what is aquaculture. photograph by hboi mariculture the husbandry marine organisms photograph by...

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  • What is Aquaculture

  • Photograph by HBOI

  • Mariculture

    The husbandry marine organismsPhotograph by HBOI

  • Aquaponics

    The husbandry of animals and plants together

    Photograph by HBOI

  • Aquaculture is Agriculture

    The husbandry of freshwater and marine organisms is no different than their terrestrial counterparts.Engineering, nutrition, health management, system and personnel management, marketing and business planning are comparable.

  • Fisheries stock enhancementBait productionOrnamentalsBiomedicalPhotograph by HBOIPhotograph by HBOIPhotograph by HBOIPhotograph by HBOI

  • How many of you eat seafood? Aquaculture production in North America is valued at $1.5 billion

    About 40% of the seafood we eat is from aquaculture farms

  • Commercially Cultured Species Photograph by HBOICatfishTilapiaTroutSalmon Striped BassOystersClamsShrimp

  • Research and Development Species SnapperCobiaFlounderPompanoSturgeonTunaConchLobsterPhotograph by HBOI

  • Phases of AquacultureBroodstockManagement

  • Aquaculture SystemsOpenNetpens, cages, longlines, bottom cultureSemi-closedPonds, raceways, tanksClosedraceways, tanks

  • Aquaculture systems: OpenOrganisms are reared in natural systemsNo diversion or pumping of waterFloating netpens, floating racks, longlines, on-bottom culture

  • Aquaculture systems: SemiclosedOrganisms are reared in manmade impoundmentsWater is diverted from natural flows or pumpedExamples are ponds and raceways

  • Aquaculture systems: ClosedWater is reused - little or no effluent Sophisticated water filtration and treatmentRecirculating aquaculture systems, aquariumsPhotograph by HBOI

  • Water SystemsFlow-through: one time use of water

    Recirculation: reuse of water

  • Aquaculture systems: Flow-throughPretreatmentWaterSourceRearingTankEffluentPhotographs by HBOI

  • Flow-through aquaculture systemsDisadvantagesNo environmental controlSource of contaminants, pollutantsGreater regulatory constraints

    Advantages Lower cost Simplicity Provides ambient food Requires lower skill level

  • Aquaculture systems: RecirculatingPretreatmentRearingTankWaterSourcePost treatmentEffluentWater treatment Biofiltration Disinfection

  • Recirculating aquaculture systemsDisadvantagesHigher costsHigher skill levelComplex system, potential problemsMust provide all feed Buildup of toxins & pathogens

    Advantages Environmental control Free of outside contaminants Fewer regulatory constraints

  • Methods of Cultivation Extensive vs. IntensiveExtensive = Utilize natural productivityLow densityNo or supplemental feedsLow water exchangeIntensive = Maximize productionLimited spaceHigh densityComplete dietHigh water exchange