leaders Today?B. Cole wrote: Servitude P. Joyner wrote: My one word is "listening." T. Cervoni wrote:Courage! J. Mayes wrote: Trustworthiness

www.Linked2Leadership.comWhat is Missing Most in Leaders Today?D. Scott wrote: Very interesting question that will spark some interesting responses. I feel the most critical element of being a leader is having a clear vision and the courage and conviction to fulfill that vision. The leader must ensure their vision is communicated effectively to the team that must fulfill that vision. The team must see that the leader is consistent in that all energy is focused on the vision. Just my two cents worth.

www.Linked2Leadership.comWhat is Missing Most in Leaders Today?B. Brinkman wrote: The ability to genuinely be a servant leader and attend to the team's needs over personal desires. A healthy and focused team makes exciting things happen and they must all have the energy to do the heavy lifting. A servant leader creates and releases that energy in their team.

www.Linked2Leadership.comWhat is Missing Most in Leaders Today?J. Inman Ed.M. PHR wrote: This is a broad question. My field is conversational leadership so I have to lead with "they are not willing to be in conversation with anyone and everyone around them including front line, peers, superiors, and clients". It is rare to see someone be able to lead effectively from spread sheets. Must get engaged with those around them. Only in this way can they get the insights they need to create a sustainable high performance community. I also have a list of those attributes that are important to me as a leader and they are listed here: Living systems perspective :: Transparency :: Vision :: Integrity Asking questions that matter :: Create conversations :: Creating feedback loops Tapping into the potential of the team :: Curiosity :: Passion :: Courage

www.Linked2Leadership.comWhat is Missing Most in Leaders Today?A. Villar-Woodworth wrote: I don't like to see leadership as a group of attributes...to me leaders need to understand how leadership really works in order to be good at it...if simplified, leadership can be very frustrating for everyone... First, leaders need to acknowledge leadership more as an event and from there see the opportunity to build it...that's where the tricky part is at to me. Also, Some things can be easily learned like giving direction, supporting you employees or knowing when to delegate, but to be a successful leader (that with committed and unconditional followers) you need to deeply know how human nature works...

www.Linked2Leadership.comWhat is Missing Most in Leaders Today?Y. Haidai wrote: Charisma! The ability and will to create and spread great ideas and lead people in fulfilling those.

www.Linked2Leadership.comWhat is Missing Most in Leaders Today?T.L. Maurer wrote: There seems to be a gaping hole where ethics and integrity used to be a critical part of being a leader. So much is now focused on the 'me' and so little on the 'us' of an organization. The exceptional leaders are a part of the team, not just the one cracking the whip, placing unreasonable demands on their staff, demanding loyalty but giving none in return.

www.Linked2Leadership.comWhat is Missing Most in Leaders Today?C. Baula wrote: Integrity... Character... Honesty... Sincerity... and most importantly...RESPECT for people they work with. A. Saeed, PMP wrote: I would say what is lacked by most 'Leaders' is Ethics and a sense that all Life is ultimately connected. When they are drunk with 'Power', it impedes and disables their ability to make a difference where it matters most, People and their lives around them. This may be the powerlessness of the worst kind.

www.Linked2Leadership.comR. Schwartz-Hebron wrote: I vote for a combination of kindness and excellence. By kindness I mean things like respect for others and yourself, clear boundaries with compassion etc. By excellence I mean a combination of three skills: Simplicity - the ability to see things as they truly are Systemic thinking - the ability to use subconscious thinking to produce snapshot decisions in face of complex dynamic challenges. Real Knowledge - the ability to teach others Simplicity and Systemic Thinking which is the ability to teach expert skills to novices (i.e. the ability to articulate and train others in prioritizing, strategizing, creativity etc.--thing