What Is Dyslexia: The things you need to know

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What Is Dyslexia: The things you need to knowYou have seen many children who face difficulties while learning and reading. There are some who get over it in a few months and there are the ones that never get over it. The cause of this problem is dyslexia. In this problem, children cannot understand how to read and write the letters. If you feel that your child having problem in reading and writing a letter, the best thing to do is seek professional advice. By taking the long session of reading and writing, someone cannot solve the problem if he or she suffered from dyslexia. The sooner you diagnose it, the better for your children. If your child has just started school, facing problem in reading and writing, it does not mean to rush your children to the psychologist. But if he already started school and facing problem with speech, text or alphabet, you must visit to the psychologist. If you diagnose it in time, you can also figure out which intervention method will be the most effective.There are many tests involve including IQ test, language test, hearing and vision test for the test of dyslexia depend upon the age of children. Online dyslexia is the best solution to know about whether your child is suffering from dyslexia or not. Many online sites offer you free online dyslexia test. There are only few symptoms that need to be considered during the online test for dyslexia. These are: Adopt the learning disabilities from the parents Getting confusing to learn any character or language Unable to organize oneself Unable to focus on their work Unable to do basic arithmetic problem Has a poor short-term memory.If you identify these symptoms or any other that is correspond with it in you or your child then you should take online dyslexia testing to get it confirmed. If you have dyslexia, you should consider approaching a qualified professional who help you to get out of it. Also do not be afraid to discuss it with your friends or family. Do not think that dyslexia is an in incurable disorder. You can get over it with the right help. The scientists who working on this topic, has identified that there are involve three types of dyslexia. In which two are orthographic dyslexia and Phonological dyslexia. The third one is the combination of both types. The children who suffer from Surface dyslexia are not able to recognize a word on sights. With this type of dyslexia, someone face problem for storing pictures in his brain. A child who suffers from phonological dyslexia has a problem with phonics. They often confuse in the letter that sound similar such as d/g/, d/t or b/p. http://www.lexercise.com/dyslexia-services/screen-your-child


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